Jackson Wang Not Ready to Film Any Chinese Dramas Yet

Shooting to stardom after his debut in 2014 as part of Korean boyband GOT7Jackson Wang (王嘉爾) has been busy growing his career in both South Korea and China in the past few years. His spontaneous wit and humorous hosting of Chinese reality show Go Fridge <拜托了冰箱 > propelled Jackson’s popularity in China further. Even though he has participated in many Chinese variety shows, he has never filmed a drama.

Many Asian singers have made successful transitions to acting, and many fans are eager to see Jackson star in a drama as well. When the topic was brought up in an episode of Street Dance of China 3 <这!就是街舞3> and Jackson was asked why he has not filmed any Chinese dramas yet, he reluctantly indicated that filming is not as easy as it seems.

“What can I film? With the way I speak, what do you think I can do?” It turns out that Jackson believes that his Mandarin is not up to par due to growing up in Hong Kong. He feels that his fluency is still far from the standards required to film dramas, so he is adamant in not making any drama appearances until he is ready.

Fellow team captain on Street Dance of China 3, Wang Yi Bo (王一博), advised Jackson that he can try filming for historical dramas because they can dub over his voice in post production. Unfortunately, this advice did not sit well with netizens, as they felt that this is a very unprofessional attitude and actors should not take shortcuts to achieve goals. Wang Yi Bo’s intention was to encourage Jackson, but the star remains unconvinced and would rather wait for a more opportune time before filming a Chinese drama.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Jackson Wang Grows Solo Music Career in China

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  1. Jackson has no confidence. Yibo was merely stating a fact. In china historical orr costume dramas are dubbed. Netizens are easily enraged these days. You still need to learn your lines.

    Jackson can film a tvb series in hk. I will then switch on tv and watch. At least someone new fresh and ultra famous. He can be the ultimate boss.

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