“Ip Man 4” Marks the End of the Series

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“Ip Man 4” Marks the End of the Series

More than a decade after the first Ip Man <葉問> installment propelled Donnie Yen (甄子丹) into stardom, the actor reprised his role as the legendary wing chun grandmaster for the last time. The long-awaited fourth sequel, Ip Man 4: The Finale <葉問4>, will be making its way to the big screens on December 20. Director Wilson Yip (葉偉信), action choreographer Yuen Wo Ping (袁和平) and producer Raymond Wong (黃百鳴) partnered up again to helm the final installment.

Ip Man 4 is a continuation of the previous installment, and it tells the story of Ip Man arriving in the United States. In addition to visiting his pupil Bruce Lee in San Francisco, he is also looking for a school for his son in hopes that the next generation can broaden their horizons. However, Ip Man inadvertently gets involved in the conflict between the Chinese and the Westerners. Of course, Ip man stood up for his fellow Chinese community to fight against racism in America.

This time, there are a lot of new cast members, including Wu Yue (吳樾), Doctor Strange action star Scott Adkins, former member of the US Marine Corps Chris Collins, Taiwanese actor Vanness Wu (吳建豪), and Mainland teen actress Vanda Lee (李宛妲). Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan (陳國坤) is playing Bruce Lee again.

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