Jordan Chan and Cherie Ying Welcome Baby Boy, Jasper

Congratulations to Jordan Chan (陳小春) and Cherie Ying (應采兒) on officially becoming parents as they welcomed their son, Jasper, into the world on July 1. The ecstatic father spoke to the press outside the hospital doors and announced that the baby is healthy and weighed approximately 6 pounds. The baby resembles Cherie, but his eyebrows are thick like his father.

Jordan just finished a job when he received news that his wife was giving birth via Cesarean section. He sped from the airport all the way to the hospital. When asked if he went into the delivery room, Jordan replied, “Of course! I can’t leave a pregnant woman in there by herself while I’m relaxing outside.” Their newborn baby still requires a checkup so Jordan has yet to hold his son, but agreed that the process is necessary to ensure the baby is in good health.

Even though Jordan wants to spend more time with Jasper, he has to finish his current jobs on hand. Jordan still has to fly to Tianjin in late July to August for filming. However, he stressed that after that, he’ll be taking a break from work to spend time with his family. “I’ll probably take a small hiatus to spend time with my son. I want to know the feeling of being a father. As new parents, I think it’ll be fun to play with the baby.”

Jordan said that he took a class to learn how to care for an infant. “I know how to do it; I got a score of 80 points.”

Cherie’s Words are the Law

During Cherie’s pregnancy, Jordan listened to his wife’s every order. When she told him to stand, he did not dare sit. He even tolerated Cherie’s violent mood swings. Cherie joked that she had wanted to kill Jordan at one point, “Whoever got me pregnant has to withstand it!” Even when Jordan complained about being tired from work, Cherie managed to silence him with one statement, “Unless you have a uterus, don’t come talk to me about it!”

However, Jordan did not mind her moodiness and even praised Cherie for her courage when she was in labor. “I talked to her, distracting her while she received the [Cesarean section]. She bit back [the pain] and was very determined; it’s something which only women can withstand. It’s not easy.”

Cherie Ying Jordan Chan  Cherie Ying

Sources: Apple Daily; Apple Daily

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  1. Congrats!!!! hahaha! Love this duo-they are such a quiry fun couple imo 🙂 happy for the birth of their baby boy…!

    1. Nice main photograph above, a cool looking couple with looking forward to sleepless nights.
      Amazing Tee Shirt on Cherie, Homeworld could be!
      Lets have more on Jordan so he need’nt need to live on Slipper allowance possibly provided by suga mama Cherie, Jordi Joke, lol

  2. Lots of fun times ahead for baby Jasper! 😀

    1. yeah they both cool ppl, n pretty open-minded. they do look like cool parents for baby jasper~ cute family ahead!!!

  3. I’m confused, how can she be in pain while having C-section?. If natural birth I can understand.
    Anyway, congrats.

    1. she was most likely half numbed…or whatever you call that drug. I think it starts with an A. My mother was the same and she said she felt some pain. But seriously, I just realized Cherrie is actually 15 years younger than Jordon, wow!

      1. local anesthesia where they only dumb that particular part is being operated on. You will still feel the actions (i.e. movements) but with much lesser pain or no pain at all.

      2. Epidural. Numbs the pain of child-bearing.

  4. Baby Jasper=Future rapper?

    Haha both of their parents are very fun indeed, congrats to both!

  5. Oh my gosh the photo of the two of dummy is just too cute for words. They look like a fun loving, cool parents! Congrats!

    1. Sorry I mean photo of the two of them with dummy.

  6. awwww congrats! i love jordan and cherie! they’re so awesome! wish them wonderful luck!

  7. WOW, congrats and love their sweet and hilarious photo!!! Their son is so lucky to have such fun and loving parents. I am sure his life will be exciting.


  9. congrats Jordan and Cherie.. you guys are awesome couple and will be awesome parent too 🙂

  10. She’s married to him??? Omg I didn’t know that! She’s so pretty, liked her as an actress.

    1. Haha…I was feeling bad about not even knowing she was pregnant but you really out-did me 😛

  11. A big CONGRATULATIONS to the funny and loving couple, Jordan & Cherie. Very happy for them.
    Baby Jasper is sure lucky to have such awesome parents :D.

  12. He seems like he would be a great caring husband and awesome dad. He has such a playful personality.
    I also love the name they chose.

    1. I always connect Jasper to 101 Dalmatians, so Japser in my mind is tall and thin.

      Anyway, congrats to Jasper’s proud parents. All the best!

  13. Congrats to the cute couple! Love the pics.

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