5 TVB Actresses Rumored to Be Frozen For Expressing Their Political Opinions

With the political demonstration against the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance in Hong Kong, many artistes are cautious with expressing their opinions in fear of sparking controversial public reactions. However, there are some TVB artistes who are unafraid to speak out and are at a risk of being frozen by TVB. Below are five artistes who are rumored to be frozen:

Krystal Tin (田蕊妮)

Krystal made a post on her Facebook page to mock Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s (林鄭月娥) press conference and garnered many criticisms from Mainland Chinese netizens. Many Mainland netizens were angry that Krystal supports the demonstrators and threatened to ban her works. As a result, Weibo does not contain any information of Krystal’s new drama, Girlie Days <她她她的少女時代>, and there are no promotional activities on TVB’s site of the series.

Ali Lee (李佳芯)

After Ali posted several Instagam posts urging citizens to exercise their civil rights and vote, Mainland Chinese netizens attacked her for supporting the demonstrators and requested TVB to suspend her. They demanded Chinese online payment platform Alipay to retract Ali’s spokesperson contract. Though Ali has since clarified her neutral political stance, the TVB Queen remains in danger of being frozen as rumors float that her series will not be aired for the remainder of this year.

Wingto Lam (林泳淘)

Wingto had always been concerned with the development of the demonstrations. After she rallied for support for the demonstration on March 31, Wingto was rumored to have been frozen by TVB.  In April, Wingto stopped appearing as a host on TVB program Scoop < 東張西望> and reappeared in June. In response to her hiatus, Wingto replied, “There is nothing to respond for what happened in the past.” Most recently, Wingto posted an Instagram story of the “Hong Kong Way” campaign on Lion Rocks on August 24.

Kirby Lam (林秀怡)

Kirby has often expressed her views on social issues on her social media. However, Kirby recently announced that she will leaving TVB music program Music Power <樂勢力> that she hosted for six years, and abruptly halted promotional activities for her drama Our Unwinding Ethos <十二傳說> .  It is speculated Kirby was put on hiatus because she posted about the June 9 demonstration and announced that she would be “taking a break” in response to the August 5 city-wide strike.

Kaki Leung (梁嘉琪)

In June, Kaki posted a black-and-white picture on her Instagram page to show her support to Hong Kong demonstrators. Because of her post, many people are suspecting that Kaki will be frozen by TVB due to the politically sensitive message.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Gotta love the spin on this article. As if everything is mainland netizens fault.

    Firstly, tvb themselves don’t like to get involved politically. This is how their reps behave on camera and none of their TV series are ever politically sensitive.

    Secondly, the vast overwhelming majority of mainlanders has little to zero care about tvb and what their artists have to say but hk01 acts like they care. Lol

    Thirdly, there are many pro-china hk netizens living in Hong Kong as well. I’m sure tvb wouldn’t want to offend them and preserve whatever miniscule rating they have.

    Gotta love how hk01 tries to spin it like how mainland netizens really care and that everything is mainland’s fault. Typical.. Lol..

    1. @anon, I agree with your point 1 but not sure how you are able to make blatant statements on points 2 and 3.

      Mainlanders are typically very defensive about their country (and rightfully so) so to say they have zero care about criticisms from their neighbor (HK) is blatantly misguided.

      There are many ‘pro-china’ in HK but you know what, there are even more ‘pro-china’ citizens in the mainland. TVB would be smart to take the side of larger population, which is ….mainlanders.

      1. @kinner

        “Mainlanders are typically very defensive about their country (and rightfully so) so to say they have zero care about criticisms from their neighbor (HK) is blatantly misguided.”

        Agreed that mainlanders are very defensive about their country’s image and reputation, but I feel that their defensiveness stems more so from non-Chinese than how HK’ers feel about them because, in the end, they are still Chinese.

        “There are many ‘pro-china’ in HK but you know what, there are even more ‘pro-china’ citizens in the mainland. TVB would be smart to take the side of larger population, which is ….mainlanders.”

        On the surface, TVB tries to remain neutral because they still rely heavily on the HK market for local advertisements and viewership, until their focus fully transitions to the mainland (and it’s happening), their position towards the China would be less apparent.

    1. @afan202 “you must be a wumao hard at work”….
      okay, then you must be those paid rioters in hong kong, waiting for green card to america and maybe a ivy league degree in the process just like Nathan Law. Very hard at work haha.

      1. @linda8765
        I have nothing but contempt for those who live in country with freedom of expression but yet wish to deny the right of those in HK who wish to do the same.

        Go back to China if you love it so much.

      2. @afan202

        “I have nothing but contempt for those who live in country with freedom of expression but yet wish to deny the right of those in HK who wish to do the same.”

        Freedom of expression is not the ultimate power that positions you above the law from rioting, tossing petrol bombs, attacking civilians and tourists and destroying local businesses that possess a different opinion than what you stand for.

        Your right for freedom of expression ends when your actions directly threaten the public. This is the same in every western country.

        If this is your definition of freedom of expression then I am glad that the PRC and HK police will clamp down on these rioters sooner than later.

      3. @anon @afan202 Dogs that wrap themselves with the British flag can go on and fake the contempt hahaha… yes, during the time when HK was colonised there were slogans everywhere saying “dogs and Chinese not allowed”… I see you dog @afan202 hahahaha. Oh, I meant wannabe green card dog hahaha. Looks like competition is intense and it takes drastic measures to get the green card. Working hard there dog. It’s hard to be a Nathan Law, I see.

        Bark as much as you want, no one stopped a dog’s freedom of speech, humans laugh at a dogs attempt for attention haha, but when “freedom of expression” means a dog attempting to bite humans (violence), I guess just change back the system. No more 1 country 2 systems, let mainland rule the system over Hong Kong… welcome 1 country 1 system.

        Oh yeah, the mainland government is kind of intolerant to dogs especially with a violent history. I guess either made into a yummy meal or at the very minimal, a dire future ahead. Hahahahaha.

      4. @linda8765 You can’t debate and have resort to ad hominem attacks and illogical non sequiturs.

        Green card??? Nathan Law???? You must be delirious, confused and lost your mind.
        Chinese brainwashing can do that to you, hahaha!!

        Calling people of HK dogs?
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        Dogs are smarter than squealing monkeys. Monkeys can’t think for yourself but parrot PRC propaganda.
        linda8765 you are a monkey, a wumao monkey.Hahaha

        Go back to China, you wumao monkey.

        More power to people of Hong Kong !!!!

      5. @virulent Haha, another doggy on this thread? Welcome. Awww, keep going about with your daily activities of sniffing poop and wagging your little tail between you stubby legs hahaha.

      6. @afan202 Hahaha, oh yeah, “hominem attacks”… it’s pretty “illogical” for someone to accuse that I “I drank Chinese koolaid” and someone else is to be a “wumao” to discredit their opinions. Hypocrisy at it’s finest doggy. But of course, dogs have no self-respect. Their daily activities comprise of usually only wagging their tail and sniffing poop ahhaha. What, can’t take the truth doggy? 1 country 1 system 🙂

        You can write about monkeys and parrots etc etc, but it’s so far reach that it falls short of making whatever of an impact it was intended to. Hahaha, what? Nathan Law got a green card to america and is now studying at Yale. Hahaha! He’s got cash, a visa and a future.

        “More power to [dogs] of Hong Kong”? Yes, they need some mental strength to be prepared to be made into a meal soon hahaha. omg lols.

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        How did it go down? Well, the main point of this self-designated “coward” and “victim” is that (short overview):

        Direct quote from him:
        “We are victims of our own circumstances and environment” just like how “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as VICTIMS”

        Well… yes…if somebody wants to reason (sympathise) with Kamikaze to be “victims” and “sacrificial”… and then declare that he his also a “victim”… I guess so be it hahaha. Have no idea how Kamikaze and victims are linked to Jackson bearing the flag…and how he even came up with it in the first place…

        But then when I didn’t agree that I was a “victim” (totally fine with him if he wants to be one that bad), I was automatically labelled as a “manipulated product” and “brainwashed”.

        Haha, for him running all the way over here to read my comments and to comment about me (without tagging me) only reflects what a sore loser he is. Maybe trying to garner a “following”… he mentioned this first in his comment on the other thread. He even tried to change his original point several times and pretend he didn’t, just for sake of trying to claw back any insignificant dignity he had at the beginning. Lols. It’s quite a fun read, go and have a scroll if time permits 🙂

        @anon @afan202

      8. @linda8765
        Let’s keep this simple for you because you have tried to deflect this subject for days with all sorts of personal attacks and character degradation. Please answer one by one with no BS or changing the subject for your potential new pals.

        Based on your comments on all the recent threads so far-

        1. Why do you think you are not brainwashed in anyway?

        2. Why did you say ‘I’m not brainwashed’, like it is a concrete fact?

      9. @jimmyszeto If you wanted to keep it simple, why run to this thread? Too weak to stand on your own? I have answered all your questions on your other thread. You have purposefully cut out the majority of your pathetic points (in direct quote):
        “We are victims of our own circumstances and environment” (brainwashed) just like how “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as VICTIMS”
        And I have answered multiple times on the other thread about your two weird questions (condensed into one below, though not directly on the main topic but something you have been insisting for a quite a time).

        I don’t know what’s the point to ask again… but this time with an audience it makes it different for you? Lols.

        Guys have a look at the other thread, I’ve written this way too many times

        I never denied that my upbringing didn’t shape me at all and who I am today. But as much as you resonate and identify yourself to be a “victim” and somewhat unconditionally “brainwashed” due to your “circumstances”…. I have the right to say otherwise about myself. Stop trying to drag me with you. I’m not your other half ahaha. More the merrier? I’ve said this many times, but I respect your opinion on yourself be it a “victim” or “coward” or whatever else you think. But where does your weird ‘need’ come from obsessing over someone you don’t know, and compulsively trying to make me falsely admit that I’m brainwashed? Does it give you some false sense of accomplishment severely lacking in real life? Haha. Because as I’ve written this many times ‘I’m not brainwashed’. Haha.

        You’ve written many times that you’re not “interested” in me and could care less, but yet you obsess over my comments and my thoughts… and this is not the first time you’ve asked me to prove why I’m not “brainwashed”. The topic was on:
        “We are victims of our own circumstances and environment” (i.e. the whole human race, but now you don’t care about anyone else, I represent the whole human race in your eyes? Lols, thanks… that’s very flattering).

        Unlike you who enjoy to prove their views by oversharing personal details online even when not asked, I don’t have the need to tell you mine just to prove I’m not brainwashed. I’ve said this before, I have the right to say I’m not brainwashed “like it is a concrete fact”, because I represent myself…. I am myself…. and you don’t know me so why are you so sure about everything about me? Why try so hard to get my personal details and guessing where I am from (direct quote “…you are from England, HK or China”)? It’s borderline creepy.

        “Your circumstances is what COULD be brainwashing you”. Which I accepted when you wrote that, you don’t know me, the “could” is reasonable. But then you went berserk when I agreed with your statement and when I clarified again I’m not brainwashed…. you started asking for proof hahaha “back it up with evidence”, like I’m gonna share my personal life with a stranger online that has stalker-ish tendencies? I explained all this already, only for you to conclude that “The ‘could’ be part is certainly not for you.” Hahaha, yes stranger, you “certainly” don’t know me.

        The point is, stop obsessing over me.

        “The Kamikaze who SACRIFICED themselves during the world war never thought of themselves as VICTIMS”

        And the thing about Kamikaze. I would never ever justify and redeem to any degree the right of a individual human purposefully inflicting murder on others. Be it Kamikaze or anyone else. Lessening their condemnation and blaming other factors robs the honour of those that have died in their hands. In my opinion the Kamikaze as a group can’t be described as “victims” and “sacrificial”.

        Guys, I know it’s probably not interesting to read about a borderline obsessive person who has self-designated themselves to be “cowards” and “victims’… so sorry this is long 🙂 🙂 🙂 This is the end between me and him, no more dragging on for him to find others way to recover his dignity. Lols

      10. @linda8765
        Ok. Once again refusing to answer and Then spamming.Please repeat the answers if you think you have already answered. Knew this would be hard for you. Let’s keep this simple again. Please answer one by one with by placing a number in front with no other BS. You can move on and continue your threats and insults on another message once you finish. Simple!

        Based on your comments on all the recent threads so far-

        1. Why do you think you are not brainwashed in anyway?

        2. Why did you say ‘I’m not brainwashed’, like it is a concrete fact?


      11. @linda8765
        Where? Do you have something to hide? Since you are so prolific with copying and pasting, can you do this once more and c & p those answers on your next message, please? Then we can analyse your answers and move on from there. Good to have a bit structure in our communication than using rambling dross and insults. Cheers

      12. @jimmyszeto Haha, you do realise you copied and pasted in your last comment? I know it’s hard to recognise it. I didn’t mean to impact you to the point of you becoming obsessed with me…. but as I said, the answer is there. Read if time permits 🙂 Hahaha.

      13. @linda8765
        I can’t read what’s not there. Trying to worm yourself out of it again? Same again, 2 questions. That’s all the info I need. No obsession. 2 bullet point 2 answers from you please? No BS. Simple instructions. Sorry if you have already posted earlier. Please repeat because I can’t find it…

      14. @jimmyszeto It’s there Jimmy. The answer is in the comment and I’ve actually written it many times in the other thread too. Use some time to read through it or if it gets too tough, get someone to help you read it 🙂 I’m not “worming” myself out unlike others, I don’t need to repeat the comment anymore, it is there and won’t run away, I’ve explained myself clearly.

        “That’s all the info I need”…. haha, yes, info about me…all I can do is laugh 🙂

  2. Bravo. So long they are prepared that their dramas will be banned in China that is fine.

  3. @linda8765 @afan202 @anon if the protestors r doing so much damage then how come over 2 months they dont sent PLC? Hong kong, taiwan part of china but chinese r no longer allowed to enter. Hk n taiwan have special priviledge, like freedom of speech, law n order, able to go on facebook n worldwide online sites, tv channels n protest, etc but ppl in china can not

    1. @goodday Duh, because it’s still not that bad. It’s not ideal, but not bad. Waiting for the right time to take it with ease is beneficial for China. Taiwan is a part of china, are they declared independent? No. And does any other country (including america) dare to declare that they are independent? No. Easy answer… they aren’t independent hahaha.

      Sending PLC? Lols, yes the privilege of going onto facebook will be gone when it becomes 1 country 1 system.

    2. @goodday

      Considering how quickly national guard would be sent in to quell rioters in other countries, HK does indeed have freedom to protest and riot for over 10 weeks without severe consequences.
      That would never have been possible under the British or elsewhere for that matter.

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