Mandy Lam Survived Cancer and Contemplated Having a Baby

Winning the 2018 TVB Best Supporting Actress Award, Mandy Lam (林淑敏) is known for her sassy and spoiled character in Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛.回家之開心速遞>. Far from her onscreen character, Mandy’s life is not as easy because Mandy is a cancer survivor, and had to come to terms with the illness.

Mandy was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2010. Sharing the details of her treatment, Mandy said, “After my surgery, I went home and binge-watched 70 episodes of Three Kingdoms <三國>.  Afterwards, I went to the doctor.  My cancer was one of the worse types, and I had both chemotherapy and targeted therapy. I had faith, so I prayed and prayed to digest [the illness]. In the end, I thought I had to do all the treatments or else I would have regrets.”

Husband Proposed After Surgery

Compared to her courage for herself, Mandy said she was more grateful that her husband stood by her during her most difficult time, “After my recovery, he decided to propose to me. I was scared.  Even though I survived, the cancer happened during my childbearing age. I may not be able to have children or give my husband a healthy family.”

Mandy also praised her husband for taking care of her while she was ill, “I remember that he wasn’t a very great cook. His specialty was cooking instant noodles. Ever since he knew I was sick, he went to the market every day to buy groceries and cook for me so I can have five side dishes and soup. In addition, I had poor understanding of my cancer. My husband would surf the Internet every day to tell me any relevant information.”

Genetically High Hormone Level

Mandy had wanted to have a baby, but after surviving cancer, Mandy had another health issue relating to her genetically high hormone level.

“I thought about giving birth, but truthfully, many women with breast cancer have weaker fertility. Although my fertility is normal and I will not have any problems giving birth, I also have genetically high hormone levels. I had to undergo hormonal treatments such as taking inhibitors for five years. After the five years, I could choose not to continue and give birth. I discussed with my husband, but he was worried any hormonal changes could result in my cancer relapsing.”


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    1. @cutie777 Wiki says she’s 42.
      I believe she said in an interview she’s focusing on her career due to the success of Come home love so I doubt she’s going to have kids.

      1. @bubbles23 well if she wants to be a mom then she might have to slow down her work but if she choose her career over being a mom then she stick onto her career.

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