Joe Ma’s Son to Enter the Entertainment Industry; Signs with Shaw Brothers

To chase after his interest in becoming an actor, Joe Ma’s (馬德鐘) 21-year-old son Ma Xiang (馬在驤) has signed with the same company his father is currently under, Shaw Brothers Studio. His profile was discovered in the new artistes section of the studio’s website, displaying his name, language abilities and past photos of him participating in events.

Inheriting good looks and tall height from his parents, he stands close to 6 feet 2 inches tall and possesses a muscular figure from swimming competitively. At the age of 19, he was offered to model for an internationally recognized luxury fashion brand, Hermes, at their first fashion show held in Hong Kong. He also collaborated with his father for a magazine photo shoot, which enabled him greater insights and fostered his career interests in the entertainment industry.

Known for being an excellent swimmer with his eight gold medals achieved from a swimming competition held in Sydney, Australia, Xiang also excels academically and is studying mechanical engineering at an Australian university. Though his studies are completely opposite to his acting interests, the 21-year-old expressed he would prioritize his studies and will only return to Hong Kong for event works when he is free.

Although, there is currently no representative projects listed in his profile, it is expected there will be some to look forward in the future. Especially since he has signed with the same company as his father, many fans are also curious and excited for the father and son’s future collaboration in films or dramas.

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  1. I have to say, this is one of the instances where dad looks more youthful and charismatic than the son.
    Also, I find that female (veteran) actresses tend to be more hesitant in allowing their daughters to follow their own footsteps in the entertainment industry. I doubt there are many women that can attest to the fact, that they “haven’t” been harassed in some way in this industry.

  2. If he’s following his dad footsteps hope he dont follows his disgusting antics behind the screen I’ve always like watching Joe on all series but now after his incident with Rose chan make you wonder what kind of a guy he really is i find him fake in all ways

    1. @sherla1019 lol, yes, please don’t take after your slimy dad.

      I used to like Benny Chan, but after that whole incident involving him and Joe tag-teaming to sexually harass that young girl, I’ve sworn off any movie/series starring either of them (although Benny doesn’t act anymore, anyway).

      Still can’t believe Joe was able to turn around after that whole debacle, and even managed to snag “best actor” in spite of it. So yuck!

  3. He is good looking and sounds intelligent. Hope he can act and is receptive to learning more.

  4. He’s handsome and accomplished, but he should take acting classes before embarking on new career

  5. He is better looking than his dad imo. Its good that he prioritises his studies. He can always join after he has got all his achievements under the belt because the industry doesn’t give anytime to study otherwise.

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