Linda Chung Does Not Believe Philip Ng Urinated on Streets

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), and Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) earlier appeared at a function for Food Republic. Linda went on vacation to the United States and visited her family in Canada during her break from work last month. She expressed that she did not go with rumored boyfriend, Philip Ng (伍允龍), contrary to earlier speculations.

Since Linda’s family lives far away from Hong Kong, she has never brought her boyfriend home to her parents. Speaking of how Philip was reported as urinating in the streets with Vanness Wu (吳建豪) nearby, Linda showed surprise and said, “How is that possible? No way.” She does not believe Philip would do that. Linda said that Vanness and Philip are both devout Christians, and Philip was just praying with his hands down.

Bosco Wong Responds to Rumors

Earlier, there were rumors that mainland actress, Stephy Qi (戚薇), is Bosco’s new girlfriend. After promoting for a drama in Shanghai, the two reportedly went to a coffee shop together. Furthermore, they later stayed in the same hotel room for four hours. Bosco denied all the rumors, and said that he did not live in that hotel. He went for a coffee drink with a large group of people, not just with Stephy. In addition, Bosco expressed that his goal in mainland was to look for money, not girls.

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    1. @SY

      Linda Chung is also ugly! Both of Linda Chung and Bosco Wong are ugly! TVB has no good looking artistes! Kevin Cheng and Raymond Lam used to look good but now look ugly like a middle aged uncle!

      1. haha i agree with u. RL and KC don’t aged well lie the 4 heavenly kings. KC teeth are so yellow. eeewwww

      2. Hi lovekpophatetvbartistes, if you really do despise tvb artistes so much as you claim, may I ask why you are on a TVB artiste-oriented site to begin with?
        Why don’t you end your own suffering by resorting towards more of your interests?

      3. i agree ron was smoking hot before and now look at him

    2. @SY :If only YOUR BF/HUSBAND looks HALF as cool as Bosco 凸(︶ε︶メ)凸

      1. Yen, u r entitled to your opinion and i’m entitled to mine. Bosco is not ur BF or Husband so don’t be so defensive and offensive. I just said what I saw from the pic and i didn’t bring in YOUR HUSBAND/BF into my comments, so you should refrain from attacking me personally unless BOSCO is dating u!!! Thanks for trying to be courteous in your future comments on other people comments.

  1. Hong kong reporter seriously got no other better works to do..

    1. @Ling

      This time the reporter got a good picture to defend their claim for Phillips street urination

      1. Jayne –

        Is there a reason why certain pictures to articles aren’t posted to the website? It seems like when I read from other sources, there are more recent images backing up the story.

        Appreciate your work but just curious to know if there’s some sort of a copyright issue.

      2. Have to agree with Pandamoa!!
        I got this news from other website and there’s a picture of Philip n Vaness!
        And honestly from that pic, I too thought that Phillip is ERHERMM >.<|||

    1. I hate how Christians pretend to have high morals. They have excuses for everything.

      1. Yes and in the meantime, they had killed millions of people throughout history and are still indirectly killing people with their ridiculous and old-fashioned ideas about homosexuality, abortions and use of condoms to just name a few.

      2. hahha i love how linda said hes just praying w his hands down lol

      3. philips keep getting linda into shameful gossips. first he got caught ‘dating’ with another girl when linda went back to canada, now he got caught of what seems like ‘pissing openly’. linda must be cracking her brain everytime to answer for philip.

      4. I totally agree with Sel_fi_wu. Philip has been getting himself into negative news the last two weeks. Linda must be yelling at him like crazy.

    2. Christians do pray that way but the smirk on Vaness’ face kind of gave it away …

      It’s believable but slightly questionable.

      Also – just wanted to say Christians are humans too, we make mistakes and we get tempted to sin as well (like lying). Like anything, there are people who claim to be Christians but do things against God’s will. So I understand the animosity towards religions but I try to see it from a different perspective, “a person that tries really hard to live like Christ but constantly sins.”

      Whether the constant sinning and repenting is okay with God, that’ll have to be determined on his or her judgment day.

      1. OK, not that I actually care about whether or not the dude pissed on the street but can we tone down this judgment day/god/sinning talk?

        Many people on this site are atheist and are ignorant/demeaning towards Christian belief, but forcing your own ideology onto us (read: preaching) isn’t right either.

      2. “Whether the constant sinning and repenting is okay with God, that’ll have to be determined on his or her judgment day.”

        AMEN! And I do believe God keeps points and even Christians do get a ticket to the underworld…

        Sigh.. religion… I am not an atheist but i can do without the sin and retribution talk. I believe I am booked for hell anyway.

      3. @dd –

        if i read something that looks like a mere misunderstanding, i do wish to put my two cents in. whether you view it as preaching or not, i have no control. don’t think my words were too forceful but if you felt that way, i apologize for that.

      4. That’s understandable. Just a word of advice though: there’s no reasoning with these people.

      5. @dd –

        word. hence i try to only post a remark when i feel it’s absolutely necessary.

        there are lots of crazy fans in this world …

      6. The discourse on this website suggests that people who are Christians are better than others. While I respect Christians for their beliefs, I don’t think we should put them on pedestals. Further more, artistes and their fans should keep religion to themselves otherwise they may negatively influence minors (under 18) to become Christians. These kind of decisions should be made as an adult or with the guidance of a parent or guardian and not in the same way people choose a set meal in a fast food restaurant.

    3. Ha! Ha! Ha! Maybe he wasn’t urinating but am very very excited to see the door/gate. Either way, it ain’t good.

    4. wow. linda, why does philip ‘pray’ towards the corner of the door? 🙂

      why did vanness look like he’s ‘watching out’ for philips? 🙂

      this is questionable ‘praying’ picture whether or not he pissed openly.

      1. come on….he is pissing right to the front gate

  2. I’ve peed in some bushes at a park before.
    And thank god no-one saw me, apparently I could’ve gone down as a sex offender.

    1. Urinating on the streets is unhygienic and gross!

  3. Wow, I wake up to such breaking news.

    Were Vanness Wu and Philip Ng engaging in a pissing contest?

  4. Linda Chung is a brainless idiot. Devout Christians or not, it has no bearings on whether one would piss on the street or not. When nature calls, it calls. Better on the street than wetting himself. Or better yet, look for a proper public WC. And ‘praying with his hands down’?? I can think of a few others things he might be doing with his ‘hands down’ besides praying.

    1. don’t u think it’s weird that vaness was standing so close to philip to watch his back?

      i mean – not sure if HK is windy or not but i’d watch his back a little further away from him.

    2. @MT
      Are u a Christian? U ever been to church & take a look how Christians pray?!
      Actually u don’t need to go to church because Christians free to pray anywhere any moment and at ANY WAYS!
      Be it the hands lifted up or whatever!
      And yup!! If u ever watches over for ur buddies to pee, such CLOSE DISTANCE?!

  5. Linda’s response only added more embarrassment to herself and Philip.

    1. linda might be already embarrassed with this gossip that philip got himself into. embarrassing title.

    2. well, linda will be remembered for having a bf who pee in the street

  6. Wow, I didn’t really like her before, but her response makes her sound so vapid and stupid. How does the fact that he is a devout Christian or not relevant? It’s the like whole belief that ‘Christians can do no wrong’ and that totally rubs me the wrong way.

    1. “Christians do no wrong.”

      That’s a total misconception .. Christians are wrong just like everyone else. Hence we constantly pray because we know what’s right and wrong and yet we still do the wrong because of temptation and sin.

      1. Haha, I know that but I also know there are too many Christians who believe they themselves are holier than thou, can do no wrong, and try to impose their beliefs on others. I was caught in the middle of many situations where I was told to go to hell because I didn’t agree with their teachings. I have a lot of Christian friends who are tolerant people, but man, it’s definitely these zealots that make me roll my eyes.

  7. Could the people who are against forcing an ideology on other people stop forcing that ideology on me? Thanks.

  8. The reporters need to stop harrassing Bosco lol. It’s getting so old.

  9. Why is Vaness standing next to him with his arms around Philip if he’s pissing? Normally guys would walk off while another guy is doing their business or stand far away from an area where piss can hit their shoes or pants.

    1. YESHHH!!!
      Only BRAINLESS IDIOT such as commenter above @MT never thought that 凸(︶ε︶メ)凸!!
      I’m not a fan of Linda but I’m 100% firm that she is much more wiser and better educated than you @MT!!

      1. i totally agree with you !! and thank you for saying something soo meaningful that i desperately wanted to say to @MT. i wish there was a like button on here so that i could like your comment

    2. Agree, I doubt a man will put their arms around another when they are peeing! Unless they are..

  10. If he really took a piss, wouldn’t reporters see the erm urine, like on the floor when they walked away? Lol? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. so true !! if reporters dont have the evidence then they shouldnt just say random things. and there is no need to say anything bad about linda

  11. I believe he might do a hands stand praying/pissy while vanness watching him. Lol

  12. And bosco needs to easy on the makeup. Dont need to pack so much when r not on film.

  13. Linda, are u with this guy or not?? Maybe he’s gay?? Why would you want a guy standing next u while ur peeing. And if he’s praying, then he must of done something bad. And that’s not how u pray.

    Guys pee everywhere period. My man did it after the club. He gotta go then he gotta go. Nothing wrong with that. We don’t have public restroom around. HK have many public restrooms.

    1. haha that’s right, a gay, that’s why he does not mind her not wanting to have sex with him, could be he’s in the relationship for the money

  14. Maybe the excuse like “Philip has just came back from India and learned some bad habit there” might work better?

    But I dun think Philip Ng really peed on street, but like he acted like he did so as a joke to Vanness Wu (that’s why Vanness had his arms on Philip’s neck and smirked). However, Linda’s excuse showed that she hasn’t seen the news. Pray, lolz. Or she tried to play wordtris, Pray with a P… 😛

  15. Bosco is always looking like he has more lipstick on than the female stars themselves. Is it just bad camera quality?

  16. I have never seen anyone pray in that way… Whether he peed or not is no big deal. The big deal is that he is a celeb so everyone is making a big deal about it. I find it strange why Vanness would be standing so close to him if he was peeing?? Strange…

    1. And I have never seen anyone pee in that way with somebody placing a hand on the head of the pisser.

  17. she seems to always use her religion as an excuse for everything. i hate people like that.

  18. One word: wow! That is the funniest response to the pic I saw. Is she being serious? She defended him before seeing the pic? A person needs to go, nothing wrong with that but don’t use religion to get around that. Honestly, I thought she had improved her pr skills but that is a triple LOL moment for me!

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