William Feng Dating Newcomer Actress Jelly Lin?

Nineteen-year-old actress Jelly Lin (林允) splashed into the entertainment industry with her acting debut in The Mermaid <美人魚>, which soared to the top of the box office during the Chinese New Year holiday season. Since then, Jelly has further made waves among viewers and fans, thanks to rumors that she is dating 37-year-old actor William Feng (馮紹峰).

A few days ago, Jelly posted a photograph of her cooking for a family reunion meal. However, she quickly deleted the picture after sharp-eyed netizens pointed out that the background of her kitchen strongly resembled that of William’s house. As a result, rumors began to spread that Jelly and William were dating – a suspicion that only intensified when a photograph surfaced yesterday of the two walking around and holding hands.

Today, Jelly also posted a photo on her Weibo, depicting herself with an enormous bouquet of roses. “This is the first time I have ever received so many Valentine’s Day roses, thank you,” she wrote. “In the fairy tale, the mermaid is willing to step on the point of a knife in order to gain two legs. It’s just like the feeling in real life when you step barefoot into a thicket of roses.”

After seeing Jelly’s radiant expression, many netizens surmised that she is currently in a happy relationship with a special person.

William previously dated 27-year-old actress Ni Ni (倪妮), who is most well-known for starring in the 2011 Zhang Yimou (張藝謀) film The Flowers of War <金陵十三釵>. However, the two announced their breakup in May 2015.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @m0m0
      I thought he and Nini were sweet,but I guess they were just not meant to be. At first glance,she sort of reminds me of Strawberry Yeung(another actress with a strange English name). If they are dating,best of luck to them.

  1. I can’t stop laughing about her adopted English name. Maybe William Feng should change his to Peanutbutter.

    It appears that Feng has gotten the memo about any man of significant stature must get himself a young stuff as a trophy, unlike that loser Hu Ge. LOL!!

    1. @aiya Hu Ge aint a loser. He just probs prefer to not go after his “daughters and nieces” like some uncles here. Whether William is dating her or not, best of luck to both parties.

    2. @aiya
      Why do you think Hu Ge is a loser? Not all men want younger women that are decades younger than them. There are some that prefer older women like Ming Dao and Kenneth Ma. I guess each guy is different.

      I agree about her English name. I guess maybe she wants to have a unique English name.

  2. She is too young or rather he is too old for her. Not as much as the age difference but rather the age she is at.

    1. @funnlim
      I agree and what is up with all of these actors dating such young actresses? I just find it so strange. I still remember Lawrence Ng dating his ex wife at that age then marrying her when she was so young. But sadly we all saw how that ended up.

    1. @m0m0
      There is more to anyone than just looks. I actually admire guys that go beyond just physical appearance and realize that compatibility, personality,character and so many other things are much more important than just physical attraction.

      1. @hetieshou while i agree with the same statement (even if it contradicts to my previous post lol), i will have to point this out (not just to you or me but everyone on here). Yes, appearance is not the key to keeping a relationship, but people should not deny that it is what starts attraction and even prompts one to get to know the other party. That said, I’m curious as to what William saw in Jelly if this rumor is true? Cuz im sorry but his ex was definitely prettier and this is coming from someone who didnt think his ex was that pretty either.

      2. @riceball120
        I know what you mean and it is definitely looks to some extent that draws you to the other person at first glance. However, after that first glance, you would observe the other person to see how they interact with others, how they talk, etc… Basically, the aura you give out at first glance(which is not necessarily based on appearance only) is very important as well.

        I can tell you that my 4th brother and cousin both married very unattractive girls but they are both happily married. My whole family all did not get what they saw in those girls. Of course,I do not know how they met at first so not sure if it was looks or not. However, I am sure there are many cases where 2 people are attracted to each other that is not based on looks only.

        I think his ex was prettier too,but hey you know the saying, attraction/love is not always rational. We can never understand in many cases why a couple are together. Love and attraction are truly mysterious. Let Yue Lao do his work…

        By the way her name is funny. Maybe he wants to be her bread or peanut butter. Hm…

      3. @hetieshou we should give her credit for being unique!

        i see and understand your point. But i have for the life of me never see when someone see let’s say a bigger friend and smaller friend go shopping. when guy or girl checks them out, people go for the skinnier friend. I have seen it happen before. Was hanging out with my cousins, similar to what i said earlier about their appearance. however, only a blind eye would miss out that my bigger cousin was actually prettier than my skinnier cousin. HOWEVER, when we were at the mall, bunch of guys checked out my skinnier cousin because in most cases, people are like “skinner, BAM prettier. bigger, BAM uglier.”

        For what you said about aura, i will say that it is a scenario that happens .5 out of 10 times because we live in a superficial world now…hence why so many break up happens because too many go after looks and not actual personalities.

  3. Seems to be the latest trend to have a young chick for a girlfriend- anything upwards of 18 yrs difference. Anything less than that wont cut it.

    1. @isay welcome the leftover men trying to find a lifetime partner…that’s what the old people of my family would say

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