Jackie Chan on Son’s Release from Prison: “I’ll Spend More Time With Him”

Jackie Chan’s (成龍) son, 32-year-old Jaycee Chan (房祖名), was released from his six-month prison sentence on February 13. Arrested by Beijing authorities last August, Jaycee was charged for marijuana possession and accommodating drug users in his apartment.

On the same day of Jaycee’s release, Jackie was promoting his new film Dragon Blade <天將雄獅> in Taiwan. Asked for his thoughts on Jaycee, Jackie said he is extremely proud of his son for completing his prison sentence. He saw prison as a positive experience for Jaycee, “Young people make mistakes. I also made mistakes when I was young. We should all learn from our mistakes, and I hope everyone will give him the opportunity to change.”

Jackie Recovers from Initial Anger

Jackie said he was very angry when he first heard the news of Jaycee’s arrest, explaining that he and his wife Joan Lin (林鳳嬌) never knew that Jaycee had smoked marijuana. Jackie was so angry, he even asked his lawyer to slap Jaycee for him. Jackie felt relieved when Jaycee was arrested, as he believes Jaycee will turn over a new leaf.

Jackie said, “When the incident happened, I was in shock. Then I felt ashamed. I felt terrible. I was able to forget about it for a while when I was filming my movie stunts, but after returning home from work, I’d think about him again.”

Proud of Jaycee’s development in prison, Jackie said his son read a lot more books than usual, and learned how to take care of himself without the need of others. Jaycee had matured far beyond Jackie’s expectations. “He once said that he doesn’t want to come out, because he believes that he needs to hold responsibility for his actions. I only told him two things – that I’m fine, and his mother is fine. I don’t want him to worry, and I want him to safely accept his punishment.”

Will Not Meddle in Son’s Future

Jackie hopes Jaycee will take control over his new life and become an anti-drug ambassador, setting a good example for young people who are also going through similar drug struggles.

“I don’t want to meddle in his future and will not help him arrange anything. After this incident, I will spend more time with him and let him know how much I care about him. If the opportunity comes up, I want to work on a movie with him. Will Smith halted his work half a year for his son, why can’t I?

“I won’t yell at him. I’ll leave that job to Joan. Now, I will praise him. I will slowly change. He is 32 years old now, and it’s time for him to take care of himself. I also hope that he will take care of me.”

After Jaycee was released from prison, Jackie has not spoken to him on the phone yet. “I want to meet with my son in person. I still don’t know what I should say to him when we meet!”

It was speculated that Jackie had used his connections in China and pulled some strings to save his son from a longer sentence, but Jackie said, “Of course not! If I do that, I’ll be over! He’ll be over! If he was arrested today and released tomorrow, how would the world see me? He should be sitting in there longer than others, with his punishment more harsh than others!”

Sources: On.cc; On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Yeah, he waited till his son is now 32 years old before wanting to spend time with him…………..really, what difference does it make now?

    2. He will keep his promise when he is ready to retire!haha haha! One life one promise LOL

  1. It’s still not too late to spend more time with his son and wife in particular. He has been a bad father and husband, it’s time to repent before it’s too late.

    1. Maybe he’s a bad father. But now he could be a good daddy hehehe

  2. Please, Jackie, no. That is unnecessary. I don’t want his next mistake be to have an affair when married and then blame it on “manlihood.”

  3. Jackie, never too late. Jaycee seems like a decent guy even if a drugged decent guy. He can be saved. My only issue is..

    ” “When the incident happened, I was in shock. Then I felt ashamed. I felt terrible. I was able to forget about it for a while when I was filming my movie stunts, but after returning home from work, I’d think about him again.”

    Notice the words? I…. I… I.. one would think Jackie was the one who went to prison.

    1. Uhm, it’s normal words of a father about a son’s misconduct? Shock because he didnt know, ashamed because his son got caught and put in jail, terrible because he felt like he should and could be a better father and he never did try, and that it’s partly his fault his son turn out this way. Work can distract your thoughts, but when you are at home alone, the things that worry you most will spring in .

      I don’t find anything odd/wrong/strange about how he said

    2. That’s how I felt when I read the article. It’s all about Jackie. He should’ve been focused on the son. So Jackie compared himself to Will Smith? Lol. He’s not doing for the son, he’s doing it for Jackie. Smh.

  4. “Jackie said he is extremely proud of his son for completing his prison sentence..”

    LOL Jaycee didn’t have any other choice… it’s prison not a holiday camp where you can come and go as you please LOL

  5. My parents divorced when I was like 5 yrs. I grew up with my paternal grandparents. Sad to say why most ppl the children or even adult only blame others when they choose the wrong path. During my school days I had friends that sleeps around, smoke etc n I was close to them but I never picked nor joined them. Why so many ppl always blamed it on peer pressure, their parents when something wrong happens to them. You have brains why learned the bad things from others n give excuses this this n this. Why never learn good things from others? You shd b responsible for your own actions

    1. rephrase further:

      I will spend (selective) quality time with him.

      And how long? Two days? One week? Before he dissapears for two yrs again?

  6. That’s nice to hear, but I just hope he doesn’t get into trouble again, cause then…. lol.

  7. Anyone who believes in what comes out from Jackie Chan’s mouth would also believe that pigs can fly. That scumbag is a serial liar and he said that because he cares more for his own image than his son’s. In no time he would be nowhere to be seen round Jaycee to go womanizing again. Jackie Chan has zero credibility.

  8. what a load of crap…Jackie stating that he’ll spend more time with him!!! U shouldve been doing that ever since when he’s a BB!!!

  9. Jackie is a workaholic. He’s very passionate in his work. He should’ve brought his son to every movie set with him. At least his son can learn something and progress from there. My cousins all had their parents neglected them and they all turned out fine. Graduated from college with top honors, manager now, straights A+ every term and never drop out from school. They cook and clean themselves. His son might just be a spoiled brat. I don’t know.

  10. Can someone tell me why does his wife lives in Taiwan with Jaycee all these years?? Were they secretly ‘separated’ after his affair/love child was exposed?? HKG has always been his base. No matter what, if wife and son also lives in HKG at least spending time together (no matter how little) is a better option, no ??

    Sammo & Yuen Biao family lives cannot be too far off from Jackie’s during those years because they too travelled plenty and filming non-stop and yet their children turned out fine.

    1. Because she shuns the limelight. Not even her son’s imprisonment or release or all subsequent press conference where he needed support most were these 2 there for him. Not the absent father (expected) or the supposed loving mother (shocking). I am just disgusted with the parents attitude even if Jaycee has the full blame for what happened to him.

  11. Or because Jackie’s fan girls back then (he supposedly had Japanese fans following him from country to country – hard to believe) would have been devastated.

    He doesn’t DIScourage his public SINGLE status anyway – it certainly hasn’t stopped him from declaring public love for Lee Hyori or having trysts with his female co-stars (or entourage) in his 2 yr absences from home/family.

    As for Joan Lin, she’s doing the typical traditional ‘little bird’ taking care of the family while the man goes out to earn the money thing … but behind the scenes, in essence the iron woman in charge of the family finances role.

    Many traditional-minded women from the mono-culture Chinese countries tend to have this philosophy:
    Females in charge of home, Males in charge of all thing outside. 女主內男主外

    This includes even my own peers from traditional-minded cultures. Some also seem to favour/protect their sons more than daughters … despite living for years in a Western country and culture.

    I enjoy wash my own car, love gardening and landscaping; and especially in the sun (I can get a healthy tan too! we get so little sun as it is) … and friends from Taiwan and China (land of white porcelain skin and immaculate painted nails) are quite horrified. These are in their minds: MAN chores!

    Compared to mono-culture Chinese countries, SE Asian background Chinese may be a little more exposed and ‘westernised’ in mindset in terms of exposure to the West. (ie East + West mix).

    Living like a kept little bird at home as opposed to be being an independent career woman is not always a preferable lifestyle.

  12. Wow wow! What’s all about?
    Glad Jaycee is released. Of course Jackie is happy. Thanks God! Prayer does work!
    Jaycee will be good from now on. Jackie is workaholic of course cos he love it and help his body build more stamina, he’s like a hunky guy hahaha. I do not knew about their lives young and old, let move on!
    I want to see Rush Hour 4 & 5 come on Jackie! Carter is who BTW? Hire Gary Lineker, Diego Forlan or Stephen Mulhern to co-star hahaha. All my favourite idols. 😀
    Thanks God and bring me Justice! I will sure win!

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