Louis Koo Wants to Star in Romantic Film with Jessica Hsuan Next

The 48-year-old actor admitted he did not get enough of the two’s onscreen scenes in “A Witness Out of the Blue”.


Earlier talk about stars Louis Koo (古天樂) and Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) getting married at the end of the year had gone viral, with fans following related news closely despite questioning the veracity of the rumors, due to their curiosity about Louis’ love life.

Steely Robber on the Run Meets Money-loving Landlord

Both former TVB artistes, Jessica and Louis partner again in action thriller A Witness Out of the Blue <犯罪現場> after Jessica signed on to Louis’ production company. Being the golden onscreen couple’s next collaboration 18 years after the 2001 hit drama A Step Into the Past <尋秦記>, fans are thrilled by the two’s relationship dynamics in the film.

In A Witness Out of the Blue, Louis plays a fearless jewelry chain robber who was embroiled in infighting among a gang of robbers while on the run from the police. Renting an apartment from Jessica’s character, his on-off, seemingly-there relationship with his landlord slowly causes his steely facade to break down.

More Nuanced Onscreen Performance

The two’s well-maintained looks belie the depth of experiences each has gained through the ebbs and flow of life all these years. Now an entertainment tycoon, Louis shared self-deprecatingly that with his age comes a different perspective while taking on his roles. “I feel more mature and see things differently from the past. This affects my understanding of the characters I play.”

Agreeing, Jessica described the changes he observed in Louis, “Just as he says, we are all mature now. Louis is a very steady person, and has an effortless command when it comes to acting without having to try too hard. Of course, he was already very good in the past and was excellent at emotional scenes. I admired (how he could) burst out screaming as the story required. Now that he has more life experiences behind him, his performance is even more layered.”

Louis Koo Misses Romantic Films

As their shared screen time for A Witness Out of the Blue took place mostly in the same apartment, Louis yearned for a role that would give Jessica and himself more scenes opposite each other. “To be honest I had not satisfied my acting fervor (in this role). If given the chance, a romantic film would be great.”

Jessica too enjoyed their onscreen dynamics. “At first in the story, I did not know that Louis was a robber, and only knew he was a little strange. My character was very greedy, so the relationship between us was very interesting. There were romantic feelings which didn’t flesh out further.  The middle part was very ambiguous and I believe many viewers will love revisiting these feelings through our characters,” she explained.

Louis’ Character Tries to Kill Jessica’s

Things took a dangerous turn, however, when Louis’ character mistakenly thought Jessica had exposed his identity and attempted to silence her. “The director wanted me to use a windbreaker to strangle her (neck). At first I worried that she’d feel claustrophobic, but she managed to do the scene in one take.”

Ever the professional actress, Jessica explained, “That’s how acting is. If you want the effect to be good, sometimes you have to use real force. When filming Line Walker <使徒行者>, my middle finger was being squashed by a table, but before the director shouted ‘cut’, I’d bear the pain and go on acting.”

Viewers are eagerly looking forward to the movie version of A Step Into The Past, and Louis is no exception. “This is also another reason I took on (the movie). Everyone hasn’t seen each other in over ten years, and are all overjoyed to meet again.”

“It’s like going back to those years; the feeling is so special.” Jessica concurred. Pointing out the difference, Louis remarked that most of the cast have since formed their own families and could not be as carefree as they had been back then, as they have more responsibilities.” Little did Louis know that most fans are more concerned about when he would settle down with the love of his life.

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This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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