Jackie Chan Leaves Out Etta Ng in Memoire “Never Grow Up”

An official English version of Jackie Chan’s (成龍) 2015 autobiography Growing Old Before Growing Up <還沒長大就老了> (English title Never Grow Up) has finally been released, and it’s selling like fire. This week, the Oscar-winning martial arts star flew to New York City for a meet and greet event at Barnes & Noble to promote the book. The weather was snowing and bristling cold, but hundreds of fans still gathered at the store to get an opportunity to see Jackie and receive his autograph.

Never Grow Up, which was released last month, is an “extremely honest” memoir of Jackie. It tells his life story from his childhood up to his big breaks in Hollywood, including his honorary Oscar win in 2016.

The book generated some controversy, as Western media chose to focus more on Jackie’s salacious personal life than his life achievements while reporting about the book. Jackie talked a lot about the dark side of his personal life, such as his addiction to gambling, involvement with prostitutes, drunk driving, and irresponsible spending. Jackie’s quote “I really was quite a nasty jerk” was emphasized in many promotional material for the book.

The criticism on his personal life did not phase the 64-year-old. Jackie wanted to be truthful and transparent about the immature decisions he has made in his life. He wanted to reflect on those mistakes so he can inform others about what’s the wrong thing to do. “A lot of it was cherry-picking,” said Jackie when asked about the Western media’s negative reporting. “If I was afraid of the repercussions, I wouldn’t have talked about it. I have no regrets. Today, my goal is to teach others about what is positive so they won’t commit the same mistakes that I’ve done. I will not go read what others say about me. I sleep very well every night.”

Interestingly, while Jackie did get extremely honestly about his personal life—such as talking about being an absent father to his son Jaycee Chan (房祖名) and his relationship with the late Teresa Teng (鄧麗君), he did not mention his illegitimate daughter Etta Ng (吳卓林), who he sired with his one-time lover Elaine Ng (吳綺莉). Etta is now 19 years old and was raised by Elaine without Jackie’s involvement.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Denying her existence does her make her not exist. He made his daughter suffer for his and her mum’s greed, lust and error. He is the worst kind of scum. I sincerely hope, he will suffer retribution in the afterlife.

  2. yes maybe he should take some responsibility of raising up Etta…. but that does not mean she should be the person she is.. Like i always say.. watever circumstances u grow up in … good or bad… a persons behaviour is is down to the individual… only can a person determine wether they want to do well or do bad in this world.
    Shes just a total loss.. waiting for her dads handouts and her partner is sticking to her also waiting.

    1. @forgetful
      I agree and although he is at fault, Etta should take responsibility for herself instead of waiting around thinking that just because she is his biological daughter that she will get something from him. She cannot pick her parents, but she can control what kind of person she can become in this life. Her decisions, behavior, her path in life,etc… are all things that she must decide for herself as her mother cannot accompany her for life.

      I truly wonder if her partner is only with her silently waiting for her dad’s handouts? She may dump Etta after awhile if she eventually realizes that she will not get anything from her “father”. Her father was never a part of her life and never will be so if I were her, I would try to make something of myself since that is the only way for her to truly mature and develop her independence. Her life will not get better if she continues on the way she is now.

  3. Actually with the controversies surrounding Etta at the moment it won’t do better if JC mentioned her in his book….Her life is miserable for only one reason, the fact that she is a illegitimate daughter of JC

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