Joey Meng Reflects on Relationship With Six Pet Cats

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Joey Meng Reflects on Relationship With Six Pet Cats

Hong Kong artiste Joey Meng (萬綺雯) has been a cat-lover for several years, and had built an amiable relationship with her six adopted kittens. Although they have now passed away, the 44-year-old actress would never forget the love and warmth that her furry friends provided her with. Initially finding it difficult to interact with the cats, Joey overcame such hardship by treating them as humans and providing them with unconditional love and care.

Joey’s experience with her kittens had not always been a smooth-sailing one. She shared that her first pet story is “terrible”, and it was when she brought home an abandoned cat on the street. “He was very energetic, and whenever I scratched my face while watching TV, he thought I was playing around with him. He would pound over from a distance, and I was left with bloody cuts all over my body!”

Since then, Joey had no intentions to have another pet. However, when she married her husband Chan Sap Sam (陳十三) fifteen years ago, she also had to accept his six beloved pet cats as part of the family. Joey initially distanced herself from the furry animals, and complained about the nuisance – how her clothes would be scratched and there would be pee in her shoes. It was not until later when the couple adopted two more baby kittens that Joey started to put an effort in building a loving relationship with them.

“I would brush their fur, buy them snacks, and they were soon able to feel my genuine care. Gradually, they stopped treating me like an enemy and would follow me around the house. They would even fight for my love! After petting one of them, I would have to pet all of them to avoid starting fits of jealousy!” Joey exclaimed.

The deaths of the cats had been a tough time for both Joey and her husband to handle. She shared that their memories will always remain in their hearts. “I believe the losses were even more painful for my husband. He really misses them! When one of us is down, that means the other has to stand strong. We can’t both feel the same way.”

To Take a Long Break From Work

In terms of her career, Joey’s contract with TVB expired earlier in May. However, she did not renew it and decided to take a hiatus from work in order to relax. She expressed, “I always feel like there’s a burden when I’m on a contract. I want some free time to do whatever I want instead of always having to plan ahead. I want to truly stop working and enjoy my life. Being a workaholic hindered me from seeing the whole perspective.”

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Joey Meng Reflects on Relationship With Six Pet Cats

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      As for scratching up clothes is very rare not all cats are hard to handle they actually very laid back lil furballs if u know how to care for them u just have to get them scratching post n toys I bet they l leave the furnitures alone

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