Leehom Wang’s Wife Due to Give Birth in August

Leehom Wang (王力宏) said he will soon take a hiatus to await the birth of his baby in August. His wife Li Jing Lei (李靚蕾), whom he married in November, is currently six months pregnant.

Leehom recently ended his three-year worldwide concert tour, the Music-Man II “Fired Up” World Tour, with an encore concert at the Beijing National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest, on June 14. The concert tour stopped by 55 cities around the world and drew in over 2 million people. Breaking several records in China, Leehom’s Music-Man II was the first ever solo concert performed at the Bird’s Nest in April 2012, attractive 90,000 people to the venue. The American-born singer was also the first ever artist to hold two concerts at the Bird’s Nest.

At the concert, Leehom performed his latest self-written song “1 Over 7 Billion” <70億分之1>, a ballad dedicated to his wife. Before performing the song, he said, “There are over 7 billion people in this world. The chances of me being with that person is 1 over 7 billion. I am lucky to have found her.”

The lyrics talked about having the luck to meet that person because she missed her plane. Asked if he was singing about a true story between him and his wife, Leehom denied, “I wrote about fate. It’s not my own story. The probability of two people ending up together is very small. Maybe it’s because someone missed a flight. Maybe they met under unexpected circumstances. There are many coincidences.”

Asking about how he met his wife, Leehom hesitantly said, “We knew each other for a long time. There were many coincidences. For example, when I first met her she was studying at Columbia University and I was also in New York at the time. It doesn’t sound very romantic, but quite modest.”

Li Jing Lei is currently six months pregnant and is expected to deliver the baby in August. Leehom said he knows the gender of the baby, but will not disclose it. He said, “I originally didn’t want to know. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. I love children.”

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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