Lisa Tse Wants to Stay in Hong Kong to Develop Acting Career

Lisa’s dad encouraged her to join Miss Hong Kong.

Winning Miss Hong Kong 2020 is still like a dream for 25-year-old overseas contestant Lisa Tse (謝嘉怡). Well liked by audiences due to her upbeat personality, Lisa hopes to stay in Hong Kong and develop her acting career at TVB after winning the crown.

Growing up in Scotland and graduating from Edinburgh Napier University last year, Lisa worked as a surgical nurse in a hospital. After the pageant, Lisa will not be returning to Scotland and wants to work at TVB. She said, “Hong Kong has a lot of things for me to do. I hope to work for TVB and film dramas. My main goal right now is to improve my Cantonese and prepare myself.”

Though her Cantonese pronunciation is lacking, Lisa still chose to sing the theme song to Shanghai Bund <上海灘> for her talent performance instead of an English song. She shared, “Many people expected me to sing an English song, but I want to let everyone know that I can sing Chinese songs too.” While some viewers criticized her pronunciation, Lisa said sweetly, “I wasn’t aware of the comments because I can’t read Chinese.”

Lisa’s father attended the pageant to show his support, but Lisa’s mother was noticeably absent. As her mother is Scottish and does not have a Hong Kong identity card, she is unable to enter Hong Kong due to the pandemic. Lisa’s father, who is a Hong Konger, had always wanted her to join the pageant and even suggested her to move to Hong Kong when she was 17 years old.

Sources: HK01, Weekend Weekly

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  1. So that’s her dad in the picture above? He seems pretty young. I’m sure she’s making good money as a nurse why joined tvb? You don’t get paid good and have to over work at all the time that’s why many of them left. Maybe she just wants some attention then get popular after that leave tvb for a better paid just like the rest did.

    1. @cutie777
      For your information….its poor money working as a nurse in Scotland and UK!!! so not surprised to hear her seeking future in HK….mind you not sure of the political circumstances there though

    2. @cutie777 yeah in addition to long hours too and having to wear full PPE during this pandemic it makes sense why she wants to venture else where. Sure TVB working is long hours too but it may be easier than working as a nurse.

  2. Lisa is very pretty, but she definitely needs to brush up her Cantonese if she wants longevity in the entertainment industry. When she sang Shanghai bund, oh my I was cringing

  3. she should take as many commercials as possible since they make easy $$. w/ her exotic looks, i doubt that it’s be too hard to find sponsor as long as TVB allows her to.

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