Leung Ka-ki Breaks Up with Cheating Boyfriend

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Leung Ka-ki Breaks Up with Cheating Boyfriend

TVB actress and host Leung Ka-ki (梁嘉琪) and Commercial Radio producer Kam Chi-kin (金志堅) have been dating for many years, but recent social media post by Ka-ki has confirmed that the two have definitely broken up, and for all the wrong reasons.

On February 21, Ka-ki shared a picture of herself walking down a well-lit forest road along with a long message about “walking alone,” which is an indirect confirmation that she has broken up with the radio DJ.

According gossip magazines, Kam Chi-kin—known as “Ah Kam”—has been cheating on Ka-ki with “Miss T” since late last year. “Miss T” is also pregnant with Ah Kam’s child, and it’s been reported that Ka-ki didn’t know about their secret relationship until around Lunar New Year, when their affair was reported by tabloids.

Ka-ki did not blame her ex, let alone mention his name, in her social media post. She wrote instead that they have had troubles for a while, which they tried to work out, but to no avail. In the end, Ka-ki said she had to do her part to end the relationship “casually and elegantly”.

“Right now, I can only say that I have already been walking down this road alone,” said Ka-ki. “Right now, all of my thoughts are focused on my career [and] my family.” The 36-year-old said she looks forward to her future and that there are many things in life that are still worth chasing for.

Kam Drops Contact with Miss T

Kam is reportedly upset about the breakup, and wants to mend things with her. The radio DJ was photographed taking public transport alone while constantly texting and talking in his phone throughout his commute. It is speculated that he was trying to contact Ka-ki.

As for Miss T, insiders said Kam has dropped contact with her. Nonetheless, it is said that Miss T has decided to raise the child on her own.

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Leung Ka-ki Breaks Up with Cheating Boyfriend

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