Linda Chung and Niki Chow Fight for TV Queen

With only one month left for the 2013 TVB Awards Presentation, predictions on who will be crowned as 2013’s TV King and Queen are running rampant in the Hong Kong media. Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), who was a hot favorite to win Best Actress last year for her popular performance in Witness Insecurity <護花危情>, lost the award to Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackle’s <名媛望族> Tavia Yeung (楊怡). Evidently, the Hong Kong tabloids marked 2013 to be the year for Linda to win. Though Linda’s only 2013 drama, Brother’s Keeper <巨輪>, was a critical success, her performance was not particularly well-received.

Linda’s strongest opponent is reportedly Niki Chow (周麗淇), whose 2013 dramas –Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰> and A Change of Heart <好心作怪> – have made it on the top ten list of highest-rated TVB dramas of the year. Unlike Linda, Niki is not a managed TVB artist, but as most dramas have not been particularly well-received this year, TVB is allegedly offering non-managed artists chances to win TV King and TV Queen this year.

According to the claims, TVB initially wanted Beauty at War’s <金枝慾孽貳> Ada Choi (蔡少芬) to win Best Actress, but as Ada was not interested in the award, TVB decided to present the award to Niki. Coincidentally, these claims coincide with the news of Niki confirming her casting in a new TVB drama for next year, fueling the rumors that Niki had decided to sign a longer contract in exchange for an award. Reports say that Niki extended her contract to another five years.

Niki denied the reports, “If managed artists can win that easily, Raymond Lam (林峯) would have won long ago.” However, she admits that she has the confidence to win Best Actress and is particularly happy with her performance in A Change of Heart.

Linda, who still has eight years left in her management contract with TVB, is said to be put in the back-burner for the meantime, as TVB still has time to cultivate her into an award-winning star. Although Linda is no longer considered a hot favorite to win by audiences, the actress still expressed her confidence.

Upon hearing that Niki is also a popular favorite to win Best Actress, Linda said, “No one knows what will happen until the day of the award comes.” Linda praised her opponent and called her a tough competitor. Asked if she believed Niki exchanged her contract for an award, Linda said, “That’s not me. I don’t know how to that!”

As for Best Actor, the two top contenders are non-managed artists, Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Chilam Cheung (張智霖) of Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>. Critically lauded for his versatile performance in Brother’s KeeperRuco Chan (陳展鵬) has also become a hot netizen favorite to win TV King as well.

The TVB Awards Presentation 2013 will be held on December 16, 2013. Another ceremony, the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2013, will be held a week before.

Source: Oriental Sunday

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  1. I rather have Linda to win then Niki. Niki’s performance were never well done, her crying scenes makes me cringe. Linda’s acting is on and off sometimes she shows good acting other times she fails at it. I would be so happy if Ada or Esther won, as they are more deserving of the awards.

    1. Both are average, I can’t even pick which is worse? Haha LOL…

    2. Linda’s acting was super in Missing You. The least viewed series that she had was her best.

      1. @ penny, just becos you’ve not hear of MY doesn’t mean that lise is from another universe

    3. Neither one can act so neither one deserves the award……..both are just mediocre, overrated tvb chicks.

      1. Neither of Linda, Niki or Kate deserves the award despite how much hype TVB is generating for them now.

      2. Tavia is way more talented honestly. Another overrated actress is Eliza Sam. 0 acting talent.

  2. If they give it to Niki for ACOH, why not Joey then?? I still think TVB is trying to give it Kate. She’s suddenly taking a low-key approach to all this. I think she’s trying to avoid all the criticism that goes to the front-runner and hoping Bounty Lady will be well-received.

  3. Rather have Kate or Tavia get the TV Queen, instead of Linda. Linda did not performed that well at all in BK, don’t think she should be even nominated.

    Joey, Esther should be the ones getting nominated as TV queen hot fav. seriously,those young ones aren’t up to that level.

    1. Linda’s acting was super in Missing You. The least viewed series that she had was her best.

  4. Jeoy meng performance was awesome in both of her series this year

  5. I love Niki so I will be supportive whether she wins the TV Queen or not. However, as trying not to be biased, Niki’s acting skills were not as good as the others, but she has improved a lot and her crying scenes don’t make me cringe.
    As for Linda, I like her too, but I’m quite tired of her.. she cries in every single drama! >.> It’s as if crying and speaking well in English are her best skills. No offense

    1. Linda doesn’t cry in every single drama. Have you watched Daddy Good Deeds or one of her least viewed dramas?

      1. even in daddy good deeds she had that crying scene in the karaoke room

  6. Out of niki and Linda both acting skills is at a lower level then fala .. Yeh fala can’t cry but fala is very entertaining to watch

    1. Agree. Fala is more versatile in her acting, but she needs to work on her cry scenes ………….. with more tears!

    2. Totally!Fala is so awesome at acting, especially in the TITS2 and Will Power

  7. Kristal Tin is the best actress among all lead actresses in this year’s drama series. She excelled in “Brother’s Keeper” and outshone Linda Chung. Moreover, she is not a supporting actress, but a 2 lead actress. She deserves TV Queen in 2013. Her acting surpasses the acting of Linda, Niki, Tavia, Fala and Kate among the younger actresses

    1. krital tin is the most popular actress,the best actress is joey meng in a change of heart.agree kristal excelled in bk,but is it that difficult to outshine linda?

      1. Not difficult at all can’t stand Linda trying to act all cute in interviews this days fail

      2. So it wasn’t me the only one who is tired of her acting cute actions.

    2. That is if you ignore Joey Meng whom everyone praised, Esther who was wonderful in a mediocre series and proves her versatility, Tavia who is rather good as Yu Chai. Kristal Tin may have been good but I have to say she wasn’t the best.I think on merit alone Esther should win it.

      1. Joey or Esther should win it, in my opinion. Tavia is good, but I can’t comment much until I have watched at least halfway through the series 🙂

      2. Tavia is one of the more underrated actresses, if you compare her with Linda, Kate, Myolie. She’s one of the true talents of TVB tbh, most of them are just well liked by the public, but when it comes to acting… nothing to say. But I doubt TVB will give the award again to Tavia, since she already won one last year(?). I’m not too sure.

  8. Gee…all this articles about who’s the getting the trophy/pat on the back. If they can’t decide just give it to Lisa Wong again! Or some older chick! Or just give one to every audience member and call it a day! 😛 It’s all jacked up anyways.

  9. I think Niki and Linda’s acting are both so-so, but at least Niki isn’t always the rich girl with a broken heart.. Niki has great screen presence. I’d support her more for TV Queen. but, TBH, the most deserving actress this year is either Kristal Tin or Joey Meng, and maybe Tavia.

  10. Kristal was ok, better than Niki and Linda but I beg the differ that she’s better than tavia. Tavia is a very good actress imo

    1. Tavia’s nose is too distracting; every time i want to look at her facial expression, all i see is her nose!

      1. Personally I think tavia is a very pretty girl and do not mind her nose. If u can’t get pass her nose To justify her acting then u prob shouldn’t be watching her series.

      2. i can assure you i don’t go out of my way to watch her dramas. I watch her “by the way” only, if the drama happens to have someone i like in it. Otherwise, no thanks, i stay a mile away from her dramas.

  11. 8 years left? Dang, Linda. TVB could be taking her for a ride after all. Now, I wonder what TVB is gonna pull last minute. Hmm

  12. So TVB notices Niki, but not Joey Meng? Joey acted so well in Inbound Troubles and her character in A Change of Heart was the real gold not Niki!

    1. The only reason TVB noticing Niki is because she just signed a new contract and has agreed to film 2 series for TVB next year. It has nothing to do with acting or how well received she was in ACOH. IIRC all the main characters in the series Joey, Bosco, Michael Miu were better than her but none of them will be nominated.

    2. Doubt that Niki would get the BA. Clearly made up by the tabloids to generate hype for the upcoming Awards Presentation Ceremony.

  13. Best actor- RUCO!!!
    He did so well in Brother’s Keeper and GPS Reality Check!!!
    Anyone here still remember that drama?!!
    I find Ruco play that “Summer” character so so well!
    I can’t think of any other actors that can play Summer as well as him!

    1. I feel bad for Ruco. The press in HK all doesn’t care about him. It’s only Chilam, Chilam, Chilam for them.

      1. yeah, stupid press but that’s the way the game is played. Ruco’s seasoned enough to know that not getting BA doesn’t mean that his acting is not up to par, just that some are born under a lucky star.

  14. No impressed at all for TV Queen hot contender. For TV King, Ruco is the most convincing, thanks to his complicated role in critically acclaimed TVB drama Brother’s Keeper. But TVB has 100% to choose their faves to win that Awards, looks like Julian & Francis are TVB choice despite their characted in TITS II not extraordinary.

    1. TVB is practically showing that they will give the award to whoever they wants. They have highly acclaimed Esther, Joey and Ada, but TVB go to the extent of exchanging an artiste contract with Niki and generate hype for Linda and Kate when their performances barely noticeable. To give a safety net for Kate, TVB even arranges for Bounty Lady to be aired on time for the awards night knowing that Dayo can pull viewers in.

    2. The HK press now are mostly concerned about Chilam and Chilam to be TV King. I’m afraid Chilam will be crowned when his performance wasn’t all that. Francis was better but still not up to the TV King standard that Ruco has. I don’t understand TVB.

      1. LOL. Francis not up to the TV King standard? Take a sit, will you?

      2. Ruco was good in BK, but to say that he’s better than Francis? you must be joking!

      3. Those who havent watched Ruco in BK shouldn’t be commenting that he’s not Francis’ match cos they’ll have to eat their words later.

      4. Ruco>Francis? I’ve to admit Francis’s role was nothing surprising in TITS 2 but Ruco is far from getting on par with Francis for god sake. Just because he acted okay in TOT and BK doesn’t make him the best actor out of sudden in TVB, I don’t hate him but some comments about Ruco’s acting has gotten me cringed about how superb he is. He’s good, but not really the ‘king’ yet. Chilam deserves an award 13 years ago, Return of Cuckoo is still one of my favorite and a classic. I bet lots of you never watched that before.

      5. @Anony, just becos you think Chilam deserves an award 13 years ago doesn’t mean he deserves one now; as you said it, that was 13 years ago! Awards are not given retrospectively. Assuming this is only betw Chilam and Francis, it’d be interesting to know who you’re rooting for then? I’m pretty certain Ruco can play Francis’ role in TITS but not sure if Francis can play Ruco’s role in BK (even if Francis was 15 years younger, their age difference).

      6. Not only can ruco act, he can also sing! On the other hand, never heard francis sing, so i think it’s fair to say tt ruco’s an all rounder. ruco hasn’t been around as long as francis as he’s much younger obviously but it doesn’t mean that becos of this, his acting cannot be compared with francis. Ever heard of the chinese saying that the new will replace and even surpass the old?

  15. Give to Best Actress Award to Mandy Wong. Below average height, not pretty but definitely can play many different roles convincingly.

    1. no way , Mandy can only play shrews and grumpy characters cos she’s got a naturally grumpy face.

  16. Niki’s performance in The Change of Heart is worse than her acting in Bottle Passion. I think Niki is not ready for the Best Actress Award yet. In this article, the writer compared Niki and Linda. In my opinion, Linda’s performance are better than Niki.

    Kristal Tin’s acting in Brother’s Keeper is good, but her performance is not as good as Tavia’s.

    I hope Joey Meng, Ada, Esther, or Tavia will receive the Best Actress Award this year.

  17. Also, Ruco’s role has more ups and downs in Brother’s Keeper than Chilam’s character in Triumph in the Sky 2. I think Ruco, Michael Miu, or Francis deserves the Best Actor Award this year than other actors.

    1. Chi Lam should win Favorite Male since everyone liked his character not his acting….

  18. Kristal should win; I’m saying this though I’m not a fan cos she absolutely rocked as Ying.

  19. I think Joey Meng acted very well compare with Niki in A Change of A Heart. Joey should deserves the award if to compete with Niki. Kristal is good too in Brother Keepers. I support Joey and Kristal. Niki is not qualify for the TV Queen status yet. Linda is good too.

  20. Haha omg is this some kind of joke? If tvb is so bent on awarding the fadans (excluding myolie and tavia since they already had their turns) please just give it to Kate or fala! I am clearly aware that the roles myolie and tavia won for BA weren’t exactly their best but both of them have proven themselves to be versatile actresses portraying a range of roles over the years. So yes, it may not be their best, but they were deserving to me. Linda, unfortunately, have been stereotyped into playing those weak, pitiful characters. Half the time I see her crying a river on tv (which is really annoying especially in HOG) but nothing annoys and disgusts me more than the horrible rachel. She’s capable of better, I believe she will shine in tiger cubs as she did in a journey called life. Niki started off well…she had amazing chemistry with Kevin but I see no improvement in her acting. She was bland in ACOH. Kristal and Joey outshine Linda and niki respectively in the dramas. Fala’s doing a better job in willpower than tits 2. I didn’t like holiday at all in tits 2..

    1. i agree so much with your comments.
      I find Nikki to be good when she first started, but somehow i find her deteriorated. She become boring and also grumpy looking for whatever reason. I mean she is pretty, but she always have that unhappy face.

      Linda – honestly no improvement in her acting at all. i dont see her as a good actress at all. really nothing to say about her, but totally undeserving as TV Queen.

      I like Fala, but too bad TVB wont give it to her. I hope it is Tavia

  21. Ideal winners for me is but don’t think will happen: –

    Best Actor: Ruco Chan
    Best Actress: Fala Chen
    Favorite Actor: Chilam Cheung
    Favorite Actress: Kristal Tin or Tavia Yeung

    Supporting Actor: Anyone from Top rated drama
    Supporting Actress: Elaine Yiu (Based on my biased favoritism towards her – TVB please promote her more, TQ).

    1. agree that it’s fairer to award chilam fave actor for his role in TITS2 but not best actor which shld go to Ruco. Chilam’s character is popular but rather flat in terms of performance, not much challenge in that role as compared to Ruco’s Sam in BK.

      1. Agree. Ruco Chan’s character in “Brother’s Keeper” is more complex, with many ups and downs in his life. It is harder to act vs. Chilam’s in “TITS 2”

    2. Chilam & Ruco are leading in a voting for best actors etc. in Yahoo. But Ruco got most credits whereas Chilam none. Viewers challenge Chilam’s leading votes and that he’s not the deserved tv king winner. Ruco has won the hearts of most viewers.

      1. i think most woman will give their votes to chilam while guys will go to happy if one of the two will win.

    3. I total agree with you. Fala chen is the a very good actress…she worked so hard and she deserves it. Her acting is so natural. She and chilam has great chemistry as screen couple

  22. I think every actress have to cry in a drama. Myolie, Tavia, Fala and Kate all have to cry every single drama. Even Esther and Charmaine had to cry…Tavia just cried for the last few episodes for on call 36. She cried in all her drama too. Kate cried in high and lows and the sniper one. I don’t see what’s wrong with crying in a drama. U all are just a bunch of whiners. If I cannot stand crying scenes then don’t watch dramas… Go watch comedy.

    1. yes, both actress have to cry and some do it better than the other.

      But nobody except LC cries in all her dramas

  23. In terms of look, Niki Chow is much prettier than Linda Chung. In terms of acting, I think they are about the same.

  24. Linda is prettier than Niki and has a nicer figure than airport Niki. If you look through the armholes of any outfit that Niki’s wearing, you’ll see right thru to the other side, lol.

    1. Niki Chow definitely has a prettier face than Linda Chung, but Linda has a nicer figure than Niki. Niki is just too thin and has a flat upper body.

      1. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but it is an indisputable fact that niki”s flat as a pancake.

      2. @choco-bunny

        Also indisputable that Linda’s nose resembles a witches’

        (Even though I like her)

      3. Aaah, to some that is her characteristic, at least she’s not plastic.

      4. niki looks more classy,independent and more character than linda. linda looks sweet,sensitive and tender.but if you ask me which of the two i will choose niki as the more attractive one.

      5. Jessica says:
        November 14, 2013 at 6:09 am


        Also indisputable that Linda’s nose resembles a witches’

        (Even though I like her)

        Not that big and not that bad. If Linda’s is witch-like, then the famous fake nose is???

  25. I find it weird that neither Michael Miu and Bobby is mentioned in such competition at all. If Francis Ng and Chilam are included, I don’t understand why the other two isn’t in the news spotlight at all…

    1. The only Veteran from my memory who won Best Actor was Ha Yu – Moonlight Resonance where probably all younger actor performance is weak during that year.

      This year have stiff competition – Chilam, Ruco, Kenneth Ma (depending on Hypocratic Crush performance, contract extension deal?), Moses (strong cable with top management-contract extension deal?)

      1. Honestly the least heavily promoted one among them is Kenneth, and his acting skills have improved so much. Ruco and Chilam are actually really heavily promoted (Ruco’s not so obvious, but still there), and Chilam is so heavily promoted I’m just shaking my head when I read articles about him. Kenneth has the least connections among TVB, so his talent isn’t recognised (sadly).

      2. kenneth, not promoted? That’s a joke, he’s 620’s blue-eyed boy, she even singled him out for praises when he was in Vancouver with Ruco, Linda and Sonija and in full view of the other 3 artistes and the public, she literally praised him to the skies.

      3. @kit-kat Well maybe I’m biased or whatever, but I find that there is much more hype about actors like Ruco and Chilam than Kenneth. Sure, he might have been praised in Vancouver, but I doubt the news carried itself all the way to HK. In HK, Ruco and Chilam are really high profile, because of their dramas. It’s just a pity that THC2 didn’t provide such a good show for audience, all the damned additions in cast. Kenneth is unlucky in this way. THC2 could have been another break through drama for him, but they had to add in new cast members, some of whom can’t even act. Maybe they wanted to promote people like Tracy because the first series was good, but they clearly never took to heart the saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

      4. What are you talking about THC2. Ruco is totally underrated and underpromoted by TVB and the press although he has countless praises for his superb acting in BK. Chilam is overrated and so is Francis, Wayne and Moses, not Ruco. No comment on Kenneth.

      5. @THC2, Mydatewithspring is right, Ruco is often under-promoted by TVB. Since TOT’s success, they’ve given him lead roles in only small budget dramas. BK is the only grand production he’s in. However, despite that, Ruco manages to shine in his roles, like Reality Check which really made many people take note of his acting. Also in BK, we can see how much effort he put into his role but the press, instead of talking about his performance, chose to make up stories about his love life and you know why? Cos people like to read juicy gossip and since Ruco’s the talking point in many online forums due to his impressive performance in BK, they take this opportunity to create gossip to sell their trashy mags. Even in the recent Yahoo online polls, Ruco managed to pull in a total of 32% of votes (27% if you count only him in BK)agst Chilam’s 31% out of a total of almost 70k votes (in fact out of the almost 300 messages left by voters, more than 90% were in support of Ruco) but all the press ever pays attention to is Chilam and more Chilam. The press only recently picked up this piece of news and gave Ruco a mention in the race for BA; otherwise, he was largely ignored by them while they kept on giving us the hype about Chilam and to a lesser extent Kenneth.

  26. I want Niki to win this prize. She’s tried her best and put much effort into each film of hers.

    1. haha, gotcha, that “even though i like her” is just to veil your attack on Linda.

    2. Niki to win TV Queen ……. she still speaks with some lazy intonations and she gets TV Queen award?! What a joke? Her acting isn’t that impressive either. If she gets it, it will be her new long-term contract.

      Many actresses are way better than Nike and Linda in this year’s drama series. Why should it be given to Nike or Linda? Just because they are new and will be of more value to TVB?

      1. I know :), but Linda sounds similar to Fila, too so I made a joke.

  27. Is Tavia not a contender anymore? She’s doing great in her series so far. Not as bland as usual.

    1. I agree. Based on her performance in Ep 1-8 of the series itself, she is more deserving of the BA compared to Linda and Niki.

  28. i support Linda chung, off cause she more pretty then nikki.

    1. I support Fala, Tavia or kate base on their acting skills better than Linda

      1. maybe we should run a poll? I think Linda’s very pretty and naturally so with no cosmetic enhancement. She looked fabulous with those angel wings in the Ms Chinese international contest ( i think that’s the name, not sure) that year she returned to crown the new winner. She looked like a Victoria’s Secret model. And she was ravishingly beautiful on the red carpet with Ruco Chan at the recent Starhub TVB awards and deservingly won the Red Carpet Star award, not Niki, so isnt it obvious who’s considered prettier?

      2. That is your personal choice only. If you run a poll, I am sure you will have a much better and more accurate result.

      3. Of course it’s my opinion that Linda’s prettier just as it’s your opinion that Niki’s prettier, but it’s also the opinion of those who voted that night that Linda’s the prettiest among all there.

  29. I support Linda too. Think she is better than Nikki in terms of looks and acting. Whilst many said that Linda is always stereotyped in weakling roles, it is the same for Kate as well. She is always acting sexy and nearly always typecasted in police dramas. I actually think people hated Rachael’s role so much is becos the script requires it to project the complexity of the love triangle with the 2 brothers and not becos of bad acting. On the other hand, Fala has won best actress recently. She got something there. Although she can’t shed real tears but I think she got more range and is more versatile. She is enjoyable to watch in tits2 and wp due to good script

    1. Fala has won best actress recently ……….. but not a TVB Queen award. That is very different.

      If you say Rachel is a complex character, sorry I don’t see it. Linda acted Rachel the same throughout with almost no difference, unlike Fala as Holiday in “TITS 2”. Holiday was truly a complex character, but not Rachel in “Brother’s Keeper”. Lina’s Rachel was just boring throughout the whole series.

      1. I personally think Fala did a good job in “TITS 2”. Unfortunately Holiday is an unlikable character, plus people don’t like her because she wins the love of both lead actors including their favourite Captain Sam (who should be loyal to his late wife, Zoe, only).

  30. Linda is more hardworking than Nikki. I hope she wins over Nikki. But this year, my vote goes to Falafel eventhough TVB would probably not give to her.

    1. Glad that you really know how to appreciate good acting. Among Linda (as Rachel), Niki (as the lady inspector) and Fala (as Holiday and Eugene), Fala acted the best in this year’s drama series.

    2. yes, my vote also goes to fala…she handle the character very well. she is serious in her job and work hard. She is very enjoyable to watch in the series

  31. hoping it’s all rumours. this year is unusual. the tvb fa dans don’t really have a really outstanding drama. so i’m hoping they’ll give it to Esther. she totally deserves the award.

  32. Fala Chen acting skill has improved a lot and she can take difficult roles well. I personally feel that she did very well in triumph in the skies 2. She is so natural and not faking. It is fun and entertaining to watch her. It is a pity she is not nominated

    1. Agree. Fala did well in both “TITS 2″ and Will Power”, and they were two entirely different characters. Fala’s acting has improved a lot. “Holiday” was a very complex character for any artiste, and “Eugene” is a solid but simpler character, and Fala handled both of them well.

      1. It is because Holiday is an unlikable character. Do you like Fala as Eugene in “Will Power”?

        If you hate Fala as Holiday, it means that Fala was successful in making Holiday as an unlikable character in “TITS 2”.

      2. @choco-bunny,
        Totally agree, Fala did a “lousy” job as Holiday, which even Fala herself admits.

      3. @ sandcherry, no i wasnt referring to her character being unlikeable, i was referring to her terrible acting, so fake!

      4. I watched TITS 2 because of Chilam and Fala Chen, and not because of Francis Ng and Myolie Wu. I don’t mind to have Nancy Wu though. She is always a good actress.

    2. Falan was really bad in TITS 2, But she’s good in Will Power, as she’s in most of her other roles. So I think if Linda is nominated she should be as well.

      1. fala character as holiday is a care free, rebellious, stubborn, fun loving girl. She played well and very natural. I haven’t seen any actress totally bring out such character. I was so many tvb and I am very impressed by her acting in triumph in the skies 2

      2. Agree. Fala Chen portrayed Holiday quite well in “TITS 2”. Of course, she had room for improvements, such as her cry scenes. I don’t think any of the other new fadans can do such a good job.

  33. I want Tavia to win.
    Tavia did more in the first four episodes than linda did in 32 episodes.

      1. It’s her role for goodness sake. It’s the character that the directors wanted her to portray, and it was a difficult one at that. She did pretty well for a person who had to give up her child because her tumour came back.

    1. Why do people only care about “cry scenes”? “Crying” is only one of the many elements of acting skills. A good artiste needs to be more than capable of just cry scenes.

  34. Such a sad case that the media hype up Linda for BA award and now Niki where both of them non-worthy for BA award tis year. Why ignore great acting such as Esther , Tavia , Joey and Kristal in their respective role tis year. Tis year BA award competition could be interesting since there are quite few competent actress worth for the award . However look at the hype make me feel disappointing.

  35. Niki and Linda for BA ? What a joke and they both even think they are up for it

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