Jaycee Chan is Released from Prison

Imprisoned in China for marijuana possession, Jackie Chan‘s (成龍) son Jaycee Chan (房祖名) was released on February 13. On Valentine’s Day, Jaycee immediately held a press conference in Beijing and publicly apologized for his past mistakes. Jaycee also shared his experience in prison and vowed to become a more responsible person going forward.

Jaycee revealed, “My parents did not visit me in prison because the law did not allow for visitation rights. My treatment in prison was the same as other detainees. My father did not use his connections to shorten my prison sentence. Since I made a mistake, I should receive punishment. My parents gave me a lot of encouragement and support through their letters. It made me feel guilty that they did not particularly blame me, but only asked me not to commit any more mistakes in the future.

“I was very unfilial as I put them through this [torment]. I feel very guilty. I hope to apologize to them and have a good Lunar New Year gathering. It has been a very long time since we all celebrated the holiday together.”

Jaycee also made many phone calls to personally apologize to business colleagues, his Godfather Albert Yeung (楊受成), and many of his close friends. He stated that he had learned his lesson and will be a better person going forward. He does not want to worry or hurt the people who love him.

After the conclusion of the press conference, Jaycee rushed back to Taiwan to see his mother, Joan Lin (林鳳嬌). Separated for six months, Jaycee and Joan could barely speak due to the myriad of emotions.

However, Jaycee has yet to see his father, Jackie Chan (成龍), who is busy promoting his new film, Dragon Blade <天將雄獅>. Jackie will not be able to join the family until February 20, missing out on the Lunar New Year celebrations.

Plans for a Comeback after the New Year

The Monk <道士下山>, which was originally slated for an early 2015, has been delayed due to Jaycee’s drug scandal. Jaycee’s manager was asked about plans for the film’s release. “Currently, there is no news yet. If the director has any plans, we will do our best to coordinate.” When asked whether Jaycee is planning for a comeback, he said, “At this time, I don’t wish to disturb him. We will talk about it after the New Year.”

Sources: On.cc; Xinhuanet.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Honestly hope he’s able to get out of his drug addiction. He has a bright future ahead of him. It’s understandable that growing up from such a well known family can bring on a lot of pressure. But hopefully through this he can learn to love himself more and to not rely on drugs to fill in the void. He’s still young. Hopefully he knows that people will be watching and I really do hope people can refrain from leaving hate comments since this is sort of a new beginning from him.

    1. With marijuana he hardly had any drug addiction. You don’t get addicted by it. It’s not cocaine or something like that. lol. It’s hardly a real “drug” but it’s just that he shouldn’t have smoked it in a country where it’s forbidden. That’s his fault. If he wants to smoke it he should travel to countries where it’s legal. Then it’s no big deal. I hope he learned that lesson…

  2. This dumb deadbeat deserves it. Smoking weed is somewhat acceptable but processing excessive amounts and showing off by hosting a large party,thinking that he is jacky chan’s son is straight up stupid. And for the people saying he is young, he is 32 not 21.

    1. Ur ass just jealous Cuz he can host big ass party and smoke out all his friends… lol only in china and him being Jacky chan son is why he got 6 months….

  3. “My father did not use his connections to shorten my prison sentence.”

    I wonder how many people reading this or hearing his him said it in press conference will believe it.

  4. Damn it’s only weed… shit bet ya if he ain’t Jackie Chan son he wouldn’t even get 6 damn months

    1. Yeah, I can understand a bit why China is so extreme about all this. (History wise) But come on. It is indeed just weed! This is really ridiculous! I feel so sorry for Jaycee that he has to act and behave like someone who did a serious crime. sigh.

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