Maggie Cheung’s Romance with German Boyfriend Still Strong

Since her divorce from French Director, Olivier Assayas in 2001, Maggie Cheung Man Yuk has been dating 39-year-old German architect, Ole Scheeren. The pair has been dating for the last three years. Earlier, there were rumors that Ole was attracted to a fellow female architect and split from the heart-broken Maggie.

However, according to Maggie’s close friend, her relationship with Ole was very stable. Last year, Maggie and Ole visited his family in Europe during the Christmas holiday. Chinese fortune teller, Mak Ling Ling, predicts that Maggie and Ole were very compatible with each other, suggesting that a marriage towards the end of the year was possible.
Recently, Maggie’s mother returned from Great Britain to Hong Kong . Maggie flew from Beijing to Hong Kong to spend more time with her mother. On January 15th, reporters spotted Mrs. Cheung walking on the streets of Hong Kong .


Jayne: Maggie Cheung still looks so youthful and her boyfriend, Ole looks like a movie star. Maggie has been leading a semi-retired life and she looks very happy and at peace.

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  1. Architect? He can be a model or like you said, Jayne, a movie star! She does seem happy now and seems to enjoy a more low profile lifestyle. She has the “been there done that” attitude with the success she has had all these years, so I’m sure now she just wants to take it easy now and truly enjoy life.

  2. Congrats to Maggie and so glad that she seems so happy now.. I really hope that if she does marry him that it will last.
    She has worked hard and has had a lot of success for a number of years already so it is now time for her to enjoy her life. Good luck to Maggie and Ole. Ole seems like a great guy and looks like a model.

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