Hu Ge Praised for His Humble and Thoughtful Actions

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Hu Ge Praised for His Humble and Thoughtful Actions

Hu Ge (胡歌) is currently one of Mainland China’s highest earning actors due to the success of 2015’s Nirvana in Fire <琅琊榜>. Despite being at the height of his career, the 35-year-old actor announced that he will be taking two years off to take directing courses at New York University. His last project was Game of Hunting <獵場>. The airing of the drama boosted his popularity and brought him to the spotlight again.

Hu Ge recently appeared in the public’s eye while attending a five-year anniversary gathering of the 2013 drama, A Dream is Like a Dream <如夢之夢>. Also in attendance was 90-year-old actress, Lisa Lu (盧燕), who walked in with the help of two assistants. While making her entrance, Hu Ge noticed a paper cup on the floor that was in her way and immediately got down to pick it up. His quick and thoughtful reaction prompted praises by fans.

Due to his popularity, Hu Ge was surrounded by many fans. One fan approached the actor and shared that his 89-year-old mother, who is an avid fan, is sick and could not attend the event. The fan asked if Hu Ge could sign an autograph and write some words of encouragement for his mother. Because there were no tables or any surfaces to write on, Hu Ge unhesitatingly got down on his hands and knees to write a message to his elderly fan on the floor. “Wishing auntie a speedy recovery.”

In addition, he also took the time to write words of encouragement to a fan who is suffering from depression. “Life is precious a struggle. Don’t throw in the towel so easily.”

His kind and humble actions were heavily praised by fans. In addition to his talents, Hu Ge is also much loved due to his conduct and treatment of fans.


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    He went to the US last year but returned to China after 2 months.

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