Hot Celebrity Moms Share Weight Loss Secrets

Many celebrity mothers often share delightful photos of their babies on social media. Fans always love to see cute baby photos, but many are also impressed by the many celebrity mothers who have maintained their good looks and fit physique after having children.

Sweet-Faced Yoyo Chen

Yoyo ChenYoyo Chen (陳自瑤) married her husband fellow actor, Vincent Wong (王浩信) in 2011. The couple quickly welcomed the birth of their daughter, QQ, who will be four years old this year. During the couple’s recent beach resort vacation, Yoyo showed off her bikini body in various breathtaking photos. Netizens were quick to compliment Yoyo on how well she maintain her figure.

Because Vincent is often busy with work, their daughter is typically taken care of by Yoyo. Admitting that QQ is more attached to her than Vincent, Yoyo shared that her daughter made her a bracelet for Mother’s day.

The attached mother and daughter duo also have their own special song. “We composed a song that we call our theme song. It’s called ‘Little Precious'”. This song belongs to both of us. We always sing it together. The feeling is very heartwarming!”

Cantopop Singer Yumiko Cheng

Yumiko ChengYumiko Cheng (鄭希怡) married make-up artist Andy Leung (梁學儲) in 2014. The couple welcomed their baby girl in early 2015 and often shares family photos of their daughter on social media. Standing at 5 feet 4 inches and weighing 118 pounds prior to pregnancy, Yumiko gained 38 pounds while pregnant, but quickly shed the baby weight in a matter of months after giving birth.

At the beginning, Yumiko only took part in brisk walks and reduced her calorie intake in hopes of losing weight. Despite losing more than 20 pounds three months later, she felt herself plateau. “There was still about ten pounds that I could not lose no matter what. So I started practicing Muay Thai, which requires the use of my full body. It burned a lot of calories. After a few [more] months, I lost ten pounds. Now, I really enjoy exercising. I also do weight lifting. My weight now is about the same as before I had given birth, and I’ve become more fit.”

Although many celebrity mothers are already be researching schools for their children at this age, Yumiko instead maintains an easy-going mindset. “I want her to enjoy her life. During this phase, being a mother is very simple. Every time she looks at you and smiles, kisses you, or even tells you that she wants you to hold her, the feeling that I feel is already very satisfying!”

Supermodel Kathy Chow

Kathy Chow 18Famous model Kathy Chow (周汶錡) tied the knot with her French boyfriend of six years, Julien Lepeu, in 2012. The mother of one-year-old Jacques remained slim throughout her pregnancy. What little weight she gained from being pregnant was quickly shed in a matter of weeks.

She expressed, “When I was pregnant, I gained 18 pounds. The baby was a little more than seven pounds. After giving birth, I got skinny again very fast. After a month, I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 110 pounds. It was a natural process. Maybe it’s genetics. My mother lost her baby weight very quickly also!”

The 41-year-old admitted that she hopes to have another child. “At first, I really wanted to have a daughter [for my second pregnancy], but a son is good too. Jacques will have a little brother to fight and bicker with while growing up.”

Rosanne WongSinger Rosanne Wong 

Former member of 2RRosanne Wong (黃婉君), is mother to a five year old and three year old, respectively. Despite being a mother of two children, she has been able to maintain both her youthful looks and fit physique. Denying that she has regained her pre-pregnancy body, Rosanne said, “I want to go back to how I was before giving birth, where my muscles were stronger. I do yoga four times a week. Other times, I do activities with my children, such as when they attend track and field, play soccer, or go swimming.”

Focusing both on weight loss and healthy habits, Rosanne shared that she has changed her diet as well. “After giving birth, I started eating organic brown rice. Every meal that I prepare will be about 70 percent vegetables and 30 percent meat.”

Zoey Sham

Zoey ShamAfter wedding a wealthy Malaysian businessman, former artiste Zoey Sham (岑潔儀) welcomed the birth of the couple’s son in early 2015 via Cesarean section. Alluding her successful weight loss to breastfeeding, Zoey often flaunts her hourglass figure while donning body-fitting outfits.

In addition to the advantages of weight loss, Zoey also feels that breastfeeding was a very profound experience for her. “It’s a very intimate feeling. Two people become one! During the time that I was breastfeeding, it was very exhausting. Surviving it was very good! Seeing my son grow up healthily, everything is worth it!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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