Kirby Lam Becomes YouTuber After Being “Frozen” by TVB

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Kirby Lam Becomes YouTuber After Being “Frozen” by TVB

The actress was dropped from drama promotional activities and a music program she has been hosting, after expressing pro-Hong Kong political opinions.

TVB actress Kirby Lam (林秀怡) had commendable performances in dramas such as Threesome <三個女人一個因>, OMG Your Honour <是咁的,法官閣下> and My Commissioned Lover <婚姻合伙人> in recent years. Despite her rising popularity, she was absent from promotional activities for her new drama Our Unwinding Ethos <十二傳說> allegedly due to having expressed political views online.

Having been in the entertainment industry for 11 years, Kirby is well-liked by viewers. However, it is believed she had many of her jobs affected as she expressed political opinions online twice regarding the protests in Hong Kong.

One of the hosts for music program Music Power <樂勢力>, she shared on a recent Instagram post that she had recorded her last episode for the show after six years of hosting.

Disappearing from TVB-related activities for some time, the 28-year-old star recently has not been idle. Besides visiting the restaurant she invests in to help draw customers and helping to manage the business, Kirby has also announced her decision to become a YouTuber.

She wrote on social media recently, “Is there anyone who wants to watch my first vlog?”, and published her first ever YouTube video on August 30. Her channel has a following of 5000 subscribers as of  September 1, 2019.

Watch Kirby’s first YouTube video:

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  • 6 comments to Kirby Lam Becomes YouTuber After Being “Frozen” by TVB

    1. anon says:

      The US is no different. It’s an open secret that most Forbes 500 US companies hire new employees based on your political affiliation (Dem or Rep).

      Take any of the major tech companies for example, most of them are all left-leaning. Corporate culture matters.

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    2. cutie777 says:

      So far I don’t see any male being frozen are there? but why only female? Poor thing!

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      • ak47 replied:

        @cutie777 can you point out which male actor that wasn’t been frozen which should be? but yeah.. blame the man syndrome. FYI, there is a male producer and his staff had been fired for the same reason. There.. happy?

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        • cutie777 replied:

          @ak47 I’m just being curious that’s all.

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Maybe because the men from TVB have not said anything political on social media so there is no reason for any of them to be frozen? How about that?

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