Huang Xiaoming’s “A Life Time Love” Welcomes the Summer

Directed by Raymond Chai (蔡晶盛), the Chinese fantasy drama A Life Time Love <上古情歌> premiered on June 12 on Dragon TV, airing two days a week with three back-to-back episodes per day. The ancient series follows Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) as Chi Yun and Victoria Song (宋茜) as Mu Qingmo, star-crossed lovers who fight against fate to be together, but are unable to escape their destiny in the end. The drama also stars Peter Sheng (盛一伦), Janice Wu (吴倩), Zhang Li (张俪), and Zhai Tianlin (翟天临).

A Life Time Love is based on Tong Hua’s (曾许诺) novel Once Promised <曾许诺>, or Ceng Xu Nuo, which in turn is based on the canonical text Classic of Mountain and Seas <山海經>, an ancient book that compiled Chinese legends and mythic geography.

The series follows Chi Yun, a rogue driven by revenge and his desire to unite the land under one ruler. Though arrogant and naive, Chi Yun carries his heart on his sleeve, and is pure of spirit. His attitude toward the world changes upon meeting the intelligent and playful Mu Qingmo, a princess from the Kingdom of Xuan Yuan, and they fall in love at first sight. Unable to escape her fate, Qingmo follows her destiny and marries another man, outsetting a tragic love story.

A Life Time Love is a high-budget production, and millions of dollars were spent on the drama’s CGI and digital effects. Because of the story’s fantasy myth background, mythical animals make common appearances throughout the show. The drama was shot using a Previzion camera.

“A Life Time Love” Trailer

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  1. I don’t know why, but seeing HXM these days, it makes me feel like he’s 1) very smug and 2) very pretentious. It turns me off a lot.

    1. @coralie agree, i dont know what happened to him. I thought he was really handsome in the Bund, but after dating angelababy not so much, smug and pretentious. He annoys me now.

  2. Watching Princess Agents and it is like compartmentalised characters;

    Villain = smirk
    carefree guy turn bad guy = smiling
    cold hearted but actually a swell guy hero = emotionless but buried deep down torrents of emotions

    All the time.

    I suppose Huang Xiaoming himself is a walking character of C drama series. Except he is perpetually smug mode. Nice guy? Smug. Not so nice guy? smug. Doesn’t mean he is a bad person except his acting is really smug.

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