Mandy Lieu Banished to England; Heidi Chan Leaves Hospital After Childbirth

Alvin Chau (周焯華) is now celebrating the arrival of two daughters. Last month, Alvin’s lover Mandy Lieu gave birth to a baby girl in London. The Macau casino tycoon flew to London to accompany the Hong Kong model during the last few days of her pregnancy. Two weeks after the birth of Mandy’s daughter, Alvin’s wife, Heidi Chan (陳慧玲), gave birth to another baby girl, Damiana.

After the birth of Mandy’s daughter, Heidi’s friend Tiffany Chan (陳嵐) accused Mandy for leaking the information to the press about her giving birth in London with Alvin to provoke Heidi, calling her actions malicious. Heidi also broke her silence on the issue and said, “I’ve never liked fighting over things with anyone. If you like them, then take them. If you can take them, then take them.”

Although Heidi was well aware of Mandy’s relationship with Alvin, a source said that she did not believe in Mandy’s pregnancy until after the news of her daughter’s birth was leaked to the press. Alvin had a big fight with Mandy over the matter.

To apologize to Heidi, Alvin purchased a $100 million HKD mansion in Macau to give to Heidi. He also promised Heidi that for the time being, he would not visit Mandy, who is still in London. Heidi also stipulated that Mandy cannot return to the Hong Kong/ Macau region for the next two years.

After the birth of Damiana on May 30, Alvin would travel to Hong Kong from Macau every day to visit his wife and daughter in the hospital. Alvin’s older sister also visited Heidi.

Heidi finally left the hospital on June 4, but Alvin, who left earlier that morning, was not by her side. Heidi smiled for the press and even posed for pictures. When asked about her daughter, she politely refused to comment.


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  1. “Heidi also stipulated that Mandy cannot return to the Hong Kong/ Macau region for the next two years.”

    I wonder how exactly she can make sure that Mandy will never step her foot in Macau for the next two years? Will she have a PI to follow Mandy around?

  2. These 3rd party relation is always a big headache… I wonder why she can’t step foot in HongKong/Macau for 2 years though did she break the law or something… unless Heidi has hired some people to give a her a lesson if she comes back XD

    This story is like a TV drama… now I wonder what’s the ending lol

    1. @vodka I think maybe she wants to get English citizenship. Must stay in England for 2 first years, during which each year can only go abroad for a few weeks

  3. He’s trying to walk in the footsteps of Stanley Ho? Wife #2 (Pansy Ho’s mom) permanently in Canada?
    Joseph Lau? With wife #1 dead (and a whole bunch of mistresses on the side when she was sick and dying) and now with #2 and #3 gfs and their kids vying for attention?

    WHY are BOTH women even fighting over Alvin Chau? Is there any joy in having such a man? Whoever the victor is – he will be straying again soon with yet another new gf.

    Money isn’t everything. Respect for self, peace mentally and emotionally is more important to health and happiness.

  4. “Heidi also stipulated that Mandy cannot return to the Hong Kong/ Macau region for the next two years.”

    If Mandy did leak information to the press, then it was wrong. However, it doesn’t mean that Heidi can stop Mandy from returning to HK/Macau region for the next two years. Yeah Mandy was the third party, but Thats a little harsh and unjust towards Mandy.
    I mean, if someone did something bad to you, it doesn’t mean you can take revenge and do something bad to them. This will only go back and forth and it will never end. Besides, Mandy is not the only one who was wrong. Alvin has to take responsibility too.

    I think the most important thing now is to focus on the daughters. How will Mandy care for hers in London? Does she have enough money and energy to support herself? Will Alvin be flying to London to visit her? That’s still his daughter. Heidi has no right to take that away from Alvin, despite she is his wife because he should take responsibility for what he’s done

    Boy, their lives sure are a mess. >.>

  5. >>> Mandy is not the only one who was wrong. Alvin has to take responsibility too.

    >>>because he should take responsibility for what he’s done

    Precisely. Just walk away independently, and sue him for child support. Why fight?

    Money is his attraction, and these 2 women are fighting for this useless douche, who obviously has no respect for either and will probably go on to spread his seed to other women after even if he manages to keep both existing women on some negotiable happy balance.

    I can’t see how daughters brought into such a farce of a relationship will grow up to be strong grounded independent women (unless they choose to rebel and go the opposite way of their mothers).

  6. Seriously, I feel tired for Alvin, being in between 2 women with newborns and fighting. Having to fly to England regularly and travel for business trips and make sure to still make his wife happy ! I would be exhausted ! Forget about having a mistress, I’ll stay home and watch TV ! lol

  7. are you kidding? this guy deserve to be exhausted and even worser things but his luck and bad luck is his money in which he can create and maintain all this shit.

  8. are you kidding? this guy deserve to be exhausted and even worser things but his luck and bad luck is his money in which he can create and maintain own farce.

  9. I pity both women. But the wife more.

    It’s so obvious that she’s trying to maintain an impassive facade but that’s only cause she can’t fight and win. Her husband is disloyal to her, but instead of dropping him, she decides to allow this open relationship to continue. She’s still trying to keep up the ‘face’ for herself. The only one hurting is her.

    I do pity Mandy too. She’ll always be known as the homewrecker from now on. And her kids will also bear the brunt of that shame. Papz will pound on her at every opportunity & people will whisper behind her back and label her unsavory names. Her beau is also going to spend most of his time on business & his original family while leaving her with the bulk of childrearing. If her career isn’t over, it will be since Mama Chan isn’t going to stand around and allow her to get business.

    Alvin deserves everything that’s coming to him or is already there. In a sense I guess you can also say the same for both ladies, but maybe they just don’t care.

  10. @coralie:

    (1) Yes agree on pity for them, as a fellow woman in the 21st cent.

    Esp Heidi his wife who was Alvin’s team mate fighting their way up their financial riches from bottom together. And has so much stake in all his businesses, since she’s part of the company and all its assets too.

    Couldn’t have been easy, trying to carve a niche in the Macau gambling territory, protected turf of Stanley Ho. Afterall behind every successful man, is often an even more capable supportive smart woman.

    It may seem like a waste giving up on her marriage considering their history together, what they achieved and also the ultimate ‘face’ saving.
    But Heidi still has many years ahead of her in the entire journey = bottomline: is it worth it to keep living like that, in this emotional unrest and having to keep tabs on this straying D*ckhead all the time (and not that it works anyway)?!??

    It’s slow poison to herself, since acceptance and turning a blind eye is NOT exactly peace either – it’s just self deception numbing. So much baggage to keep maintaining this existence. And it may NOT stop at Mandy, there could be #3 ~ #6 following – Canada, US, Oz, NZ, SE Asia … he can well afford it.

    Heidi may be somewhat poorer if she leaves him but so much richer in a healthier soul and peace of mind.

    (2) Come to think of it when it comes to the crunch, no. Actually I don’t really feel much pity for Mandy. She made her bed, she has to lie in it – this includes her child who will also grow up with a stigma as child of the mistress. If she is forever known as the mistress with gossip behind her … well so be it = Mandy chose to live this way.

    Mandy MAY NOT have known this dude was married when she stepped in, but to go as far as to have his baby (and taunt his wife too) has way overstepped any empathy boundaries.

    These 2 women are just foolish.
    It’s their lives too, and they’re going to spend it in this game challenging/taunting each other. How tiring and how unhealthy – for them, for their kids.

    Just let him go on to seed, soil and spoil someone else’s life. They should just leave him and lead their own independently. They still have more than half their lives ahead of them.

    1. @nomad822

      1) I don’t know, nomad. The wife could just divorce the husband and take control of half his assets. This doesn’t mean selling the company; more like, being partners in business rather than partners in life. I don’t pity her for the simple fact that she chose to remain at this station. And instead of shackling that man she calls her husband, instead she chooses to denigrate his mistress. She also laid her own bed.

      2) Mandy is a home-wrecker. But she’s never come out to deny that claim, at the very least. She will be, and always will be, known as the third party. And I pity her for that reason. Maybe I pity her stupidity. I don’t know. But I just know I do. Maybe even she didn’t know what she was getting herself into but by the time the wave crashed over her, it was too late. And her poor kid.

      1. @coralie:

        1) True. Business partners, rather than husband and wife.

        But easier said than done maybe. She’s probably very emotionally invested in his husband, and accepts every infidelity incident he has dealt her.

        Heidi sounds reactively emotionally driven at this point (and maybe with ill-advice from the side to hang on and duke it out. Afterall people in emotional turmoil, no matter how rational or intelligent sometimes cannot think straight).

        I feel sorry for BOTH women for the choice they’re making. This is NO way to spend the rest of their lives. The only winner is Alvin (his loss is the energy to jet fr HK-UK and make time to appease both ends).

        It may be easier on themselves to be the bigger person (as in the recent article of Jet Li and his history with former wife #1) – but to forgive, forget and become remain really good friends/business partners = how do you ever trust this person as a friend .. as someone who betrayed your trust (as Jet Li’s former wife did)?

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