Jackie Chan Gives Son Jaycee a Haircut

Following his six-month imprisonment in China for marijuana possession, Jaycee Chan (房祖名) was released on February 13. After completing promotions for new movie Dragon Blade <天將雄師>, Jackie Chan (成龍) finally reunited with his son, Jaycee, and gave him a new haircut to symbolize new beginnings.

Although Jaycee was a marijuana user for eight years, he promised to not disappoint his family and friends after his release. Jackie also vowed to spend more time with his son. The Lunar New Year marked a joyous reunification for the family in Taiwan.

Although Jackie maintained his strict fatherly-image since his son’s arrest and stressed that he would only see Jaycee once the promotions for Dragon Blade concluded, Jackie was unable to contain his excitement.  After Jackie gave Jaycee a haircut, father and son sat down for bonding time.

Double Win For Jackie Chan

Beside his newly improved relationship with Jaycee, Jackie’s Dragon Blade has been dominating box office sales in Mainland China, earning over 500 million RMB since its theatrical release.

Thanking his fans for their support, Jackie promised that he would continue personally handling action scenes and would not use stunt doubles. Unafraid of getting hurt on the set, Jackie believes the best way to reward viewers is continuing to put in his best efforts in movies.

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Jackie should recite the line from Rumble In The Bronx to Jaycee. “You are rubbish!”

    Let’s see how long it will take for this little bastard to stir up trouble again.

      1. OH MY GOD. I felt so bad giggling at this comment. Mental image needs some soap itself. ( ಠ__ಠ )

  2. I really hope he changes after this, cause if it happens again…..

      1. Actually, Jaycee Chan was convicted for distributing/supplying weed (not just using it).

      2. A law that was ridiculous and shouldn’t have been there in the first place.
        However, no excuse for him for being an idiot (not for smoking or distributing weed, but for doing in China).

      3. And that same law is ridiculously stupid. If there was a law against drinking soda would you still think what he did was a horrible act?

        I find it very funny how some people here are depicting him as a drug addict or some sort of horrible person. If anything he’s just not very smart.

    1. Well, I can safely say the drug laws in Mainland China is not as “lax” as that is US, and Europe, per se.
      And plus, the Chinese government probably is using Jaycee and his status as Jackie Chan’s son to alert other marijuana users within their country to quit bluntin’.
      I might be so wrong, so please don’t flame me.

    2. ikr- people here (in England) smoke weed all the time and no one gets arrested. I think China would die if they saw Miley Cyrus 😛

      1. Not only the Chinese but anyone would die if they saw Miley Cyrus. Maybe they should ship her to the UK and be done with her.

        So, is habitual weed smoking the reason why Limeys always have such dental problems? LOL!

  3. I know Jackie Chan is a good father. The photo touched my heart. The good days coming!

    1. Just publicity. One photo doesn’t do a away thirty years of fatherly incompetence.

      1. Second that, shouldnt an incompetence father deserve a haircut too? This photo looks incomplete to me.

  4. Man look at Jackie Chan’s smile…seems so genuine.
    Honestly hope Jaycee will change to a better person. Best of luck to him.

    1. Well, after acting for this long he would have some well-practiced emotions or two.

  5. Awww… a great publicity opportunity for the Jackie Chan brand.

    1. This brand has long lost in me personally…i still like him in my kid years…now…meehhh

  6. Hmmmm. I’ll wait and see. Only time will tell if this is JC publicity stunt or not.

  7. Don’t be too mean to his old man! And encourage that HANDSOME young man! He has many good years ahead of him! People do change for the better!

  8. Jackie, quit putting on a show. Start genuinely caring for your son. You have committed too much sin. In fact, I think you see Siwon more than you see your own son (roll eyes)

  9. I wonder if he’d be so enthusiastic cutting his daughter’s hair?

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