Jelly Lin Starts Filming Stephen Chow’s “The Mermaid 2”

Released in 2016, Stephen Chow‘s (周星馳) The Mermaid <美人魚> broke many box office records. As China’s third highest grossing film of all time, The Mermaid earned over 3.3 billion RMB. Due to its success, Stephen is following up with a sequel, which features the return of Jelly Lin (林允).

When Jelly was only 18 years old, she landed her breakout role in The Mermaid after beating out 12,000 applicants. Winning many newcomer awards that year, Jelly also caught the eye of William Feng (馮紹峰), whom she reportedly dated. Due to her youth and good looks, Jelly is seen as having a lot of untapped potential.

Perhaps for these reasons, Stephen Chow has decided to cast Jelly as the lead in The Mermaid 2, in which he serves as the producer, scriptwriter, and director. The move surprised fans, as they expected SNH48 member Jenny Sun (孫珍妮) to land a significant role in the movie. Last year, Stephen organized a variety show to recruit new female talent for The Mermaid 2, and Jenny stood out with her looks and talent.

Yesterday, Jelly posted photos on her social media account, noting the boxes of belongings she will be packing for her new filming project. She wrote, “Entering the set is like moving house. I have to pack my makeup and equipment. I even bought a new selfie stick. Looking forward to a fulfilling filming experience.”

Afterward, Stephen’s assistant responded to Jelly’s post, “Hello Shan Shan,” indicating that the 21-year-old actress is returning for the lead role, Shan Shan, in The Mermaid 2.

Alibaba co-founder, Jack Ma (馬雲), will also make an appearance in the movie. Investing a significant sum in The Mermaid 2, Jack Ma hopes viewers will walk away with a positive environmental message after seeing the movie.


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  1. It won’t be the first time Jack Ma (馬雲) is in a movie. He starred in 功守道 last year. It was such a weird movie with all the biggest Asian kung fu stars in it but having 馬雲 as the main action hero.

  2. Ooh looking forward.
    Hope this will be a really good sequel. (Mostly, sequels are boring) After watching “The Mermaid,” I wanted to know what would happen to 鄧超 and 费霞. ^^

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