Matthew Ho’s Goal on Becoming Lead Actor

Not only does TVB actor Matthew Ho <何廣沛> possess good looks but also good luck. Matthew joined the entertainment field six years ago and has already risen in ranks from nameless characters to second male lead in the current hit drama Life on the Line <跳躍生命線>. To put things into perspective, Joe Ma <馬德鐘>, the lead actor of the drama, took ten years to achieve the same status. Matthew is very grateful for all his opportunities and knows that he is lucky. However, he does not want this to negate his talent and the hard work that he has invested.

Matthew grew up in a middle class family and graduated from California State University with a degree in Accounting. “I was always great at math and my family thought I would make a great accountant. But I saw that many of my seniors after graduation still had to continue their studies. Every day, they would leave work at late hours and all the overtime put in could accumulate to a month’s worth of vacation! So I thought to myself, why don’t I find a job that I would be happy with.”

It is clear that Matthew is an analytical and rational person. From the day he joined TVB, he set himself clear goals to achieve. “The company had asked me where I see myself in five or ten years. I told them that five years later, I hope to be recognized by the public. In ten years, I hope to be the male lead in dramas.” However, he agrees that his current job is not one that provides a steady income. “Just because your current drama is a hit doesn’t mean that the next one will be. The success of a drama directly affects other opportunities for income like commercials or events. To be honest, ratings and feedback are no longer important to me. No other job can bring me the satisfaction that acting can.”

Matthew has filmed 32 dramas since joining TVB but he has particularly fond memories for Life on the Line. “When I watch the opening theme, all the memories come back to me. Over the four months of filming, I built a strong camaraderie with my colleagues; we went through a lot of tough yet memorable times together.”

Source: HK01

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