Hubert Wu Celebrates 28th Birthday With 200 Fans

Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞), who will be turning 28 years old on March 27, held a birthday fan party in advanced last week with 200 fans. Hubert’s producer and lead figure of The Voice Entertainment, Herman Ho (何哲圖) was there to congratulate the TVB singer. Herman Ho went on stage to present him a bouquet of flowers, an autographed poster, and one big bear hug, shocking even Hubert.

The “I Was Here” <到此一遊> singer said this was his first time celebrating his birthday in front of so many fans. He acknowledged the fans that came from Malaysia and Mainland China, thanking them for their support.

“I saw the things they were trying to hide under the table,” said Hubert. “I told them not to bring me any gifts. Just happiness is enough. There are many new faces today. Some of my fans have already become mothers, and brought their kids!”

As for why Herman Ho described Hubert as mischievous, Hubert laughed and said, “I always end up acting improperly when I’m on a proper stage. Just like what the boss said earlier. I was just trying to give a reaction!” Do the fans like it when you act improper? “Being so proper all the time can be boring.”

Asking if he has planned on celebrating his birthday with close friend Alfred Hui (許廷鏗), Hubert said, “I’ll be holding a live concert then. Everyone will know by then!”


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