Man at Airport Deliberately Picks a Fight With Edison Chen

Edison Chen‘s (陳冠希) hot temperament is a well-known matter, so it came as no surprise when netizens uploaded several gifs of Edison in a dispute at the airport.

In the gifs, Edison was decked in a blue chap and checkered shirt while facing a black-shirt man pushing a suitcase. The two seemed to be in an argument, causing a group of passersby to gather. Edison appeared to be swearing, but the other man turned his back to the camera, so it is not clear what his reaction was.

In the past, Edison had conflicts with others because he was trying to protect himself and his family’s privacy. But this time, he was alone. A female passerby in a white short-sleeved top and Edison’s bodyguards were trying to diffuse the situation and separate the two.

According to a witness, “Edison lashed out at the airport. Not only did he say “f***” several times, but he was also about to raise his hands. If he really did raise his hands, would the bodyguards by his side persuade him not to or would they fight?”

However, the witness was unsure of the cause of the problem. “Some people said that the man is actually a broadcaster. Every time he saw Edison, he deliberately angered Edison and then took a video of it to edit,” the witness reported.

Netizens blamed the “broadcaster” and called him shameless for irritating the star. On the other hand, Edison received a lot of support. One netizen said, “He endured it until he couldn’t, but he really didn’t need to do that.”

Source: Yahoo

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