Jacky Cheung’s Daughter Out and About in Central

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Jacky Cheung’s Daughter Out and About in Central

“God of Songs” Jacky Cheung (張學友) and former actress May Lo (羅美薇) have been married for 20 years. They are known for being extremely private and fiercely protective of their two daughters, 15-year-old Zoe Cheung (張瑤華) and 11-year-old Zia Cheung (張瑤萱), as photos of the girls rarely creep up on gossip magazine spreads.

Although not much is known about the two Cheung princesses, Jacky would, once in a while, share tidbits of his family life with fans. In one interview, Jacky said he had given his daughter some sex and dating advice. In another interview, Jacky exclaimed that he spoils his daughters too much, admitting, “They don’t even know how to turn on the washing machine. They leave their clothes all over the place, and I end up picking up after their mess. This is all my fault. I’m so bad at parenting!”

Two years ago, Jacky sent his eldest daughter, Zoe, to a boarding school in the United Kingdom in hopes for her to learn how to be more independent. However, Zoe was unable to adjust well to life in the UK, and asked her father to take her back home. Zoe is currently enrolled in Harrow International School Hong Kong, a British international boarding school in Tuen Mun.

But Zoe’s return to Hong Kong does have its risks. Now in the peak of her teenage years, the 15-year-old is liable to be photographed by the HK paparazzi, and she has been spotted by the paps on more than one occasion.

Some months ago, Zoe was photographed having dinner with a few friends at the Classified The Cheese Room restaurant in Hollywood Road. The paparazzi who followed Zoe reported that she conversed in fluent English with her friends, which were all Caucasian. The friends finished their meal an hour and a half later and split the dinner bill. All grown up, the paparazzi said Zoe has a striking resemblance to her mother, and looked “like a princess” as she walked with her two tall foreign friends to Soho, Central, after their dinner.

Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

10 comments to Jacky Cheung’s Daughter Out and About in Central

  1. says:

    hahaa…I was just thinking about JC on AL post and here is JC’s family news. Woww……15 & 11 year olds? I know he’s been married for a long while but no idea it was this long n has 2 daughters. Wow… hum…..living in HK n fluent in English? Ok, that’s interesting. At least he’s admitting he’s bad at parenting and spoiled too much. hhaha WOW, don’t even know how to turn on the washing machine, the power of $$$ is just endless. lol….

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  2. llwy12 says:

    Argh…the HK paps must not have much to do lately – they’ve been following Jacky around a lot the past few weeks…this is already the 4th or 5th article the gossip rags have published about him and his family. Of course, with a new movie coming out (in 2 weeks) and a concert tour starting (end of this year), plus the ‘controversy’ with his former concert manager Florence Chan, not surprised that the paps are targeting Jacky – but please, LEAVE HIS DAUGHTERS ALONE!

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    • wenwen replied:

      @llwy12 Jacky will have another concert tour? hope he will do the tour in New Zealand this time. he has a powerful voice and I love his songs, really hope can watch his concert again.

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @wenwen Yes, supposedly scheduled to kick off in October, but not officially announced yet. Jacky’s management and record company Universal will be releasing a formal announcement some time this week in response to the article in this past weekend’s edition of Mingpao Magazine (which essentially ‘claimed’ that Jacky’s concert will be delayed due to legal dispute with his former concert manager Florence Chan).  The official start date and venue (most likely HK Coliseum if Jacky is kicking off his tour in HK as rumored) will likely be part of that announcement….so I would suggest waiting for Universal’s official announcement — especially since there are so many people / companies out there trying to take advantage – already, since that Mingpao article came out, I already saw several unscrupulous websites / ticketing agencies crop up trying to ‘sell’ tickets to Jacky’s concert when no formal announcement has even been made yet (and that’s just scratching the surface – the past 2 years, there have been countless agencies claiming that they were given ‘exclusive’ distribution rights to Jacky’s concert and that they had concert tickets for sale, which all turned out to be frauds of course).

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @wenwen @jjwong Jacky attended Filmart yesterday to promote his new film Heaven in the Dark.  During one of the interviews, he confirmed that his concert tour will launch in October as originally scheduled, but won’t be in HK as rumored (first few stops will be in Mainland China).  The HK leg of his tour will start in December.  Rest of the schedule will be announced later. 

        As a long-time Jacky fan, I am super-excited!  Been waiting for Jacky to launch his new concert tour and now after 2 years of waiting (that’s how long the rumors have been around that he would be launching another tour), it’s finally happening!!  No doubt that Jacky will incorporate all 10 songs from his latest album (released back in December 2014) in this concert, which I am definitely looking forward to, since I greatly enjoyed all 10 songs on that album.  Not sure what the schedule will look like at the moment or whether those of us overseas will have to wait until 2017, but either way, I’ll be ready, lol! 🙂

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      • jjwong replied:

        @llwy12 hell yea!!! I may able to go to HK in DC. It’ll be cold as hell but I’ll be there! I’ll BE THERE!!!!! *crosses fingers*

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @jjwong LOL.  Well, when the actual schedule comes out, I’ll update you, since it’s technically still not confirmed (Jacky said that the EARLIEST they would be able to do HK is in December – which obviously means it could change)…so don’t start making any plans yet, haha!.  Traditionally though, the HK leg of Jacky’s tour is usually the longest with the most shows, since it’s his home city and fits perfectly into his regular routine of taking care of his daughters.  His past 2 concert tours were all planned around his daughters’ schedules, especially the ½ Century one in 2012, which is why that tour was mostly HK and Mainland China with fewer shows overseas than in the past (he only performed in the U.S. once last tour – at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas – when previously he would come to Vegas twice and also do a few shows in Atlantic City…I was so bummed, as I totally would’ve watched both shows in Vegas!!).  Also, there’s a chance he will do HK twice again like he’s done in the past – especially since he’s not kicking off the tour in HK this time, so he might end the tour back in HK in 2017 (though depending on scheduling, might not be at the HK Coliseum the second go around).

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  3. ace818 says:

    How about leaving ALL families alone! Follow the artists but be respectful — their family matters should not be for public consumption! How about the artists hiring PIs to follow some of these paps and see what skeletons they have in their closets!

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  4. dramadrama says:

    I dont understand why pap wanna take photo of her having dinner wor. Not like she misbehave or anything. Nothing to report might as well don’t report. No standard of the journalists now…….

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @dramadrama Exactly!  With Jacky’s daughter Zoe, at first I was thinking of cutting the paps some slack, since they photographed her at the Central venue because they were following Jacky (he chauffeurs his daughter everywhere – in the instance described in the article, he had actually dropped her off and went to run some errands nearby so he could pick her up afterwards)…I could still give them the benefit of the doubt and contribute the incident to coincidence.  But then later on in that same article, those same paps actually went through Zoe’s Facebook and other social media accounts and published a whole bunch of pictures of her at school events and on trips with friends and such – definitely uncalled for, since Zoe is not a celebrity and there’s no need to pry into her private life.   The paps also photographed Jacky’s younger daughter Zia recently too, on a separate occasion.  Jacky isn’t the type to do the bodyguard thing to protect his family (and he won’t do it in the future either, since he doesn’t believe in that kind of stuff), but this is yet another example of why I can totally understand celebrities who do go to such extremes to protect their children and other family members – the paps are relentless and unscrupulous and obviously don’t give a care about other people’s privacy, even children’s.

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