Kent Tong’s Sons Won’t Audition for Mr. HK: “It’s Weird”

Kent Tong’s (湯鎮業) twin sons Bruce (湯君慈) and Chris (湯君耀) made an appearance in Hong Kong to attend an event. The twins have just finished their third year at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and are currently on summer break. They shared that they will graduate next year with a major in sociology and a minor in film.

Bruce and Chris said they plan to spend the remainder of their three-month summer break in Hong Kong. They will then return to the United States in late September for their next term.

Asking if they would use this vacation opportunity to search for some modeling jobs, they said, “We will if the opportunity comes.” (Has your dad helped you out in finding these jobs?) “No. Usually it’s the PR informing us.”

Asking if they would like to join the entertainment industry after graduation, they said, “Not sure. Right now we’re attending a summer acting course with a friend. It’s just for fun. We’re novices in acting.”

Though the twins said their father is “too busy” to offer them any advice on acting, they said their father would be supportive if they decide to join the entertainment industry. “We’ll benefit from having a father who is already in the business.”

In regards to their father’s return to acting, Bruce and Chris said they had watched last year’s Lord of Shanghai <梟雄> and found the show interesting. “I think it’ll be fun,” they said.

What about auditioning for Mr. HK as a stepping stone for their acting career? They said, “I don’t like it. Not very interested.” (Shy?) “It’s not about that. It’s just the entire thing is weird. It’s weird for a guy to go on pageants.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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  1. One of the son looks like a younger version of Korean actor, Lee Chun Hee.

    1. @karen yeah the one on the left does look similar to LCH. Twin doesn’t look identical and it seem there is a height difference too.

      Read on another site thst vincent wong younger brother will be competing on Mr. HK. He actually look like vincent. Will be interesting to see if he has his bro body. 😉

    1. @m0m0
      His dad has been bald and fat for many years and usually looks 10 years older than his age. Even if Kent Tong looked better in his twenties, he has aged quickly afterwards. His sons might look better than him.

  2. well Mr.HK is something weird but at least it brings some freshness on TV… TVB just gotta make it less like a go-go boy show and turn it into a classy slow lol

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