Linda Chung Will Chase for Baby No. 2

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Linda Chung Will Chase for Baby No. 2

On Friday, Linda Chung (鐘嘉欣) showed in Hong Kong to attend an event for a jewelry brand to showcase its latest collection. The 32-year-old actress wore a beautiful white dress with a plunging neckline, like she’s back in her wedding dress.

Linda, whose family resides in Canada, returned to Hong Kong just for the event. The actress flew back home on Friday night.

Unlike many of her peers, Linda does not mind flying back and forth. “I’m able to sleep in the plane, so I don’t find it tiring. I actually consider it my short break. Because I’m breastfeeding now, I can’t stay [in Hong Kong] for long. I came back last night, and will be going back tonight.” Linda plans to breastfeed her daughter, Kelly, until she’s one year old. “Kelly is used to her mother being gone once in a while. Her grandparents take care of her during those times.”

Has breastfeeding increased Linda’s cup size? “They were the most bloated in the first two months, but they seem to adapt to how much my daughter needs. It hasn’t increased too much. I didn’t need to buy new bras at all.”

When Linda’s not at home, she would communicate with her daughter via video message. Kelly’s starting to recognize her mother’s face on the screens now, and would acknowledge her. “She’s half a year old now, so it’s the cutest time. She’s starting to eat thicker food, and she’s rolling around! She can’t crawl yet though, but my husband and I think it’s a good thing that she hasn’t learned how to do that yet. I don’t want to be in the middle of cooking something and then realize that she’s wandered somewhere else.”

Asking if Linda would like to have another child, she said, “Yes. My husband and I plan to start chasing for another after Kelly is around two years old. That gives me just the right amount of time to love Kelly. Now that I’m older, I’m starting to see that love equals to time. Time can’t be bought with money, no matter how much I make.”

Linda, who turned down Heart of Greed 3 <溏心風暴3> to take care of Kelly, said she would be interested in returning to TVB dramas, if the time is right. “I’m actually in talks to do another drama project, but I don’t think I’ll be able to commit to such a long project in the meantime.”


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  • 12 comments to Linda Chung Will Chase for Baby No. 2

    1. creditor says:

      I wish Linda every success in conceiving her second baby. At least Jeremy will really have one of his very own. Work hard Jeremy!

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      • lyu310 replied:

        @creditor I knew you would say something since it’s another Linda article. Was just about to say you better not try to come at Linda over the second baby. Your delusional and blind a$$ may never believe Kelly is Jeremy’s, but don’t pull that BS with the second baby. You’ll have no case there unless you’re gonna claim Philip had a secret rendezvous with her smfh (which I would not be surprised about. Trolls hold onto nothing all the time. Just look at all those stupid Trump supporters and their alternative facts). Your story’s so illogical, not even TVB would use it for their dramas.

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        • diana80 replied:


          I also don’t understand why the accusations for Linda and my question to @creditor previously of whether he/she has any past relationship with any of them was unanswered.

          Anyway, Linda still looks good and i feel that she is a loving and responsible mother. I don’t mind to see her back to the small screen for one drama a year or so…she could act well for suitable roles.

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        • creditor replied:

          @lyu310 Why would I say anything about her second baby should it happened? This time it will truly be Jeremy’s as he is already the husband. If you read my post carefully before shooting off your mouth, I wish Linda and Jeremy every success in conceiving and even urged Jeremy to work hard.

          For Kelly it’s different. Linda had her before she wed Jeremy which explains the rushed marriage without any prior announcement. No one, not even the nosy paparazzi have heard of Jeremy before that. In fact, the news then was still about Linda and Philip.

          And about the second baby being a result of Linda’s secret tryst with Philip, it’s plain stupid to suggest that I will claim such a thing. Linda is now happily married to Jeremy who is a true gentleman, so why would she wants to have anything to do with Philip anymore. In fact, she will never forgive Philip for impregnating her and then abandoning her.

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        • lyu310 replied:

          @creditor You’re the one shooting off your big mouth, so sit down. You’re so delusional, I’m sure you can come up with ANY scenario and try to validate it. I’m just stooping to your level.

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        • creditor replied:

          @lyu310 And I am not going to stoop down to yours as it is the lowest of the lowest.

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        • aunty4 replied:

          @lyu310 …. haha i think you are a pychop[athic lunatic with your delusions about showbiZ personalities.

          get a life

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        • lyu310 replied:

          @aunty4 Aunty, are you creditor? Because if you’ve read his/her comments you would know he is the delusional one. And what are my delusions about showbiz personalities? I’m just tired of creditor claiming Philip is Kelly’s father. How is that a delusion? She’s clearly Jeremy’s child. But thanks for butting in. Telling me to get a life but you had to comment? Girl, bye.

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    2. isay says:

      Hope linda gets baby 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 so we don’t need to see her yay!!

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      • janet72 replied:

        @isay give birth to another 4 and we will not have to see her.

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    3. happybi says:

      She looks great in that white dress! Still young so can chase the 4 kids!

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    4. jjwong says:

      Her nose reminds me of Tavia’s… o,O

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