Jessica C. and Andy On Welcome Baby Girl

Jessica C. and fiance, Andy On (安志杰) welcomed the birth of their first child.  Tessa is 19.5 inches long and weighs 9 pounds. Andy joked that his daughter is a fat little girl.

Jessica had flown back to her hometown, Chicago in the last few months of her pregnancy. On the day before her labor, Jessica uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram, writing that she will miss her pregnant days. She eventually gave birth to a baby girl by Caesarean at midnight.

Andy stated through his manager that he was filled with emotion at the birth of his daughter. He revealed that he was moved to tears, and he thanked Jessica for having carried the baby to term and given birth to her.

Andy expressed, “It feels like there are a lot more responsibilities in my life. I am no longer by myself and have a wife and a baby. I know that the amount of money needed to feed the child and then educate her will not be simple. I will be working harder from now on. Once I return to Hong Kong, I will be filming two dramas. But first, I’ll spend more time with Jessica. The earliest I’ll return to Hong Kong will be in May. I would like to thank the media in Hong Kong for having constantly shown concern.”


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  1. Congrats to Andy and Jessica. Can’t wait to see the beautiful baby’s photos!

    On a side note, #AndyOn ‘s body is a work of art!

  2. that’s beautiful! congrats! the girl must get all her mom’s good genes. btw, andy’s filming drama?

  3. Does anyone know her last name? How come only one letter C? She must be mix isn’t it? I have no idea who this two couples is but I’m just being curious here.

    1. @asian2015 :

      Google is your best friend.

      Credit wikipedia:
      Jessica Cambensy, also known as Jessica C. is an American-born model and actress. She is half white and half Filipino Chinese from Chicago

    2. @asian2015

      Her last name is Cambensy. I see many Hong Kong model with english last name will just use the first letter as their public last name. It is easier for people to remember.

      Other model/actress that follow this way of name includes

      Lisa S.
      Maggie Q.
      Ana R.

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