Michael Miu’s Mother Passed Away at 95 Years-Old

Ealier, Michael Miu Kiu Wai’s mother passed away in Ningbo , China . Mrs. Miu was ninety-five years of age. Last week, when Michael received news that his mother was seriously ill, he and wife, Jamie Chik Mei Chun, quickly flew to Ningbo . Unfortunately, Mrs. Mui had already passed away.
Sharing His Mother’s Great Love
Grieved by his mother’s death, the filial Michael is currently taking care of funeral arrangements in Ningbo. Michael and Jamie opened a joint blog yesterday and wrote: “Our mother (Mrs. Mui) passed away at the age of ninety-five.  We are taking care of her funeral arrangements. Each day, we are quietly thinking of her.  Forever gone is her life, which appeared ordinary on the surface, but was extraordinary at the same time. We would like to share the precious legacy she left behind, which included her great love, generosity, content and happiness! We wish all mothers in the world health and happiness! Finally, mother, we love you!”

After Mrs. Mui moved to Ningbo permanently, Michael, Jamie, and their children often celebrated the holidays with her in China .  Since Michael shared a strong bond with his mother, he hoped that her funeral arrangements were thorough and taken care of properly.

Source: Mingpao

Jayne: Earlier, there were tabloid photos of Jamie Chik crying at a bar. The photos surfaced around the same time Michael Miu was rumored with porn star, Leni Lan. Due to Michael’s mother severely sick at the time, perhaps that may have explained Jamie’s saddened outburst.

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  1. I am so sad to hear this since I know the pain of losing a parent(I have been there). IT is the most painful thing in the world and I pray that all children will be filial to their parents while they still have them or else they will regret it once they lose their parents.

    May Miu’s mother rest in peace. It is great that she lived until 95. My grandma lived until 100, but regardless of the age, they will forever in your hearts.

    Now I think we all understand why Jamie was probably crying so much…I still remember back then when Leo Ku was crying so much because he was saddened to leave the cast of HZGG 3. However, people just used that picture of him crying saying that he was crying due to the bad ratings. The reporters can really twist things….

  2. HeTieShou, I am sorry to hear about your personal experience. A parent’s passing away is like one part of your life gone because of those associated memories tied to it. When my father had a stroke 4 years ago, we were really scared that he would leave us at that moment. Now he is in his 70s and although currently in good health, the risks get higher with old age. I don’t even want to think about when that time to say goodbye would come.

  3. Hi Jayne,
    Thanks so much for your words of sympathy. I really appreciate it but am really sorry to hear that your dad had a stroke. We always worry about our parents as they get older. My mom just got out of the hospital and is better now but she always worries about when she will leave us too. It is so painful to hear it each time. I wish your dad great health and happiness. However, it is fate and we can’t fight it. The best thing that we can do is to love and treasure our parents while they are still with us instead of regret it when they are gone.

  4. HeTieShou, I hope your mother is feeling better. When you love someone (nothing can probably match a parent’s love for a child), you naturally worry about the time when separation might occur, especially if one of those triggers is illness.

    Our health condition can probably be improved by our daily habits, food choices, and how we manage stress. Your words about treasuring our parents are very true. As their children, we have a large impact on our parents’ happiness.

    When we are kids, parents are the most important people to us. As we grow into our teens and young adulthood, friends and boyfriends become our focus and our parents recede into the background. I think I said the most hurtful things to them during that timeframe. And now as my parents have gotten older, I’ve become their watchdog, nagging them about certain lifestyle habits etc. Our roles have reversed. But I still believe that a parent will always love their child more than a child will ever be able to return their love.

  5. Jayne,
    Thanks so much for your kind words. My mom is feeling a lot better but she claims that she has gotten weaker than before. I know that pain of saying good bye because besides, I also lost my maternal grandma and my uncle all in 2006. It hurt me even more… But we all do not know when someone’s time will come and it is scary to think about it.

    Yea, we all need to treasure our parents and everyone important around us. I have seen so many people just take everyone for granted and then get all sad and regretful when they lose them. No one lives forever and I knew that at a young age so I always try to show the people that are important to me how much they mean to while I can.

    My parents have always been #1 to me since I never had a boyfriend. Even if I did, my parents are still #1. But they said that if I ever get married then my husband and kids and his family are above all, which is the traditional way of thinking.

    You are so right that we never seem to be able to return our parents love to us, but we should try our best to. As we get older, we become our parents caretakers. But you know that becomes hard if you want to get married and have kids, then they become your priority so it gets hard to take care of parents too…However, we all try our best anyways…

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