Jaycee Chan Has Been Using Marijuana for 8 Years

Jackie Chan’s (成龍) son Jaycee Chan (房祖名) and Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (柯震東) were arrested for drug use by mainland authorities last week in Jaycee’s Beijing luxury home. According to recent reports, Jaycee’s Beijing home located at the NAGA Shangyuan, which was purchased at over 8.1 million RMB, was Jackie’s gift to Jaycee on his 28th birthday.

The Chinese media reported today that Jaycee admitted to taking marijuana since 2006. The 32-year-old told authorities that he tried the drug for the first time when he was in the Netherlands eight years ago.

Kai Ko said he tried marijuana for the first time at Jaycee’s home in 2012 and has been using the drug for the past two years.

Jackie Chan Could Not Visit Son

Jackie and wife Joan Lin (林鳳嬌) allegedly arrived at Beijing earlier this week in hopes of visiting their son. However, as the investigation is still ongoing and Jaycee is under criminal detention, he is only allowed to see his lawyer. It is said that Jackie and Joan are currently arranging lawyers to help their son. Jackie and Joan have not spoken publicly about the incident and could not be contacted.

Yesterday, reporters phoned Joan’s good friend, Taiwanese actress Chen Chen (甄珍), who said that she too failed to contact Joan. She tried to call her, but Joan would not pick up her phone. She said, “This worries me a lot, but I know she must be in great pain right now.”

Sources: Ming Pao; Ming Pao

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Hope this time would be the greatest lesson for Jaycee to learn and grow up. I’m sure the mom would be so heartbroken.

    1. His only mistake is smoking pot in China and thinking he can get caught and get away with it because his dad is Jacky Chan. Pot in itself is really no big deal. There really is nothing to be heartbroken about. He didn’t actually commit a real crime. People need to stop overreacting.

      1. But he is breaking the law of that country. Isn’t that a crime? Perhaps a victimless crime but still a crime and since it is punishable by jail and I don’t suppose prisons in China is a holiday villa, it is not good. And the criminal record won’t help everytime he wants to travel anywhere, America included.

      2. If he was caught in Singapore with double the amount 200 gm he would have to face the death penalty which applies to Singaporeans and foreigners.

    2. He is a fxcking 32 year old. You think he is a teenager? What lessons to learn?

      Life too good and comfortable. Got nothing else to do then take drugs to get high.

      1. Learning has nothing to do with age…it’s never too late to learn.

  2. he using drugs no matter how your dad is famous justice must be made and he shall be punished for the drug use. But China is sooo corrupted Jackie might use money to buy him out.

    1. Jackie did say once that Jaycee should be jailed if he breaks the law.

      1. Jackie also once said Jaycee won’t get free handouts. “Jaycee’s Beijing home located at the NAGA Shangyuan, which was purchased at over 8.1 million RMB, was Jackie’s gift to Jaycee on his 28th birthday.” Typical Jackie BS.

      2. Well you can say one thing but when it comes to your own children, you always have a soft spot.

    2. I read in another article that there were two other persons also at Jaycee’s condo party who were arrested, but because they (and their families?) have more clout than Jackie, their names and identities are not being released. I wonder who they are?

    3. China is so corrupted? Nicholas Tse used money to buy him out 10 plus years ago when he had the car accident in HK.

      1. HK has a separate legal system than China.

        What are you talking?

  3. The irony of it all lol! Dad is anti-drug ambassador and son has been abusing drugs for the past 8 yrs! What a slap to Jackie’s face. Anyway, i think Jaycee will get off lightly due to dad’s connections and $$$$$.

      1. Yep, agree. Jackie Chan is a well connected man in Mainland china and he will have to pull a darn lot of strings , but his son is not going to get the maximum punishment. Jaycee will get off lightly, but he should let this be a lesson for him.

        However, his career, or what is left of whatever little career he had in the first place, is all but over. Only daddy’s big bucks will save him, and hardly even then.

  4. Wow, eight years! How could the parents not know???

    1. There are quite a few in this forum who shrug it off and say it’s no big deal if it’s just marijuanna. Well it may be alright to smoke marijuanna here in the states. But these boys were in Mainland China weren’t they? Mainland China has their laws regarding use of drugs. If you’re going to live/stay in Mainland China, abide by their laws. These brats just brought it on to themselves.

    2. because there is no bond between father and son,he could even hates his father because he knows jackey is anti drugs ambassador. but why? only just because jaycee will not get a single penny from his fathers heritage?

      1. So you think Jaycee did drugs out of spite towards his father?

    3. Mother knows best. How did she not know????? 😀 🙁 LOL!

  5. Seriously it’s only marijuanna, Miley Cyrus smoke it openly while accepting her award at MTV EMA. Over react much?…if it crack or cocaine then I can understand.

      1. The people in china use drugs but in any country if use drugs there’s a punishment if you get caught

    1. @ Littlegalpal:
      Just wait til you know the deadly consequences…

      1. do some research the affect of smoking cigarette, alcohol and marijuana. if you look at addiction and health risk, marijuana post the lowest risk of the 3. culturally marijuana was used (and still is) as by many ancient civilization as medicinal.

    2. @Littlegalpal

      Perhaps you can be his counsel and tell this to the Chinese authority.

      But then they might not know or care who Miley Cyrus is.

      1. i still think it is over reacting but he is in China and should respect the law…so I dont feel sorry for him.

    3. Americans under react to pot smoking while Chinese over react. Come to the US or other western countries if you want the freedom to be a pothead; stay out of Asia where the laws are draconian.

  6. Come on it’s only marijuana It’s not heroine or cocain and got arrested in his own house. Someone called and set them up. The law’s in china is crazy strict. In the us it’s nothing some states are legal. Not even 2 ounces of marijuana was found and might face 3 to 5 years in prison and it was there first offense Thats crazy.

    1. That is the law in Mainland China. Whether China is going to enforce it strictly or not, no one knows.

      Jaycee should have consumed marijuana in the States and she should be okay then.

      1. Agree! He can do whatever he wants in the states, not saying it’s okay to do drugs, but he should know better to break Mainland China law.

      2. Why you guys don’t talk about HK laws? I guess when you guys talk about mainland laws, it is applying to HK too since they are the same country.

        Nicholas Tse used money to buy him out 10 plus years ago when he had the car accident in HK. So…?

    2. If it is in the US, why isn’t the drug legal in all states, why only in some states.

      1. Because its still in the process of being legalized federally, alot of states are seeing how legalization affects states like Colorado and Washington State. America is big place, state laws and federal laws conflicting is one of the biggest reasons. You can look at Uruguay/Netherlands for an entire country thats legalized.

  7. I study nutrition and thing is.. cigarettes, nicotine and alcohol harm the body more than marijuana does. So I don’t see why it’s such a big deal if people use it for medicinal purposes. I mean sure, it’s the law but if they’re going to ban marijuana, might as well ban everything right? How ironic is it that China is so heavily polluted with chemicals and yet smoking is still legal lol

  8. That’s a saying: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    (1) So when in China, be prepared to face the consequences under that country’s law.

    Doing so otherwise is like saying I am allowed to eat with my feet propped on the table at home, and so I should be allowed to get away with the same behavior at your house.

    Each home has its own manners, each country has its own rules.

    The lax rules and marijuana recreational drug habits of USA or Canada shouldn’t apply to China/other parts of Asia.
    for eg: one of the ways Singapore stemmed out drugs gradually – from its hippy flower-power 70s era of many users, to current standards –> current zero-tolerance global reputation with drug users (death penalty if caught with a certain amount) … was being very consistent and strict with drug traffickers.Druglords also know better than to use Singapore as transit point with their ‘runners’.

    (2) Jaycee or dad Jackie probably have various people who they offend or irritate.

    One of those would be Elaine Ng. Ironic his legitimate son is found to using drug;, in the country Shanghai, China) Elaine chose to singlehandedly raise his illegitimate Etta in peace, to get away from Jackie.

    Kai Ko also did not have any amicable breakup after Elva Hsiao – wasn’t he passing snide comments about her new relationship on FB or something?

    (3) Along with the people he offends, Jackie also runs with a crowd of people who have sleaze/clout to survive in China. Emperor’s EEG Albert Yeung would be one of those. Wasn’t he one of those who helped Jackie with his paternity predicament?

    I am sure Jaycee will be ‘safe’ – his iron-woman mom Joan will make sure Jackie will do whatever it takes to get her son out intact. Afterall she sacrificed a lot of effort and herself to raise their only son singlehandedly.

    1. Jackie give a fortune to Elaine Ng to raise their daughter single handedly. And how do we know when their daughter comes to age she wouldn’t do the same thing or something worst.

      Elaine Ng slept with Jackie knowing he’s married. Then have his child knowing he don’t want one. You really think she don’t want to be with him? They’re not together believe he don’t want her.

      1. True, Elaine nowhere blameless.

        But that child is innocent, and rejected.

        He still has responsibilities, having done the deed.

  9. You do realize that he refused to acknowledge her, don’t you? He practically wrote his illegitimate daughter off his life.

  10. that right..now is the time to shows your stunts really works..

  11. He is actually in hotter water than previously reported.

    According to police report, he was found with over 100 gm in his possession (in the condo), which exceed the 50gm maximum for personal use under Chinese laws. Therefore, he could be facing a minimum of 3-5 yrs for the intention of distributing narcotic substances.

  12. I don’t know what some of you are talking about. The use, possession, sale, cultivation, and transportation of cannabis (marijuana) in the United States under federal law is illegal. Although some states have passed laws to legalize marijuana, it doesn’t mean its “no big deal in the states”. There’s many many states in USA and quite a few of them still has high punishable laws that will throw the user in jail for over 10 years. So unless the whole USA passes the law that marijuana is legal in all states and you can smoke it legally on the street like you can with cigarettes, it is still a big deal in the USA and you can face consequences just like you would in China or even worst.

    1. It’s only legal in some states in the US for medical purposes, not recreation.

  13. No one has a perfect life. We all have choices to make – he made the wrong choice so he needs to face the consequences. Hopefully he will learn this hard lesson and will turn his life around.

    1. Well said JH! Who in life is perfect? We all mistakes but the most important thing is to reflect and learn from those mistakes.

      1. Thank you Trini and HeTieShou for agreeing with me:

        We are all paying for our actions everyday (good or bad). We also live and learn from our own mistakes and hopefully we will never repeat the same mistakes again. I think Jaycee is currently paying for his bad choices. Right now Jackie Chan is paying for the time he didn’t spend/nurture his son. Finally that problem caught up with him. I certainly hope that he will not “bail out” his son from this big mistake and allow him to learn from it. Hopefully the family will come out better after this major event.

  14. Jackie Chan and his wife must be so heart-broken at this hour. He saw how Nicholas Tse and Wang Lee Hom being able to achieve success in their careers and personal life. This was not the case with his own son, Jaycee!

    Even though Nicholas Tse had a marriage failure, and Lee Hom established his family recently that couldn’t compare to his own son who is constantly partying and using illegal drugs. This has proven to me that wealth, fortunes and fame are not everything to a united family. Love, respects, trusts and supports are the essentials to build a strong, harmony and united family!

  15. Personally I think Jackie Chan has to take a major responsibility for the personality and behaviour of Jaycee Chan. He never paid much attention to his wife and son. If his son did not have a good role model to learn how to behave, how could he lead a good and decent life?

    Perhaps Jaycee was also spoiled by his mother who gave him just too much freedom to do things in order to compensate his son’s lack of fatherly love.

    1. Well to be fair, we should not always blame the parents. Your parents can teach you this and that but whether you listen or not is a different story. I guess that is nature vs nurture. I have seen kids that come from bad families but yet ended up well while other kids who come from good families ended up in jail and stuff. It varies from case to case. Even in my own family, our father was not a great father but all of my brothers ended up well because we have a good mother.

      1. Hi HeTieShou,
        I fully agree with you, whatever his reasons, it’s still wrong. I mean you know drugs is not giving you any kind of goodness when you take it and let alone for taking it for yrs.

        He’s old enough to decide what’s good and bad. Having blame his parents is not fair, he’s not a kid anymore. I agree that good upbringing doesn’t necessarily means your children will be good. If they’re those easily influenced by friends or whatsoever, they’ll pick up the wrong things.

        I remember during my high school days where some of my girlfriends were smoking, having sex with a lot of boys. I didn’t even bothered to get involved. I wasn’t saying that I was such a godess, but it’s you, it’s your own life, you decide for yourself, not blame it as peer pressure, mixing with the wrong company and so forth. If you’re those type that easily influenced by friends, then it’s your own problem, blame no one.

    2. I agree with you sandcherry. I don’t condone Jaycee’s actions and I agree with the comments that he is a grown man and should know what is right and wrong. But I believe his upbringing, absent father, indulging mother in a way made him the bum he is today. Yes, a lot of people from single parent grew up fine – but Jaycee has ultra rich, high profile celeb parents. He led a luxury life, where money comes easy, he doesn’t need to struggle or overcome odds to get what he wants unlike many kids from single parent families.

    3. Don’t agreed, I think after certain age we no longer can blame our parents for our actions. Jaycee is 32 yrs old, he know what his doing. Also Jackie Chan maybe an absentee dad but Jaycee was also blessed with other things by having a rich and famous parent…he was very very privileged!

  16. Isn’t Etta Ng also a problematic child, rebellious, smoking and who knows also takes drug.

  17. I know many children who were raised by a single parent and they went on to live good, decent and productive lives. It is always a joy and a wonderful thing to be raised in a nuclear family setting , but that is not always the case.

    Statistics show that being raised in a single parent home can have psychological affects on children, as adults, we can choose to charter our own course in life.

    I do blame Jackie for being an absent and neglectful father, but Jaycee is an adult, over thirty years old. He is old enough to understand the drug policies of China. He brazenly and arrogantly chose to go there, buy a home there and break their drug laws in their country. He, Jaycee, on his own accord, chose to break the laws of china. His father , or anyone is not to blame for this. Jaycee is responsible for this himself.

  18. Whatever. Rich people and their rich people problem.

  19. You know what. I should make a movie on this. Will definitely hit the box office.

    1. LOL

      And, the movie title should be “You’re the Weed of My Eye”. 🙂

  20. I found it interesting that China is highly against certain drugs like pot, but yet are fine with people smoking cigarettes, which are detrimental to the user and people around them.

    1. Cuz the Chinese government makes money from tobacco. Hello fools, any sin that can lead to government funds will be legal. Please open your eyes.

  21. A lot of rich ppl’s children are taking drugs. I don’t suppose they’ve worries for money, I would really like to know’s so stressful for them to turn to drugs.

    Or they’re just too free and just want to get high on drugs.

    I dont have any sympathy for ppl like him to be involved with drugs.

  22. Ex president Bush admitted to smoking pot in his young days…Marijuana is not an illicit drug its same as tobacco..In California where Jaycee was born or raised a lot young ppl smoke it…I myself don’t smoke but its getting legalized in a lot states…Stop comparing Jaycee to Ting Fung…I feel Jackie Chan s heartbreak .but China is overreacting…let him go back to US..Jaycee its time to stop smoking A lot young rich poor people smoke pot everywhere its same as tobacco …its not cocaine or methamphetamine….give the guy a break!

    1. If looking for comparisons, at least find some better examples than Bush.

      Bush Jr was a joke, with little capabilities of his onw. He ran with the old boys, which helped him being elected.

      US has its own rules, China has its own.
      Any visitor to each individual country should respect that country’s rules and expect to abide by the consequences.

      1. “He ran with the old boys, which helped him being elected. ”


  23. Smoking marijuana isn’t a deadly crime that Jaycee has to be bashed as a failure.. and Jackie Chan is a hardworking actor his stunts made him an audience favorite .good grief … Their way of family belongs to them it don’t matter if his parents live separate …and Ting Fung wasn’t popular or anybody before he date Wong Fei or married Cecilia …shouldnt be comparing ..I will pray for safety of Jackie Chan JAycee and mom

  24. The only people who will benefit from this is the Chinese authority: They will squeeze Jackie chan for lots of money to smoothen this out.
    Poor Joan she must be so sad 🙁

  25. I bet jc parent know about it but didnt do anything
    JC do seem like a brat, jacky treating him like a kid, buying a 8mil condo for a 28yr old

  26. OK, i just want to know hw many years he will be in jail or what punishment if convicted?

    1. He won’t be convicted.
      What’s the father’s millions for- if not to buy the son out of troubles like this?

  27. 7 deadly sins as per Mahatma Gandhi
    1 wealth without work
    2 pleasure without conscience
    3 knowledge without character
    4 commerce(business) without morality (ethics)
    5 science without humanity
    6 religion without sacrifice
    7 politics without principle

  28. What does Jackie expect? A perfect son. The man been absent from his son’s life almost all of his life. The son probably look up to him all his life and he is never there. Yes, Jaycee has a better life than most but mentally his after not being does affect his action.

  29. EIGHT years?

    And his mom, who’s so close to him that she expects a daily call … is unaware?

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