How Anthony Wong’s Wife Reacted When She Found Out About His Affair

In a recent TV variety show, Anthony Wong (黃秋生), revealed that his 26-year marriage with Ng Wai Jing (吳惠貞), had almost ended when he cheated in their marriage. His wife was outraged and threatened divorce when she found out Anthony’s girlfriend, Joyce, had an illegitimate son with him 20 years ago.

When asked about his affair, Anthony admitted that he began seeing John Shum’s (岑建勳) niece, Joyce, after a time of depression and conflict with his wife. With Joyce, he felt that they were very compatible and overtime, their feelings for each other grew. When Joyce found out she was pregnant, he never thought about leaving her but conflict began to rise.

He said, “She randomly came to me with a baby and said she was giving him to me. I brought my son home and then three minutes later, she tried to take him back and even punched me in the face. I saw blood on my son’s face and thought he got hit too, so I kicked her out! But then I realized it was just blood from my face.” After their son reached the age of two, Anthony and Joyce broke up.

From this incident, Anthony believes, “Be careful of really nice women, because they could turn out to be really horrible!”

Though Anthony had an affair, his wife stuck by his side for the sake of their two sons because she wanted them to have a complete family. He admitted fault to his wife, but the conflict couldn’t be solved. The couple signed divorce papers, but kept them in her safe. He shared, “My wife suffered a lot because of me. She has to act for our son, for our next generation, and for our parents. Our relationship now is like two good friends. For relationships, communication is key! Whenever my wife gets angry, she would try to scare me with, “We are already divorced!”

Source: Ettoday

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  1. Yeah, for anybody when they’re cheating then just take it as they’re killing their spouse with their bare hands during those moments. You can go back to hug the corpse but it won’t come back alive.

    I greatly admire all these celebrities but most of them are unable to escape from these cheating scandals. It’s their fault and almost not their fault, their career is making them too attractive that it’s hard not to make this type of mistake.

    1. @davy I love your description, linking infidelity with killing one’s spouse.

      Though I am believer of once a cheater, always a cheater, there are some cases where forgiveness and sincere remorse give the couple a second chance of bringing happiness in their marriage together again.

      I don’t agree in staying together for the sake of the children if the parents do not intend to improve their relationship. Children are not dumb, they will know if their parents are constantly unhappy, arguing or cold towards each other or the cheating father/mother staying away a lot of time with other lover. To grow up in that kind of environment is worse than having divorced parents who manage to be amicable and spend quality time with the children and loving them.

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