Kevin Cheng Thinks His Son is an “Emperor”

Ever since the arrival of Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) and Grace Chan’s (陳凱琳) son Rafael, the new parents have been extremely busy taking care of their bundle of joy. Even though the couple has a few postpartum helpers, Rafael appears to be a handful for Kevin and Grace.

While attending a dinner, Kevin was interviewed by the media and was asked about his experience taking care of his son, who is almost two months old. Kevin shared that his son has not weaned from night feeding and he would wake up every few hours for milk, “Fortunately, we have a helper at night and we can sleep a bit. However, it is tiring for my wife as she needs to pump milk. Despite this, I still cherish this time. The baby is growing so fast and I am taking easier work to have time for the baby. I am enjoying things.”

Kevin also revealed that his son has a bad habit of asking to be held 24 hours per day, “As soon as he is put to bed, he would cry.” The media joked that Kevin became a servant for his son, and Kevin can only laugh, “There is nothing we can do and that’s why we call him an emperor.”

In addition to being treated like an emperor, Rafael has a lineup of people asking to be his godparent. Kevin admitted that his entertainment friends wanted to take on the role, “We are selective [in choosing the godparents]. It is first come first served, so we don’t select everyone. There can only be one godfather and one godmother. Ben Wong (黃智賢) and his wife have already taken these roles!”


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  1. if you treat a kid like an emperor, he’d grow up like one. two months is too young to spoil a kid but his that’s a concern then it’s time to start catching up on parenting book.

    1. @m0m0 only 2 months old and already behaving like a spoilt kid? a little like his father. my daughter drank a full bottle of milk and slept through before the next feed.

      1. @orchid123 honestly those initial few months were very tough. to keep a constant supply, I expressed every 3 hours. the engorgement was very painful.
        if the baby latches on, it is hard to tell how much he/she drinks before dozing off. it will be impossible for anyone to feed. so I decided to express 24/7.

  2. Yes. It’s normal that a new born baby wakes up every few hours. They need to figure out something to fix the problem of holding the baby for 24 hours/day (crying). It will get even worst if they don’t fix it soon. I’m wondering if the baby is lactose intolerance. Something must be bothering the baby. Most babies don’t sleep through the night until they are about four months old.

  3. Dad, Kevin, you need to chill. Baby is fine. It’s his parents wanting so badly to be his parents first time parents is a bit hard but a learning process not learned over night. It will take time, you both as parents are over anxious to please your son only because you want to sincerely take good care of him and you are, don’t worry. Sounds like he is slowly becoming spoiled. Most first time babies get spoiled really easily, and it’s normal. Granted he will cry at times, but he needs to cry too, his lungs need exercise, expand for normal healthy lungs too. Don’t worry, give yourselves a break; usually parents will make some “no-nos” but you’re learning and baby is responding. Even after he takes his milk, if you allow him to cry, he’ll be fine, you’ll have to let him go, so let him, he knows you both are still around for him. Otherwise he is training you and your wife, you both need to be the parents, not the child; it’s not being cruel or harsh on him, might feel like it but you also need to allow him to be a baby and babies do cry. Main thing he is fed, bathed, and has a dry diaper, just let him go, after awhile, he will simmer down. I’m sure when the next baby comes, it won’t be as difficult as it was first time. Both you and your wife would’ve learned a lot by then. Another thing, baby will feel your vibes too, so relax, they also have their little sensors going too. So if you’re relaxed, so is baby. Pick him up only when you need to, but not for every little thing. You’re either the parent or the child. First time parents are allowed up to a certain point, but baby is not taking over or being difficult, he is just being a baby, it’s you, he feels you the most and is only reacting or responding naturally. He is a good baby, but you need not to pick him up every time, I know it’s hard to look at him crying but if he’s fed, dry, etc, then let him go, he is communicating his displeasure too at times, but you need to allow him to cry. He knows, senses your love, his dad and his mom, so not to worry. Besides, that photo of you and him when you presented him to the world proudly, I remember how he looked up to you as you embraced him was so cute, he was looking up at you with love in his eyes. You could feel the love, father, son love looking at that photo. You should frame that shot, picture dad because at that moment when I saw it, he was looking up at you like, “yeah, that’s my dad and I love him too besides my mom”. It just gave me a feel good feeling, heartwarming and great to see. I just got chicken skin, it was a good thing to see, believe me, treasure those moment, dad. By the second time your 2nd baby arrives, you and your wife will be pros by then. Good Luck, get some sleep, relax dad, you’ll be just fine.

  4. I just remembered something too, some babies suffer with colic, but I’m sure you take him to the doctors on his regular appointments or visits; then voice your concern. Maybe the doctor can also let you know how your son really is doing, console you as well as offer good medical, doctorly advice. Any time you have a concern, don’t forget that you can consult with the doctor too. Don’t hesitate, it’s ok.

  5. Kevin looks a bit pale in that pic.
    And agree with above statements, don’t constantly hold him or else he’ll keep wanting to be held. Letting them cry and not giving them everything they want will be good for them

  6. Some parents care a lot about themselves. They want the feeling that the child is an emperor or a princess so want to spoil them and do not think of the consequences it can have on the future personality of the child. Kevin seems to be showing lots of signs of this behaviour. I think he is getting overexcited of being a father at nearly 50..

  7. I’m not sure it is chinese culture or Chinese show off but I absolutely hate it when parents give their child a nickname before birth or immediately after birth. I understand if when the kid is older and he gets a nickname or certain characteristics etr but to give him a spoiling name is just not a good start….

  8. I read an article a long time that mentioned spoiling a baby/infant is practically impossible. After all, most of us don’t remember a thing from our infancy. So this constant attention to his son isn’t a bad thing IMO. In fact, it gives babies positive reinforcement when they know they’re secure when they cry and their parents react. The only negative is that it takes up too much effort & time on the parent’s part. I mean, I don’t know how true that is, but it seems to make sense.

    1. @coralie The problem is that some parents don’t stop the spoiling at infancy, and end up carrying that behavior well into the teenage years.

      And yeah, I’ve witnessed parents who make it a point to cater to their child’s every beck and call on moment’s notice, and it definitely seems very time & energy consuming. Often times, the parents’ reactions seem disproportionate to the situation, but I don’t have kids, so I don’t have much room for judgment, lol.

      1. @oystergirl I can definitely see what you described happening. At the same time, though, babies are cute and you can’t help but spoil them. Once they’re older and their cuteness fades, then you stop wanting to spoil them lol. Or after spending all day with babies, you become immuned to their cuteness and they’re not as special anymore. Therefore, you become less likely to spoil them. It really depends. I don’t want to judge this couple’s parenting skills so soon into their parenthood, so I reserve negative critique.

    2. @coralie I agree with you. You can’t spoil a baby at this age. Kevin and Grace have their odd tendencies, but I think it is too early to say they are spoiling their baby.

      It is important to respond adequately to a baby’s needs. Of course, if a parent can’t get to him right away and he cries for a couple of minutes, that isn’t detrimental either. The trick, which is very, very hard, is to get baby sleepy and not asleep before putting him down. The last thing he needs to see is his crib, not the parent’s arms in order to learn to sleep on his own. But soothing him, holding him each time he cries is not a bad thing.

      1. @potatochip yes and at the very least, Kevin’s fulfilling his role as papa very well and not just dumping his kid to his wife/nannies/mother to oversee his career. so many men do that and still get praise from women when they spend like a day a month with their kids *roll eyes.* I’m still bitter about the comments and backlash regarding a certain female celebrity in case people can’t tell lol.

      2. @coralie
        Well look at Shirley Yeung. She is is filthy cheat but got automatic forgiveness and acceptance as soon as she was known as single mum. Tactically she manipulated it correctly by snubbing the child’s father because she wouldn’t have been able to gain the forgiveness this way if stated with him.It’s not just single dads that garner praise….

      3. @jimmyszeto Whaaa, she didn’t get automatic forgiveness. She got a ton of backlash over what happened and her career was deeply impacted by her actions. Her job at TVB was pretty much done by the time the scandal was exposed. It still hasn’t recovered. She had to scramble to find jobs for a while; people pity her nowadays because she’s a single mom. If it was a cheating man, usually it’s his faithful wife who gets custody of his kids. Shirley did not have that option and has to take on that mantle, so the public gives her opportunities to make money. It doesn’t mean they’ve forgiven her. Not at all.

      4. @coralie
        Talking about filthy cheats. Breaking news-ANDY HUI rumoured to be cheating with JACQUELINE WONG. Sorry for the caps..
        I’ve seen the video. That’s defo Andy Hui and the girl is 99% Jacqueline basing on her rude voice I remember from ‘Cooking Beauties’. Always said she is rude and fake which isn’t suitable for Kenneth…

      5. @jimmyszeto The news flooded my IG feed this morning! So shocking! It’s not rumours, it’s definitely true – Andy Hui just had a press conference to apologize.
        I come to Jaynestars to check and I guess the news is too new and the writers are probably working on them now lol. Feel so bad for Sammi & Ma Ming – more for Sammi since she is married. So disappointed in Andy Hui omg. Jacqueline Wong…never had good impressions of her. Not too shocking that she is cheating, but shame on her for doing it with a married man. Many people are heartbroken for the beloved Sammi!
        Anyway, I think both cheaters’ careers are over…

      6. @1piscesish
        Don’t think I’ll be too worried about Kenneth. They could easily have broken up anytime before because they never really publicised the relationship. Sammi though, we all feel sorry for her. She has had her bouts of depression before and had gave up quite a lot to make the relationship work and now this old ugly wrinkled man Andy Hui is cheating. He is crying in his press conference just because he got caught, the cheating scumbag..

      7. @1piscesish
        I’m very good at reading people and from watching Jacqueline on ‘cooking beauties’ I said she is a rude argumentative girl with a questionable personality and Grace Chan was a very nice genuine girl but many didn’t agree with me.i will not bring acting skills into the discussion because it has nothing to do with personality. Anyway it is proven correct that Jacqueline is filth and every other word from her is swearing which is showing her ‘real’ personality. Goodbye Jacqueline !!

  9. I don’t think Kevin is spoiling his baby son who is only 2 months old. A lot of babies, especially boys, are colicky from birth to 3 months old. This happened to my son too. He was colicky in the first 3 to 4 months. He just refused to sleep by himself and cried almost non-stop if he was left alone. I had to hold him in my arms when he was sleeping, and he only slept a total of 7 to 8 hours per day. It was so hectic for me as I was a 1st time parent. However, my son got a lot better after 4 months. A baby could be colicky up to 6 months easily.

    I guess, being a new parent, it is always hard to know what to do with his/her young baby.

  10. Kevin is an old man so I’m not surprised if he wants to spend his peak years giving everything to his son. Maybe Kevin can’t be spoiling the child now but he is showing all the prerequisites and early habits that he will be spoiling the child in the future…

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