Jessica Hsuan is a Woman Hurt by Love

There is no better actress to play My Unfair Lady’s <不懂撒嬌的女人> Mall Jeh than the unyielding and robust Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), who stands by her principles faithfully and selflessly.

My Unfair Lady, which ended its month-long broadcast on May 28, has a female centric-storyline that follows the lives of successful career woman Molly Ling (portrayed by Jessica Hsuan) and her younger cousin, the more pliable Cherry Ling (portrayed by Natalie Tong 唐詩詠). Molly, known in the series as Mall Jeh, is demanding and resolute—not even her most intimate friends can see a soft side of her. Though she’s led a successful career, Mall Jeh’s suffers a lackluster romantic life.

In reality, Jessica is not quite so different from Mall Jeh. The 46-year-old actress, who made her acting debut through TVB in 1993, had quite a tumultuous love life, and those experiences were what made Jessica the strong woman she is known as today. Though she is already 46 years old, Jessica is in no hurry to settle down, as past experience made her realize that she should be patient, and wait for the right man.

Refused to Retire for Wealthy Boyfriend

Jessica went through top-tier education: she attended the Maryknoll Convent School as a child, Pooi To Middle School as a pre-teen, and went to an English boarding school Roedean School in England for her high school years. She graduated from Imperial College, London with a degree in material science, but a single TV commercial appearance led her to sign a TVB contract, becoming an actress.

Throughout the years, Jessica has had a few publicly known relationships, her most famous one being with fellow actor Dicky Cheung (張衛健). Her next, perhaps one of her most publicized relationships, was with the wealthy businessman Ronald Wing (), who she was close to marrying. However, Ronald’s family allegedly wanted Jessica to retire after marriage, a deal that Jessica couldn’t accept. Jessica wanted to take care of her own life.

Boyfriend’s Affairs Made Her Stronger

Jessica’s strong personality did not come from her failed relationship with Ronald. According to the actress, it was the ex-boyfriend A who had cheated on her, a move that made Jessica reconsider her priorities.

The actress used to be an accommodating girlfriend—when A’s ex-girlfriend came to Hong Kong for a visit, Jessica was the one who suggested to pick her up from the airport, and allowed A’s ex-girlfriend to stay with him at his apartment. Jessica trusted in A, believing that nothing could happen between them. Unfortunately, A rekindled his romance with his ex-girlfriend, and broke up with Jessica.

A was not Jessica’s only cheating ex. There was another incident where Jessica discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her through a message she saw on his computer. Rumors say Jessica attempted to surprise her boyfriend at his home, only to discover that her boyfriend was with another woman (also his ex-girlfriend) in his bedroom.

With such horrible dating experiences, it is no surprise that Jessica is still reveling the bachelorette life at 46 years old. The actress has said that she is no longer looking for a man to date, but for a soul mate to get married to.


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  1. If this article is accurate, then she is really stupid. No matter how accommodating as a gf, never ever allow an ex-gf to put up in the bf place. Or maybe perhaps the bf not so into her in the first place, hence the cheating.

    Also I find her quite attitude problem, not sure was it due to the cheating bfs experience or she already had it before that.

    1. @hayden Ya, the rumour can’t be totally true. No girl will let her bf’s ex stay at his apartment together without her being present. Makes no sense.

    2. @hayden so you’re saying it’s her fault her ex couldn’t keep it in his pants? Are you implying everyone is going to cheat on their partner given the chance?

      As someone who still has close but non-romantic and non-sexual friendships with some of my exes and a very trusting significant other I scoff at your comment.

      1. @peanutbutterjelly lol, I’m with you. It’s the guys fault that cheated on her, assuming this unconfirmed rumors are true. It doesn’t matter how accommodating she is or is not, if they’re gonna cheat, they’re gonna cheat. I personally don’t understand or believe a platonic relationship can happen between exes, but out of respect of their current partner, the exes should keep their distant. It’s very awkward situation to be in IMO. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I just can’t do it. These guys bluntly abused her trust and they’re 100% to blame.

        The silver lining is that unlike Mall Jeh, Jessica didn’t give up her career and lose her self identity just because of “love.” How true is a person’s love when they give you an ultimatum between your career or marriage?? Sure some women (prob men too) is willing to do that, fine. It’s not the only choice for everyone.

      2. @jjwong Yeah, agreed. I think the only situation where it’s acceptable to be friends with exes is if the feelings from both parties were never that deep to begin with AND they no longer have an attraction towards one another. But, this is rarer because one party or the other probably still has residual feelings whether they’re aware of it or not.

        Women divorce men ALL the time for being workaholics and valuing their careers over their relationships. It happens and not always is it about women not respecting the men’s job, but that it takes away from the marriage. Similarly, I don’t know if Jessica’s ex-bf had his reasons for not wanting her to have her career. I choose to reserve my judgment.

  2. Another actress who became addicted to fame. Life will be filled with regrets when realising she could have had created a loving family. Even if she is to marry now, it will be to a bored old loner who is in desperate need of a soul mate. Any decent fellow with common sense will look for a younger woman though.

    1. @jimmyszeto So female celebs can never win huh? Whatever she choose to do you people will find a way to accuse her of either being a golddigger who doesn’t do anything with the rest of her life and leeches off her husband’s money or ‘addicted to fame’.

      Why don’t you go accuse bachelors like Louis Koo as ‘addicted to fame’? No instead people say he’s ‘career minded’ and ‘independent and hardworking’. But when a women are those things? They are ‘addicted to fame’.

      She wants to retain her (financial) independence even after being married, her boyfriend of back then couldn’t even respect that so if they would have gotten married she would have had more regrets than she does now.

      1. @peanutbutterjelly
        Instead of picking fights why don’t you think about it? Not being able to leave the entertainment circle isn’t a crimes. It’s difficult just like a sportsman finding it difficult to retire. More often than not actresses will find themselves past their prime and too late to have children.

      2. @jimmyszeto having children is not the end all and be all goal for all women, or anyone for that matter. I mean, good for you if you find that important and want it for yourself but I don’t ever recall Jessica saying raising kids is a priority for her so don’t impose that on her.

        Amy Kwok and Sean Lau are happily married and childfree. Sheren Tang is happily single and childfree. There isn’t only one single path in life fulfillment.

      3. @peanutbutterjelly
        It’s not just kids. She also isn’t married yet. You can’t recall any regrets but can you guarantee she won’t be feeling regrets when she is 60 years old?

      4. @jimmyszeto I’m not arrogant enough to say she won’t regret some choices she made but neither should you be presumptuous enough to say she definitely will.

        And even so, who doesn’t have regrets in life? But regrets don’t mean failure or diminish your other fulfillments and accomplishments in life.

        Marriage isn’t for everyone and like I said marrying someone who doesn’t respect your career or independence is more regrettable than never getting married at all. Plenty of women who regret the things they sacrificed for their marriage and kids later in life.

        Everyone is different, no need to judge or project what you think is the ‘correct’ way to live a happy life onto others.

      5. @peanutbutterjelly WELL SAID!

        For the records, “gold diggers” shouldn’t necessarily be looking down. If old rich farts went a young and beautiful woman in their arms, then pay for it. Men know and play the game. They aren’t 100% innocent. So why do we only judge the women?

    2. @jimmyszeto

      I would say she’s determined to be financially independent and non-dependant on a man for financial security. Hooray for her, unlike some gold-diggers who are addicted to snaring rich old guys. Better to retain self-respect and remain single than to marry a controlling sugar daddy.

  3. I don’t see why she have to give up her career because of marriage so I’m with her on not marrying that guy. Everyone will have regrets later in life but she seem perfectly fine right now. She’s independent, successful and know what she wants and like. So I don’t see a problem with her being single unless she find someone she truly want. Why settle? She still look awesome IMO!

    1. @happybi on principle, i absolutely agree with you. she should have a choice in whatever she does. but playing devil’s advocate, i can see why her ex-bf might’ve wanted her to be a stay-at-home wife or for her to do something else after marriage. staying away from the limelight is sometimes very important for marriages to stay strong together. so i’m not going to blame her ex for not wanting her to be a celebrity as one of the conditions for them to be married. i get it.

      1. @coralie No biggie now, as they have both moved on. Personally, I don’t see her staying in the limelight will affect their marriage if they are both in a committed relationship. How would he feel if she told him to be a stay at home Dad or she won’t marry him? He probably won’t like it either. Marrying into money doesn’t mean security to a lot of woman. Like her, I prefer making my own money!

      2. @happybi if she has the finances to cover spending for the both of them, i don’t see why that can’t be an option on the table. some guys actually prefer that, but it’s just rarely a choice. and if security is a concern, prenups can be considered.

        i get that this is a matter of personal choice. should her personal choice be ignored over her significant other’s? that depends on how much she values her personal security over the relationship and how much he values her vs the impact of her career. in the end, it was a no-win for either of them.

        both of them caught flak for it, but i don’t think i can blame either one.

      3. @coralie Agree.. that why in situation like this, it may be good that they didn’t get marry. There may be regret as they get older or maybe they will end up being divorced down the road anyway. So no lost to both for moving on. Can’t turn back time unfortunately.

      4. @coralie @happybi I can see it going both ways and I agree with both of you. It’s neither right or wrong and at the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference. Some people are happier married with kids while others are happier single — to each her own.

        I remember awhile back ago, when there was that women’s march here in the U.S., Anne Hathaway had made a speech about women having to stay home and raise their children while the men went out and worked — she made it sound like it was a “crime” for women to have to do that. She rubbed some people the wrong way with her speech, not surprisingly. I mean, if a women WANTS to give up her career to raise her kids, what’s wrong with that? I know some people who went down the “sacrifice their career for their children” path and when you ask them what their proudest accomplishment is in life, they will tell you that it was raising a good kid — that their son or daughter turned out happy, healthy, and successful. And you know what, their husbands respect them and love them for it because they know that all the credit goes to their wives for maintaining the family. By the same token, some women may not want that path for themselves and may choose their careers over getting married and/or having children — nothing wrong with that either. I think the lesson here is to respect each other’s choices to be single or married and understand that there is not just one path to happiness.

      5. @llwy12 Agree.. that’s why I think at the end it’s best that they go their seperate way. Like @jjwong put it, it’s best to find someone you have a common ground with.

        As for those woman walk or whatever you call it.. just a big waste of time IMO.

      6. @coralie Ref: “Should her personal choice be ignored over her significant other’s?”

        A different view: If one must make this choice, then maybe they’re not right for one another to begin with. Maybe, just maybe, if she or he finds someone who shares the same outlook (e.g. quit career for family or not retired from a job), then neither would have to make a choice. There are many fish in the pond. You might not catch that fresh Alaskan salmon, but there are plenty other fish that’s full or if not more omega-3 and as fresh.

        This is why I cringe at Saving and Cherry love story in this series since the beginning (staying somewhat on topic since it’s Jessican’s series too. Brownie points for me, lol). If you know you and your partner have a huge fundamental gap, then why even drag, HOPE, PRAY, PERSUADE one or the other to change their mind? I can only think of is lust, i.e. you like the person enough or a lot at this moment so you want to advance to the romantic/intimate stage, so much that you forget or choose to forget. That’s can only be forgetten temporary. The crossroad will come up again sooner or later. Find someone you have common ground, then neither need to make a choice or give up anything.

      7. @jjwong Agreed. Compromise is inevitable in a relationship but there are just some fundamental things in life that can’t be compromised.

        Compatibility is more important than love alone in a relationship.

      8. @jjwong Lol +2 brownie points.

        I agree, some values are too big to overlook. But the glaring issue for Jess & her ex-fiance wasn’t marriage; it was the condition for marriage.

        Maybe halfway into the relationship her ex decided that her career was causing too many problems or he decided that kind of lifestyle is going to be too intrusive on their family.

        Lots of people don’t discuss or think about possible red flag factors until marriage’s around the corner , but by then it’s usually too late.

    2. @happybi
      I don’t think it is just that guy but there must have been numerous marriage opportunities she has missed over the years. It happens a lot in the Hong Kong Entertainment industry. There are many others who are in the media spotlight where their every move are monitored. If overnight they have to disappear from the centre of attention and becoming a nobody, they will find that change very hard to handle so that’s what I mean by being addicted to fame.

      1. @jimmyszeto I agree with you that some people are like that but I honestly don’t see Jessica being like that. She wasn’t in the limelight for a while and she is still doing well. I feel she just know what she want and won’t settle for less.

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