Kenneth Ma Doesn’t Easily Fall For His Co-stars

Single at 46 years old and touted as a “diamond bachelor,” Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) love life has always piqued public interest. After his relationship with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) ended in a fiasco, Kenneth was rumored to have secretly tied the knot with long-time friend, Natalie Tong (唐詩詠). During a recent interview, Kenneth again denied the baseless rumors and said, “In the future, when she or I have a significant other, then people will finally know the truth!”

Although dating a fellow artiste may cause heightened risk of media exposure and public interest, Kenneth admitted that he has not dated anyone from outside of the entertainment industry since becoming an actor. He added, “I feel that it may be difficult for those from outside the industry to fully understand and be tolerant of an artiste’s demanding work schedule. Even my mother had a hard time understanding at the beginning. I remember there was a period of time when I was often filming all day and night. My mother would rarely see me. One day, she asked ‘Son, don’t lie to me. Are you cohabiting with a girlfriend? Why did you not come home for such an extended period of time?’ I explained that I was just busy with work. Of course, she understands now and if she doesn’t see me for a few days, she’ll know it’s normal.”

On whether he has ever succumbed to not being able to withdraw from character and fallen for a female costar, he stressed, “I have never dated someone because I filmed a series with them. I don’t find it difficult to disconnect from my roles. No matter how much you like a character, once the director shouts “cut,” the other person is no longer that character.”

On what types of new roles he would like to portray, Kenneth expressed, “I want to portray a gay character. Not a silly, comedy. I want to film something with romance in it. It would be difficult and a really good challenge.” On whether he would like his costar to be Hubert Wu (胡鴻鈞), whom he has built a strong friendship with after their collaborations in The Exorcist Meter <降魔的> and The Exorcist 2nd Meter <降魔的2.0>, Kenneth said, “He would be an option! He is fair-skinned and handsome.”


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  1. Kenneth always gives the appropriate answers!!
    That’s how he build up his clean reputation.

  2. Kenneth: I don’t fall for my co-stars.
    Also Kenneth: Dated Jacqueline.
    *Shocked pikachu

    Gotta say though, he’s a very well spoken person, even if his acting is debatable.

    1. @bubbles23 agreed. in general I think Kenneth is a likeable person and likeable actor. but not someone who I would associate with TV King lol.

    2. @bubbles23 Liking and dating a co-worker is different than saying the BS about continuing to believe she’s his lover in a drama so therefore he must date her; which is essentially what cheaters used as a piss poor shield, lol.

      Glad he doesn’t jump on that “can’t get out of character” bandwagon.

  3. Maybe he is closet gay…..Just a Spam thought. Dont quote me!!!

    I really like Kenneth, I really hope he finds a good partner

  4. i am getting to like hubert more in excorcist meter. he’s not the handsome type but his character makes his attractive. his acting improved too. kenneth has very good chemistry with hubert, perhaps they could portray a good couple.

  5. “Ever succumbed to not being able to withdraw from character and fallen for a female costar” – lol are the reporters asking these questions to every artiste now cuz of that Ashley-Jackson incident?

    Yeh it’s weird they haven’t made a gay couple in a TVB drama as of yet properly. Most are like comedy thinking back of my head I remember is Pal Sinn and King Kong in M Club.
    Recently we’ve had a lesbian couple in Barrack O’Karma. So homosexual relationships aren’t prohibited in TVB maybe?

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