Jet Li Shares Secret to Winning a Woman’s Heart

He may be an accomplished martial artist on the big screen, but in real life, Jet Li (李連杰) struggled for years to perfect the art of courtship. Recently, the superstar opened up about his marriage and shared the practical promise that won him the hand of his wife, Miss Asia Pageant winner Nina Li (利智).

Jet and Nina met while collaborating on 1989’s film Dragon Fight <龍在天涯>. Jet was married to his first wife during this time, but he eventually divorced in 1990. In later interviews, he reflected that he did not truly know what love was and only married to repay his wife for her love and financial support during his early career. He fortunately found all the answers when he began dating Nina. Winner of ATV’s Miss Asia Pageant in 1986, Nina participated in many films during the late eighties and gained popularity for her beauty and sexy figure. She suddenly announced her retirement in 1992 and seemed to have disappeared completely from the limelight.

A private person, Jet rarely discusses his family or personal life. While taping an episode of Mainland reality talent show Amazing Chinese <出彩中國人>, he surprisingly broke tradition in order to help a contestant propose to his girlfriend. Despite his success, Jet joked that wooing Nina was actually quite a challenge.”She had many pursuers, and I happen to be the least remarkable. Being good at martial arts did not help at all.”

What finally won Nina’s heart was just a simple promise: “From now on, I will give you every cent I earn!” While it may seem unromantic by today’s standards, Jet’s willingness to give up his assets in exchange for her love exudes old-fashioned loyalty and commitment. Moved by Jet’s sincere promise, Nina married Jet in 1999 and the two continue to share a happy and loving marriage to this day.


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  1. so give the ladies all your money? That’s no secret, us guys already knew that. You see men only want nice things cause women want them. Women like nice cars, so men buy luxury cars, but let me tell you guys something, if a man can have sex in a cardboard box, he wouldn’t buy a house.

  2. What kind of misogynist crap are you spouting? Because clearly you’re the expert on women?!!

  3. All women wants money. It’s just a matter of how much they want that’s all.

    1. You don’t think men can be gold-diggers? When it comes to cold-blooded gold-digging, men beat women hands down. haha 🙂

  4. i don’t think he meant it by that. just a women wants confidence and a good financial standing from her spouse. it’s just the phrasing that makes it sound like all women are gold diggers.

  5. Nina Li is a couple years older than Jet Li. And, since she had so many pursuers (many much richer than Jet Li) at the time, she probably didn’t take Jet Li seriously (since he was younger) until his promise, which shows sincerity/诚意.

  6. Now it probably sounds all peachy from him. One of my aunts used to say he’s an unfaithful dog too since the ex n him have been together forever and helped him financially and yet still after all the fame n fortune, he went for a hotter and sexy woman. haha LOL…Oh well… since they have been together for so long now i guess ppl have forgotten he was once an unfaithful dog. haaha LOL

    1. Not the tianya & baidu netizens, many still blast Jet for dumping his ex-wife and their daughter for the more sophisticated beauty queen, Nina, as soon as he gained fame. Indeed to them, Gallen Lo and Jet Li are like two peas in the same pod.

      1. @clamine?
        OH yeah? haha so they have NOT forgotten? haha. Yes, sure they all call him a great husband and romantic and all that bs about him but look how treated the ex. All the hard times she wasted her and then getting dumped when they have money. sigh… Gallen Lo – OMG, yes they must be cheaters in the same club. haha..That one is also s—ty w/a capital S. haaha LOL…

    2. Didn’t realize Jet Li was married before Nina. In 1989, the year that they met, Nina was working on seven (7) films. So, who’s the gold-digger? Hmmm…

      1. You forgot to put in the fact that in the same time, Nina was neck high in debt. Of course she need to work her ass off. Jet Li actually paid off her debts by working on countless movies.

      2. Okay, Nina is very lucky then but feel sorry for Jet Li’s first wife and kids.

  7. Jet Li’s statement confirmed that Nina Li is indeed a bimbo …

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