Joyce Tang and Nancy Wu Break the Ice? “House of Spirits” Ratings Continue to Rise

There’s no stopping TVB’s House of Spirits <一屋老友記>, which recorded its own record high of 31 rating points this past week. Thursday’s episode averaged 30 points and peaked to 31 points, reaching nearly 2 million live viewers.

On Friday, the House of Spirits cast including Joyce Tang (滕麗名) and Nancy Wu (胡定欣) attended a press event to announce Thursday’s peak ratings. Nancy was absent at the previous ratings reveal, which led gossip magazines to speculate that she is at odds with Joyce, who has received the most attention and popularity for her performance on the show thus far.

The two female leads, however, “broke the ice” at yesterday’s press event. Nancy said, “But I don’t see any ice here! Actually, I did attend the drama’s first promo event, but I didn’t go to the ones afterward because I wasn’t in Hong Kong. It’s just a coincidence. It’s not because we fought or don’t like each other. If a drama is doing well, rumors like these are bound to come. If fighting is what it takes for the ratings to go up, I wouldn’t mind.”

Joyce added with a laugh, “Then we should come up with something to fight about!”

House of Spirits have successfully restarted Joyce’s career, who never managed to surpass her Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐> fame back in the late 90’s. The 40-year-old actress has been topping popularity polls as of late, and netizens are saying that Joyce has already become their heart’s TV Queen.

Joyce said, “I’m getting goose bumps by just hearing this! I never thought about [winning]. Let me film one drama per year and enjoy it!” Asking if married life has made her less ambitious about winning accolades, she admitted, “I do like being a housewife!”

How does Nancy feel about Joyce being the more popular choice for TV Queen? The 34-year-old said, “Why would I be unhappy? I’m actually very happy for her! I am happy for everyone who was a part of this drama.” (But Joyce is stealing your spotlight!) “We all have ample screen time. No one is stealing anything!”

House of Spirits premiered on June 27 as the first program to kickstart TVB’s Amazing Summer lineup. It averaged 25 ratings points on its debut week, peaking to 28 points. On the second week, average ratings moved up to 27 points, and peaked to 30. The ghost comedy, headlined by Bobby Au-yeung (歐陽震華), is on its way to be the highest-rated television program of the year.

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. The plot is really captivating. Me and my family can’t wait for it to air every night! Loved it as a light hearted simple, and family orientated plots. Can’t wait for today’s episode. Hehe.

      1. @janet72 It started off funny now it just feels flat and getting overused and boring. The biatching between the 2 women gets tiresome too. Plus Nancy doesn’t doesn’t look convincing as a sort of tomboy. Bobby is just being his usual silly self but he’s cute.

      2. @isay I find Nancy is OK as a tomboy. Her thick bushy eyebrow sure helped a lot! Lol. But her character has not shine yet. Quite boring for her character. Hope her role can have opportunity to shine, like most actresses in the drama.

    1. @janet72 Her role is supposed to be stupid and irritating. So I guess she did her part well. Lol. The only character who haven’t shine is Nancy’s.

  2. I haven’t been hook on a TVB serie since Line Walker… but this one I totally got into it, Bobby is simply funny and cast chemistry is perfect. Joyce deserve it, she worth an award. I enjoy it so much every night.

  3. I like this series very enjoyable to wwatch unlike the other 2 series that stars Moses and Lawrence it just confused the hell outta me so I’ve stopped watching it entirely….. I dont know what kind of script writer TVB has right now alot of the series that coming out is either outta line or just plain confusing

  4. I really enjoy the show! Looking forward to every episode. Love all the casts.

  5. yesterday’s episode when Nancy dropped her spanner on Bobby’s feet was funny. Max Cheung gets to be a good guy this time compared to the previous drama ‘Presumed Accidents’.

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