Jimmy Lin Talks About Fans Attacking Wife, Kelly Chen

Debuting in 1992 at the tender age of 17, Jimmy Lin (林志穎) has already been in the entertainment industry for 26 years. The baby-faced singer became an overnight sensation following the release of his debut album, Not Every Love Song Has Fond Memories <不是每個戀曲都有美好回憶>. With his dimpled face and boyish charms, Jimmy has had a steady career and enjoys a large fan following.

Due to his idol image, Jimmy’s sudden marriage announcement in 2008 was met with heavy disapproval. At the time, many of his fans did not accept his relationship with Taiwanese model and wife, Kelly Chen (陳若儀), believing that she was a nobody and unworthy of their idol.

Reflecting on the situation now, Jimmy said, “At the beginning, [my fans] did not accept my wife. They would think ‘Why her?’ or ‘Who is she?’ There was a lot of pressure, but many of my fans have been with me from when I was 17 years old until now. Slowly though, they started to realize that there’s nothing wrong with starting a family. Plus, Kelly has raised our children well. My fans have started to accept her. I don’t care what anyone says about me, but don’t attack my family.”

Ten years have passed, and Jimmy is now not only a father of three boys, but also continues to enjoy a loving relationship with his wife. “When I was younger, I would be affected by criticism. But I haven’t cared about that for a very long time now. I put in 100 percent into each role of my life, as a singer or a father.”

Fatherhood definitely changed the 43-year-old singer, as Jimmy progressed into a more mature stage in his life. When Kelly gave birth to the couple’s first child, Kimi, in 2009, Jimmy proudly announced to being a father at his fan-held birthday celebration. Taking the microphone and displaying a photo of his newborn son, Jimmy said, “I am a father now. He is very healthy, active, loves to smile, 6 pounds and 13 ounces, and has a pair of mesmerizing eyes.”

Source: Ettoday

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @mangotango Indeed! With that boyish look, it feels like only yesterday that he debuted, lol. I actually remember Jimmy’s debut (gawd, has it really been 26 years ago?) and him taking the HK music industry by storm at the time, plus the supposed rivalry between him and Aaron Kwok, since their styles were similar back then.

      I already thought that Kimi was super cute back when they did Dad, Where Are We Going, but his twins are even cuter! I wonder if we will see THEM on the show in a couple years, lol….

      1. @llwy12 I did not know Aaron and Jimmy were rivals? They are both handsome ..though IMO. Lol. And I thought he was rival to Alec Su instead? Anyway the three of them are doing well. Jimmy comes from a very rich family so I suppose he is all good with all his business. Alec seems to have transitioned to be a successful director. Aaron’s wealth is enough to last till next generation.

        @m0m0 It is immature to attack someone just because they think she looks average. But then we are talking about extreme fans. I think.she is above average.

      2. @mangotango In Taiwan, it was probably with Alec (I didn’t follow Taiwan entertainment as closely back then so can’t vouch for this) but in HK it was Aaron because of their similar style (they both had similar haircut back then too, which was kind of funny). Of course, it wasn’t Alan-Leslie type crazy out-of-hand rivalry (80s Cantopop fans will probably understand what I’m referring to), but people naturally compared Jimmy and Aaron because of the similarities (except in age, as Jimmy was 10 years younger than Aaron, but Aaron was baby-faced and had that “kiddie” haircut).

        Agreed that they are all doing well now, which I guess at the end of the day is what counts the most, lol.

  1. i can understand why the fans attack his wife. just googled some of her clips, she’s quite below average in terms of looks, no wonder….

      1. @wm2017
        i don’t think it’s plastic surgery. i think it’s make up. the pic above she looks ok, average but these are stills so you can put up ones that you look nice in. If you google videos, you can really tell she’s not pretty.

      2. @m0m0
        In the eyes of Jimmy Lin, his wife is the most beautiful woman in the world and the woman with the best personality. That’s all that matters! Fans are just outsiders that are paying for indirect entertainment. They have a right to choose which idol to follow but no right to criticise or in some cases attack an idol’s Wife….

      3. @m0m0
        True that she is not that pretty but there is more to anyone than just looks. Personality and so many other things are much more important. Plus, Jimmy is that handsome either so you think he can score a very beautiful wife?

      4. @wm2017
        No she is photogenic but on shows which is more of how the real her should look, she is pretty average. However, it is much more than looks.

      5. @hetieshou a hundred thumbs up, very well said. It is comments like this that puts sense and reality to this article. We focus too much on shallow things like looks. We really live in a sad world when others think that the road to happiness is built on looks, social and financial status. You parents did right by you in raising you to be wise and real. Mine did the same for me and I am thankful

      6. @bubbletea
        Thanks and I was lucky to have good parents who taught me well. I am sure you do as well. As a child, I learned that looks are not everything especially after reading The Ugly Duckling. I will remember that story forever. Your parents are great for teaching you well too. Looks also fade as well so why value it so much?

    1. @m0m0 really…..?. So because Kelly Chen supposedly looks “below average in looks”, that does not give the idiots who disguise as fans reason to attack her. They need to grow up, wake up and join the 21st century
      I can understand if she is cheating om Jimmy, being cruel and unreasonable or being an abusive or unfit wife or mom. Anyone who supports the rabid fools attacking this woman is no better.

    2. @m0m0
      what does it say about those attacking someone for being ‘below average’ in looks? I would call them far below average in character with blackened hearts.

      1. @msxie0714 hundred thumbs up. Very, very well said.Do these silly, shallow fickle women think Jimmy is going to leave his wife for them… He told them basically where is heart is by declaring that he loves his wife and he loves having her as the mother of his children. He probably can have his pick of women, but he chose the one he loves. Why do chinrse define relationships by looks and money is beyond me.

      2. @bubbletea Yea…that’s something I’ll never really understand either. Back in the old days, the industry was very big on “idol-path” versus “talent-path” singers (can apply to actors/actresses too but it was primarily singers that it was a big deal for) – the “idol-path” singers were those who got popular based primarily on their looks (whether they had talent or not wasn’t really important) while the “talent-path” singers were usually the ones who didn’t have the looks but had singing talent. Of course, the “idol-path” singers had a harder time maintaining relationships, since they had to keep up a certain image to satisfy the (usually majority) female fans who operated under the illusion that their idol would marry them someday…that illusion is pretty hard to break, even when the singer matures and perhaps no longer fits the “idol-path” model. So in this sense, with an artist like Jimmy obviously being an “idol-path” singer, it’s not surprising that those fans would attack his wife – it has nothing to do with HER looks at all…she can be beautiful or ugly, doesn’t matter…just by virtue of being their idol’s wife (and thereby shattering the illusion that their idol is theirs forever), that is enough to make her “most hated”…it’s stupid and silly for sure, but unfortunately there are plenty of those type of fans out there…

      3. @llwy12

        not saying that haters are justified even if his wife was as ugly as a troll (not saying that she is). he’s an idol so people expect that he’d get a very beautiful wife, at least prettier than most fan girls. it’s just so that she looks so plain, people got something to say and even if she’s pretty, there’d be haters too. So no matter pretty or ugly, there’d be haters ALWAYS! Just that she’s so plain, most fan girls wonder hey, why you pick her and not them?!

      4. @m0m0 you seem to have issues with the woman’s looks. The rabid sheep also seem to have a problem with Kelly’s looks. Do you realize how cheap, stupid, shallow, backward and ignorant your comments are coming across? You need to quit before you stick your foot any further in your mouth and really hurt yourself. So just because Jimmy Lin is an idol, he needs to go out there and look for a woman who has to be prettier than all the legions of lovesick fanbots? What gives the fanbots, or anyone the right to criticize his wife’s looks. Only ignorant, backward women, with no life will find the time for such. Are they that delusional that they sit around dreaming of sharing Jimmy’s life, money, bed and children? I guess so, no wonder they tear into his choice of wife. These idols will never pick such women as these brain sick fans. They need to get in touch with reality and leave his attractive wife alone. Jimmy is free to marry the woman he loves. It is so embarrassing and pathetic that this is 2018 and these Asians are stuck in this craphole mentality that an entertainment idol, or a rich businessman should choose a very pretty woman to be by his side. If Jimmy Lin had followed that narcissistic path, I would not have the respect for him that I do. He is a human, a rich, popular and idolized human, but a human, nonetheless. Time for these vapid, ignorant delusional fans to wake up. Wonder what they will say about Mike He’s wife, as she looks simple and is no great beauty, by society’s standards.

      5. @m0m0. You said you can understand why fans attack his wife, I can’t, and I bet anyone else here with human decency, integrity and common sense, who respects Jimmy’s life choices can’t either. There is no explanatiom you can give to justify your comments.

      6. @bubbletea
        U overinterpereted, I never said I have a problem, I said I can see why she’s being harassed. We think we live in a world that everyone loves each other, no judging, fair etc. That’s where we hope We would get to, and if we did, there’d be no haters. All I am saying is, she married an idol star, some fans are going to get upset over it even if the wife is perfect. It’s the way it is, can’t change it. U might think those ppl r crazy, I agree, it’s just the way it is.

      7. @m0m0 I reinterpreted..? Don’t think so. Look at your comments about how plain Kelly is. It is like you are agreeing with these foolish fans. Your comments don’t shed good light on the lady.

        The way @jimmyszeto @mixie0714 @IIwy12 commented is how to respond when one is not in support of rabid fans attacking the looks of an idol’s honey. I may be annoyed at chatterboxes and vain, arrogant, lying lecherous idols, but even I have my limits. I will never attack an idol’s lover’s look. The day that happens, something has to be fishy about the lover. Looks do not guarantee happiness, love does.

      8. @m0m0
        We all age and will not hold the youthful handsome/beautiful looks forever.Prioritizing others looks is rather shallow. We should focus on the person as a whole and whether he/she can be a forever soulmate.

      9. @bubbletea
        Very well said! Looks are not everything and Jimmy is not the most handsome guy either so he and his wife are not that far of a gap if you based it on looks. I have noticed that she is photogenic and looks better in photos. However, I have seen her in shows which is a more accurate depiction of how she would truly look. In my opinion, she looks pretty average but of course it is much more than looks.

        One of my former friends told me this and I sort of agree. She said that if you are a celeb known for your looks, you would not want to find someone better looking or else the spotlight would be taken away. Instead you would find someone below you in looks. She said that is one of the reasons why a celebrity couple who are equal in looks do not always last since they are 2 clashing egos going against each other. I think that may be true to some extent.

  2. Lol. I thought it’s the Hong Kong Kelly Chen Wai Lam. I heard she’s younger than Jimmy but I would have to say she looks older and Jimmy still got the baby face so it’s hard to tell his real age if we don’t know about his age. He still looks his 20’s lucky him.

    1. @cutie777
      He does look young for his age but he does not look like he is in his 20s. He looks like he is in his 30s. She is 9 years younger than Jimmy.

  3. A bit off topic, right now, a real pretty boy is on vacation with his beard, I mean girlfriend. I get the impression he wants to say he is in a relationship but he is leaving cryptic messages and photos on his Weibo to test the water. I hope he is compensating her really well, cause if we think poor Kelly Chen is harassed, this woman will get it from Japan, Korea, the Philippines, all over Asia. Thing is, Kelly is a beauty compared to this woman.

    1. @bubbletea hey… I’m really curious about what you have against this ‘pretty boy’ and his ‘beard. I’m reading some articles here and you mentioned him quite alot. I think I know who this is haha

  4. @reece0919HUH??? where did I say I have anything against this pretty boy. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am not talking about Mike He either.

    1. @bubbletea Sorry I thought you have, You always mention him haha. Anywho, I KNOW it’s not Mike 🙂 I’m just curious though. Is the ‘beard’ your talking about the same one he had since before or is it new?

      1. @reece0919 well, if we think that Jimmy Lin’s wife has gotten backlash, the girlfriend of the tall, handsome actor, singer/model would be eaten alive. This man’s fans from all over Asia are crazy. Jimmy Lin’s fans pale in comparison to his fans in craziness. I don’t criticize people’s looks but this woman is the ugliest thing. Looks like a man too. Looks like a transvestite, a very ugly tranny. Will not be surprised as she is only a beard so her looks don’t really matter. This woman is beyond ugly, with a face not even a mother can love, and I’m not exaggerating. God help him if he ever goes public with her.

      2. @bubbletea i thought so….My god, he could’ve pick a better beard but why her hahaha. I remember the backlash before. It was so bad that he had to lie.

      3. @reece0919 if you figured out the right idol, no names please, the netizens will eat her alive if he ever goes public with her. Not that it matters, as she is just a beard. I have no doubt she is a man, a fugly man too, but not that it matters. The lover he had for many years is gorgeous compared to the beard. What do you think?

      4. @bubbletea yeah sure… She’s still being scrutinize actually, God forbid they make it official. I cringe everytime I see her picture hahaha I haven’t heard of this ‘lover’ before. Can you hint who this is? Are they in the same industry?

      5. @reece0919 I wonder if we are talking about the same tall, handsome man and his extremely ugly girlfriend. No names please. His ex lover is involved in the same industries, except for the singing. His singing voice is not okay. There were photos of the tranny on vacation and the netizens went wild. They wanted to know what that was, it is not a woman, and I agree. He and loverboy finally broke up. His idol days are past him as he is getting past thirtyfive and in is not in demand anymore. Time to get a wife, who is a man and also get a real woman to carry his child or children created in a dish and the fans will be too busy ripping his woman apart to know that she is a he. You should know now who I am talking about, no names please.

      6. @bubbletea I can confirm we are definitely thinking the same person just the mere mention of that ‘vacation’. have they ever been in the same drama before?

      7. @reece0919 okay, the inger/actor/model was involve with a model/actor for many years but they broke up. Model/actor has moved on with his life. The Actor/model /singer is on another vacay. He’s been taking lots in recent years. He has a girlfriend, or beard who I heard is a man, and it is easy to believe if you see her. She is not a singer or actress. I believe we are talking about two different Taiwanese males. I am curious about who you are talking about, hehe.

      8. @reece0919 there was a rumor that they owned a cafe together, but that was not true. He co-owned the restaurant with someone from the circle, not the beard. Are we talking about the same person now? Give me a clue about the person you are talking about.

      9. @bubbletea but I do know that beard works for his resto before. Let see..hmmm…. the pretty idol i’m thinking is someone who shot to fame 13 years ago (although his debut work earlier was a success as well) his crazy fans ship him to his co star so badly that they think he’s in a secret relationship with her FOR YEARS. Afcourse there’s gay rumors as well with his best friend but they won’t believe it. But their fantasy got shattered when images emerge of him and his alleged real ‘girlfriend’ (or maybe ‘beard’) on a vacation and let’s just say his ‘GF’ doesn’t match society’s beauty standards (‘coz she’s really ugly as fnck tbh hahaha) that, I think, is when his fame started to go downhill. This pretty idol matches your description so much.

      10. @reece0919 we are definitely talking about the same person. That beard is a man. That beard is real pissing ugly. I don’t criticise the lo9ks of anyone’s love partner but she is too effed up ugly. Yup, he on another vacation now. That’s a man, I have no doubt. He introduces her to the masses and netizens will wonder if he is crazy. There was a long term love affair with bestie but that is over. I get the impression that they stll hook up from what I heard as they still have a soft spot for each other.

      11. @bubbletea i agree..he should really go find someone better and look ‘woman’ enough even for just a beard, he shouldn’t stoop that low lol. soo…his ‘bestie’ is the loverboy you mentioned before? So all those rumors about them before are all true??

  5. I think many fans were not accepting of Kelly not only because she is unknown but also due to the fact that Jimmy deceived them from the beginning. I used to be a very very big fan of Jimmy when I was a teenager and up to my early adulthood. I used to really look up to him until one day, he truly disappointed me. The way he announced and handled his love life was truly deceitful.

    Back then he used to date Ruby Lin but yet he denied it all along and made fans attack Ruby claiming that Ruby(who was not that popular at the time) was using him to get popular. He went crazy and said he wanted to yell at people and all that stuff for makin things up. Ruby had to basically push the cart all by herself for over 10 years until one day more than 10 years after they broke up, he finally said that he once dated Ruby and that he was the only girl whom he bought home to see his father. What the heck? Therefore, he then made a promise to the fans and everyone that once he has a girlfriend he will tell everyone. But he once again, deceived his fans. He not only hid his current wife but even lied after being caught with her many times in public. He then impregnated her, went to the US to have the kid and once again hides from his fans. Luckily, one fan or Asian person recognized him in the hospital in LA(yes he had anchor baby which I truly hate! They are not US citizens but want to reap all of the benefits of being one by going to LA to give birth. How sick!) Therefore, he had no choice but to drop a bombshell on his fans by saying that he is now a dad! What the heck? Many fans including me during that time were very disappointed and felt betrayed at how he can do these things, especially when he said he promised he would tell everyone. He even told his late father to lie about it too. That was truly despicable. Of course it is all the past now, but you have to admit everyone was very disappointed in him and his actions. But what I find more sad is you were so secretive but yet you are now flaunting your family at every chance you get. What is up with that? Are they trying to make up for all of the lies in the past?

    I know many were disappointed in Andy Lau and Wu Chun’s cases too. With Andy’s case, he never promised to share much about his love life in advance. He suffered a lot because of it as well and even apologized for it. But I found it strange that people were praising Jimmy for all he did? I did not understand that at all.

    Regarding the looks, Jimmy’s wife looks ok but he is not the most handsome guy either so I doubt he can get a very beautiful wife even if he wanted to. I used to think Jimmy was very handsome but not anymore, especially with all of the handsome actors from various countries these days, can he compare? He also does not look like he is in his 20s but about the 30s.

    But anyways, I just wanted to provide a bit of a background about why a number of fans just could not accept Kelly at first. It was not really because of her looks but due to Jimmy’s actions and behavior back then.

    1. @hetieshou Jimmy should not have left Ruby to face the public alone like that and make her look like a liar. That is so wrong. Also, he turned around and did it again with his wife. I am not a fan, but it is hard when erratic fans have this stupid idea to attack a woman’s looks because she married their idol. I believe also that if a man or a woman truly loves a partner, they can be average, even ugly, and can still get a gorgeous partner, who is not a celebrity, or who is not rich. I see it happening all the time. Maybe, it does not happen in Asia, but it happens in the West.

      Andy did say, “when I am ready to marry, I will let you, my fans know” .He already was married. He threatened to sue those who continued to say he was married. He was married. He kept bellowing, “I am not married!” He asked his fans if it is okay for him to have a girlfriend, said he was lonely. He was married. If his wife’s father had not died, he would have kept it up. After being exposed, he said he will let them, the fans know when he is going to be a father. Eric Tsang had to tell him that he, Eric will tell the fans if Andy doesn’t when Andy was dragging his heels on his promise to the fans.

      Wu Chun is another one who threatened legal action to anyone who prints he has a wife and child. He denied, denied. Then when the marriage and child came to light, all of a sudden, the hypocrite was all gushing about his little family and was doing reality TV shows with his son.The same son he claimed he did not want exposed to the public

      Wish these men wouldn’t be so lying and deceptive to the fans. Li Chi Ling recently broke up with Jerry Yan because he pulled a Jimmy Lin and left her to face the relationship gossip alone.

      1. @bubbletea
        True and I agree about the looks part. They should not attack her for her looks. I agree that love is love and looks and status should not matter. What he did to Ruby was very bad and yet some were praising him since they hate Ruby.

        Oh yes, I vaguely remember Andy saying that and it was wrong of him to do so but at the very least he apologized and did keep all of his promises after that. He suffered a lot of backlash while Jimmy was getting praises. I did not get that. I must say that Andy is always secretive so is staying that way somewhat while Jimmy and Wu Chun are gushing about it and going on those reality shows to flaunt their family life and earn money. At least Andy did not do that.

        I heard that Lin Chi Ling was mad about Jerry Yan doing that. Gosh all these guys care about is banking in the fans’ money and feelings. If they were so secretive before then stay that way but yet they flaunt and gush about their family and family life at every chance they get. I find that so hypocritical.

      2. @hetieshou you are so right. Respect to Andy for not being a hypocrite and pushing Hanna towards the TV lenses. I could never see him doing that. Wu Chun and Jimmy Lin are not my favorite people due to stunts like saying one thing and then doing a 360°. Good for Li Chi Ling to move on.

      3. @bubbletea
        Totally agree and I still do not get why Jimmy and Wu Chun were so secretive but now are going on reality shows and exposing their kids as much as possible. Is it for money(heard you get paid a lot for these reality shows) or attention(which was something they tried to avoid before at all costs but is now on over exposure mode)?I admit that it was very wrong of Andy to lie like them but at least he is consistent and does not do 360 degrees turns like they did. It just makes them not only liars but also hypocrites.

      4. @hetieshou
        It’s easy and huge money and the celebrities are unethically milking the children for it. They will say it’s for the experience of spending time with their children which is a load of bs..

      5. @jimmyszeto
        Good points and I find it sad that some are willing to exploit their children just for the sake of money. It is especially hypocritical for ones who were so secretive but yet are now exposing their children and family at every chance they get.

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