Kenix Kwok Finds Happiness in Motherhood

Kenix Kwok (郭可盈) truly treasures her time with husband Frankie Lam (林文龍) and their 3-year-old daughter Tania Lam (林天若). A popular TVB fadan with many top series to her credit, Kenix is willing to set her acting career aside to care for her daughter. Her unconditional love is certainly reciprocated. While out at a charity event today, little Tania freely displayed affections for her mother, giving her kisses as they posed for photos. Kenix appeared smitten and repeatedly praised her daughter and showed off their close relationship.

On July 31, Kenix, Frankie, and Tania appeared at Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill to attend a charity book sale event organized by World Vision Hong Kong. The event is a part of the organization’s Used Book Recycling Campaign, aiming to raise funds to build schools and dormitories for needy students in Liannan, Guangdong. This is the first time the family attended a public event together, and they found it meaningful and heart-warming.

Even though she is only 3 years old, Tania already understands the importance of helping those in need. Kenix commented that whenever Tania sees starving children on television, she always asked to share her food with them. Kenix is encouraged by Tania’s giving nature, and plans to visit poverty-stricken regions when her daughter is older to educate Tania on practical ways to help.

Tania was in good spirits at the event, and was happy to pose in front of reporters. She gave Frankie and Kenix a kiss on the lips while on stage. Frankie later turned to hug Tania but was sadly rejected. He joked that even though Kenix is the stricter parent, Tania seems to prefer her mother. Kenix seemed happy that she has such a close relationship with Tania. She showed off Tania’s ability to easily imitate others, saying that Tania always asked to help Kenix put on her clothes. Apparently Tania is very perceptive and has learned how to dress simply by observing her mother. Kenix also praised her daughter for her musical talents, saying that Tania enjoys music and would bop her head and dance to it anytime, anywhere.

Since they are very much in love with their daughter, reporters asked Frankie and Kenix if they would try for another child, perhaps a son. The couple said they will not force it and will let fate decide. When asked if they will ever film together again, both Frankie and Kenix said that it is unlikely for now. Kenix further explained that she enjoys spending time with her daughter and has no plans to be away from her for an extended period of time.

Kenix said, “I am very grateful that I can accompany my daughter these past few years and watch her grow. These moments are more valuable than anything else. You can’t buy these memories no matter how much you are willing to pay. For now, I will only participate in smaller projects such as filming commercials or attending functions. These short-term jobs are very suitable for my current schedule and gives me more time to spend with my daughter….”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Wow, Kenix looks like a hot……..even hotter than before she was a mother……….

  2. Tanie looks like Frankie in pix.
    Agree Kenix looks GREAT!

    1. yes – my thoughts exactly on tania looking like frankie lam. wish she inherited her looks though!

  3. Tania is a beautiful child. She is super lucky that her mother, a great actress, is willing to take care of her full-time.

    1. It is great that she can but a big reason is because she is well off and is able to afford to do so. I bet many mothers would love to do the same but can’t due to financial instability.

  4. Kenix Kwok was very career-minded before she had Tania. She has changed so much after she becomes a mother. Good for her! Also she has saved her marriage with Frankie Lam who always wanted to have children.

    1. It is good that she is dedicated to her daughter but she is lucky to be well off or else, I think she would need to work more. Luckily, she is still able to do a few little jobs to help bring home the bacon.

      1. Kenix comes from a very well-off family. At least she does not have to worry about her parents, etc. Moreover, she may have had some investments with her own family, which help too.

      2. yes, we all know that Kenix is from a well off family so she does not have the financial worries that the average person has.

  5. Kenix is so pretty!!!!!!! I think she looks better now cause she has put on some weight. She looks young and happy!!!!!!!

    1. I think Kenix does not have to worry about losing weight now because she is a full-time housewife and mother. She always tried to lose weight and she was so skinny already. Therefore, she looks prettier with a few more pounds which she needs for sure.

  6. Lenix is just glowing with happiness and contentment and I’m sure that makes her look great too. She’s definitely doing the right thing, being with her daughter for as long as she can and children do grow up so fast it will not be long when she loses her childhood. Mum’s love is foremost important.

  7. Tania is so sweet looking. I think she looks 50/50 but more like Frankie in certain photos and angles.

  8. How old is Kenix? I wonder if there is still time for her and Frankie to have a second child since she really seems to enjoy motherhood very much.

    1. She was born in 1970 so is 43 now. A bit late to have another child but still possible. However, it will be much more difficult.

  9. Kenix looks amazing! Miss her in TV series! Hopefully when her daughter is older, she may consider in working again!

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