Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam Celebrate Ten-Year Wedding Anniversary

Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) and Frankie Lam (林文龍) celebrated their ten-year anniversary on March 10. Despite having to face some major challenges throughout their long relationship, the two were luckily able to overcome them and seem to have mastered the skills needed to maintain a healthy, happy marriage.

Kenix and Frankie met while filming 1995’s Down Memory Lane <萬里長情> and began dating shortly after. Although Frankie seemed like a ladies’ man on the surface, Kenix discovered a mature and dedicated person underneath and fell deeply in love. After dating for nine years, the couple finally tied the knot in 2004.

While the two were often praised as a model couple by the public, their image was unfortunately tainted by a major scandal. In mid-2009, an audio recording was sent to local tabloids hinting at Frankie’s extramarital affair. Kenix was also accused of cheating when additional audio clips surfaced, thoroughly shocking the public. Although both denied the affairs, many believed that their relationship was on the rocks. When the couple announced that Kenix was pregnant, some speculated that it was a last-resort tactic to save their ailing marriage.

Regardless, the birth of Tania Lam (林天若) in 2010 had certainly brought the couple closer together. Both doting parents, Kenix and Frankie often shared photos of their daughter on Weibo. As expected, Tania was a big part of the anniversary celebration on Monday. Showing off her happy family photo on March 11, Kenix thanked fans’ blessings and emphasized her love for her husband and daughter. “… Yesterday was our tenth year. Including our courtship, it has been nineteen years [that we have been together]! I want to thank [Frankie] for his tolerance, sacrifice, and care throughout the years. I will also work harder, harder, harder! Love you and Siu Jeun [Tania’s nickname]!”

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  1. awww such happy pics of them together – love the last pic esp

  2. Such a cute and pretty Tania! Not surprised as her parents are beautiful looking.

    1. Yes,their daughter is so cute and pretty. What rich photos. It would be great if they have a son to complete the family photo.

  3. These 2 are awesome. The biggest crack up ever was when they were cheating on each other when leaving tvb

  4. She looks identical to my daughter when she was young 😀 super cute! happy 10 anni to them!

  5. woahhhh what?! already ten years!! Congrats!!! i still remember when they got married like it was just recently! it was during the filming of VOH so Frankie had to leave the cast haha. can’t believe how fast time flies and their little daughter is growing up so fast too!

  6. Wish Kenix would come back and make new series. She could still play the 1st lead role like single mother or divorced if the producer/casting people think she is too old.

    1. Kenix cant act anymore cos her face is so heavily botoxed that she’s incapable of any expressions.

  7. Awww, Tania is adorable (and very beautiful)! Such a sweetie!

    Wow, Frankie and Kenix have been together 19 years already? Time sure does fly!! Glad to see such a happy family and definitely wish them all the best!

  8. frankie lam compared to all the other actors inside tvb he is a level beyond everyone left at tvb today hahaha lol but frankie will never match gallen and deric 2 actors university acting skills

    1. frankie sucked big time but still better then alot today like kevin and wayne

    2. Mind your words. Frankie is a wooden actor. Put him next to Ruco and Ruco will look like an oscar winner.

    3. omg yess!!! gallon lo!!! he is sooo good! still one of my my top 3 fav actors!!
      I miss his tvb dramas~
      now i feel like rewatching his dramas lol

    4. Frankie’s acting has always been wooden at best. He’s one of the worst actors i’ve ever seen, much worse than KM even.

    5. I personally dont find Deric as that good of an actor and Frankie that bad. Frankie did better with villain roles than goodies to me.

  9. Personally I agree that Frankie Lam’s acting is not amazing, but he is super handsome to me.

      1. That series with Ada Choi, Noel Leung, Aaron Kwok… omg he came a long way!

      2. What is the name of the series? Can’t think of the name.

      3. You mean the Revelation of the Last Hero.mi love that series and it is still one of my most favorite series of all time. It was my first time seeing Frankie, Ada,Aaron and Fennie in a series and they were all so young and sweet. Really miss the good old days.

      4. I thought Frankie did well for one of his first series and as a villain too.

      5. HeTieShou
        You are so quick in getting the name of the drama series. You must have watched a lot of TVB drama series. I found the Chinese name of the drama series – 風之刀 – based on the English name provided by you.

        I did not recall watching it. Frankie Lam looked very handsome when he was young. I was surprised that he did not rise to the top, probably due to his “not-so-amazing” acting. Also I found that his voice is a bit monotonous in speaking his dialogues.

      6. Frankie’s acting actually isn’t too bad — he’s way better than many of TVB’s current siu sangs, that’s for sure!

        @HTS: If you want to see Frankie in another well-acted villain performance (way before Revelation of Last Hero — that actually wasn’t his first villain role), I definitely recommend watching The Challenge of Life from 1990. That was and still is such a classic series where the script was great and the entire cast was amazing (especially in the ‘chemistry’ department). I’ve re-watched that series many times in the past, but haven’t been able to bring myself to re-watch it in recent years because I get too overly sentimental over it (especially after Jacqueline Law’s passing 2 years ago). But I definitely recommend it to those who haven’t seen it…

      7. Sandcherry,
        Yes, I watched many many series back in the days and now. Back then I watched mostly ancient series and only some modern series. However, now I am more open to modern series but still prefer ancient series.Watching series is one of my most favorite hobbies back then and now. I recommend you see that series if you have not yet. I saw it once back then when it first came out and again recently. It bought back so many fond memories.

        I think Frankie’s acting is pretty good,but as you know luck and connections play a big part too. I feel there are many that do not act even half as well as Frankie but yet they rise to the top. I think Frankie looked really handsome when young too.

      8. @llwy12,
        Thanks so much for the info! I knew that revelation was not Frankie’s first series or first time acting as a villain but it was my first time seeing him since like I gave said,I did not watch many modern series back then since I did not like watching modern series. I on,y saw a few classic modern series back then. I have heard of that series,the Challenge of life but never saw it due to my lack of interest in modern series back then. Jacqueline was in there too? Was that the series with Gigi Lai as well? I wonder where I can find that series now since it is so old now? I would love to see it if I can find it. Was it released on DVD?

      9. Oh wIt, I just looked up info on that series. Ok,it was not the one with Gigi. I confused that with another series.

      10. You guys are right. If we compare Frankie’s acting with the current siu sangs’, he is not bad at all. However, there were too many good actors in 80s and 90s, and it was harder for Frankie to stand out.

        I never paid attention to the English names of TVB drama series in old days. I only remembered them by Chinese names. I have to learn them now because of submitting posts only.

      11. No offense, I actually find Frankie indeed among the overrated one in his time and don’t find him better than today’s siu sangs either who are not even that good. Frankie has problem with his charisma and emoting. Let’s not bring Gallen, Deric, Ruco to compare since they’re the best, but the current average siu sangs like Bosco Wong and Vincent Wong are better at emoting than Frankie. When Frankie was in Forensic Heroes with Bobby I can only see Bobby.

        Kenix is a very good and charismatic actress and has always been a better actress than Frankie is.

      12. Kenix is a very good and charismatic actress and has always been a better actress than Frankie is.
        This I agree!

      13. The last series I saw of Frankie were Face to fate and Forensic Heroes and he was wooden and boring in both. He always get opportunities to lead a series but he can never get popular because of his own lack of acting skills and charisma.

      14. @HTS: LOL…no, not the one with Gigi. The Challenge of Life is the one with Sean Lau (another actor I ADORE!), Frankie, Leon Lai, Jacqueline Law, Kitty Lai, Monica Chan, etc. It’s a great series and up until the mid 90s, it was also one of TVB’s Top 10 highest rated series of all time (I definitely recommend watching all 10 of the series on that list, as all of them are top notch classics with good scripts and good cast). Oh and it was also one of Wayne Lai’s representative works back then as a supporting actor (it’s the series he mentioned during his Be My Guest interview where he experienced his first career high).

        Unfortunately, the series didn’t come out on DVD (and I doubt TVB is going to release it on TVB anymore) — it came out on VCD ages ago, but I don’t recommend getting that version because the editing sucks. I guess the only option is searching for it online…or wait until GOTV is open to overseas audiences and watch it there (it’s definitely up on GOTV website already, along with many of the other popular classics from that era).

      15. @mydatewithspring: I think you have some biased opinions toward Frankie. Is he tat bad? I think he is a bit monotone with his last series with Txb but he is overall ok. Deric and Ruco cant act good guys like Frankie, and I think Frankie can pull out the roles of nerdy look, evil mind. There are two men in 90s can act tat type: Lawrence Ng and Frankie. Now I dont see tat type much in Txb.

    1. Frankie is not handsome at all and his acting is at best average and boring most of the time. I have no idea why Kenix can still tolerate him after he was found cheating on her with some mainland woman, there was a voice clip evidence about it a few years ago.

      1. I think, I can’t be sure but I think I met Frankie on the streets before he was married and when he was still young and if he was Frankie that man I saw was very handsome. Frankie has the features but yes acting and charisma wise he is boring.

      2. Beauty and talent are in the eyes of the beholder.

      3. Frankie Lam never had many rumours when he was a TVB actor in Hong Kong. He was super loyal to Kenix Kwok and it was not easy for him to take Kenix’s tantrum and well-off family background. Heard that Kenix’s parents “looked down” on him. However, when a couple was being separated for long, things could happen.

      4. I think that has to do with Frankie’s voice …… usually same tone throughout.

      5. His face too. He always have that same eyes and facial expression and tone of voice.

      6. Everyone involved denied the cheating allegations and it was never proven. The
        “voice clip” was never released, no one besides the magazine who claimed had it ever heard this voice clip. I searched the internet high and low for it because Frankie is my favorite actor and I wanted to hear it. The media admitted that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove this was true.

    2. I agree. I dont think I would be like oh I need to watch that series because of Frankie. But I would definitely watch a series if Kenix was in it :-).

  10. I lost interest in the couple after the scandal and proven that Frankie was cheating on Kenix. Besides his acting was also average at best, and wooden on most times and he’s not handsome. That’s why Frankie can never be as popular as good looking Louis Koo or great actor Gallen Lo.

  11. Kenix looks better now with not no thin. Their daughter is lovely.

  12. Just passing by to congratulate them on their tenth wedding anniversary, and to say that their photos are indeed adorable <3 Wish them all the best!

  13. Shes been that way before giving birth to their daughter.

  14. congrats on 10 year Anniversary miss seeing you two on screen

  15. Frankie and Kenix are one of the most beautiful looking couples in the entertainment industry!! Congrats to Kenix and Frankie and many more years of happiness!!

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I find Frankie is handsome. To me, Frankie, Chilam, and Sunny have some similarity in their facial structure/appearance.

    1. I agree with you that Frankie Lam and Chilam Cheung are handsome actors, but not Sunny Chan. Sunny is just good looking, but not handsome to me.

      1. What is the difference between good looking and handsome? I thought they meant the same thing. Can you be good looking and not handsome? Now if you say cute and not handsome then I can see that.

      2. HeTieShou
        In dictionary, handsome means good looking. In my own little vocabulary, handsome is more than good looking. He he …….

      3. Sandcherry,
        Oh ok, I get it now… I guess a number of us have our own different definitions of cute,handsome/good looking,attractive,etc… I get it now.. How would you regard cute? Many have told me that someone can be cute but not handsome or beautiful/pretty.

      4. I think Raymond Lam is cute but not handsome or good looking at all haha. RL’s fans dont kill me please.

  16. I honestly thought Frankie was good in Forensic Heroes II especially when Linda died. He was crying and it was a good scene for me. Did I forget to mention he was handsome!!! Frankie and Kevin scenes was like hotness overload.

    1. I agree. 🙂 I loved his role in both FH and FH2 🙂

  17. Frankie is a decent actor. I’ve always like him. He’s definitely better than the new generation actors imo. As for Deric Wan, I am just surprised to see comment that he can’t act or he can’t not do ‘good’ guy role. I recently re-run some of his old drama which he was leading, gosh..he’s such an amazing actor. From comedy role in ‘Legend of Master Chan’ to villain in ‘Looking Back in Anger’ to a complex role in ‘Blood of Good and Evil’, he totally nailed all his characters to perfection. He certainly has the charm and charisma to carry a drama.

    1. I agree with you….this is also the first time I’ve ever heard someone say that Deric isn’t a good actor. He’s one of the most versatile actors TVB ever had and his acting skills have always been consistently good. I’m wondering whether those questioning his acting have seen all his series from the 80s and 90s — the range he was able to reach with his acting in those series was actually quite amazing. And yes, he definitely has the charisma and charm to carry a drama.

    2. Deric nailed the bad guys roles well but whenever he acts goodie, he looks like he is only pretending to be good. For example in Golden Faith. Maybe partly due to his fierce look. He is a good actor, just not that good or can act in any role. His worst performance should be the Taiwanese series 100% Senorita

      1. I would recommend watching his TVB series from the 80s and 90s — he nails the good guy and comedic roles quite well. Of course, I can’t speak for his Mainland or Taiwan dramas, since I haven’t seen any, but his TVB ones prove enough for me that he is a versatile actor.

      2. I agree with llwy12. Deric can act many kind of roles. Bad guy, good guy, funny guy, all can. He was good in ‘The Blood of Good and Evil’. He didn’t look evil there. Neither did he look evil in a not very well-known series he acted with Theresa Mo. He was 100% good guy there. It was the series that made me start notice him. And he’s hilarious in the comedy sitcom and sketches he participated in. I still remember in on sketch he played a Gambling God with a love for stinky tofu.

      3. Fox, Deric Wan is probably the best actor of his generation. He can still act better than most of TVB;s current crop of actors and beyond. His personal life is an issue but his professional life is to me sterling. I want him back in TVB.

      4. Even in the one he acted with Sonija Legends of something where he is 100% good guy I still find his face is fierce. But Deric’s case isn’t too much affected like Ruco who has natural suitable look for villain roles so Deric still can do good guy roles, just not convincing enough to me. Well, maybe I think differently to you guys but I still dun think Deric is that good of an actor (but he is handsome). I don’t care for his personal life, btw.

      5. @Kidd: the series with Teresa Mo was The Road to Eternity (愛情三角錯)…Francis Ng was in it as well. That series indeed wasn’t very well-known but still a great series nonetheless …Deric was definitely 100% good there….no trace of ‘evil look’ at all.

        @Fox: most of the series you mentioned were from after 2000 era…could be that he toughened up a bit later on in his career so he came across as having more ‘fierce’ features (though to be honest, He pretty much looked the same to me, except more mature)…in any case, he definitely didn’t come across that way in his series back in he days….

      6. Before 2000 period, I watch series without noticing actors or names (and ancient series only)

  18. Frankie lam is a good actor but tvb didn’t like him his not all gallen at deric level but his a good actor which is why he doesn’t need tvb no more just like Wong hei u can’t stay around tvb for ever

  19. And Kenix. When her daughter grow up as adult, wish she will becoming Miss HK in the future.

  20. What a beautiful family! I hope they can raise Tania to become a wonderful young woman as well =)

  21. Congratulations to Kenix and Frankie both of whom I like and whose acting I enjoy! I also thought that the camaraderie especially between Frankie and Kevin in Forensic2 was super.

  22. Happy Anniversary Frankie and Kenix! Wow 10 years that’s amazing!

    I love Frankie. He’s so handsome and I think he’s a great actor. His acting style is natural and not overly exaggerated which I like. His emotional scenes are great, he’s very good at crying real tears too. Have you guys seen 10 brothers when Kenix was dying; his acting was amazing there. I hope he has new movies/series I can watch I really miss seeing him.

  23. Congrats. Tania looks like Frankie:)
    Kenix looks so beautiful !!!

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