Lai Lok Yi Says Wedding Bells Are Imminent for Kenneth Ma and Roxanne Tong

The focus was meant to be about the release of a new brand of Chinese new year cake for the upcoming Lunar New Year, but reporters managed to slip in a few questions about his close friends, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯).

Attending a press conference for an upcoming Lunar New Year charity event, Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿) shared his experience of making Chinese new year cake himself, joking that his wife has tested so much that she almost doesn’t want to eat them anymore. “Even our helper told me to stop feeding her, haha!” he said.

The upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards will be held this Sunday. Nominated for four awards, Lok Yi said he is grateful for the honor, but does not expect himself to win anything. “For a guy with actual talent like me, if I don’t get one this time I’ll just wait for next year,” he joked.

Reporters pointed out that Kenneth has a high chance to win TV King and get married in the same year. Lok Yi spilled the details: “Whether he wins or not he will definitely marry Roxanne Tong. She has her flaws but she’s a good person, I guess. I know they want to have kids, so they gotta speed it up! Just look at how much I’m struggling for wanting to have a second child!”

Lok Yi’s comments “angered” Roxanne, who shared the article on her Instagram stories. She highlighted Lok Yi’s comment about Roxanne having flaws, and wrote, “Say that again!”


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  1. Their relationship sure sky rocket after the Jacqueline incident from dating and already rumors of getting married. But their cute together.

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