Sonija Kwok Shares Intimate Scenes with Michael Miu, Unafraid of Jamie Chik’s Jealousy

In TVB’s new series, Men and Women’s Dwelling Choice <抉宅男女>, Sonija Kwok Sin Lei will play Michael Miu Kiu Wai’s wife. Since Sonija plays a housewife in the series, she noted that it was the most comfortable role she has portrayed recently.

Since Sonija and Michael will portray a couple who has been married for a decade, the pair will share frequent intimate scenes. When reporters teased that Michael’s wife, Jamie Chik Mei Chun, may get jealous, Sonija laughed and said that Michael and Jamie’s marriage was “stronger than gold.”

At the costume fitting for Men and Women’s Dwelling Choice yesterday, Michael revealed that he has entered another level in his twenty-year marriage with Jamie. However, Michael still had the feeling of when he first dated Jamie.

Source: the Sun

Jayne: Sonija Kwok and Linda Chung’s images seem very bland in Men and Women’s Dwelling Choice.

Michael Miu is a playful man. He comes across flirtatious, but a devoted husband at the same time. Haha reminds me ofBosco Wong’s numerous rumors, but amidst it all, his relationship with Myolie Wu has remained strong.

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  1. Sonija Kwok looks old in the picture above. Need more blusher and lipstick. Needs image consultant and good PRs. And I will not be surprised there will be rumours of her seducing him during filming, him almost leaving Jamie for her, Jamie crying and voila, reunion.

    Difference with this and Michael Tao incident is I do think Michael Miu (ahhh another Michael) will handle the whole sordid scandal with more grace and thoughtfulness to both wife and Sonija. Somehow Michael MIU strikes me as a gentleman.

  2. Eh another Michael also in the picture! HK loves the name Michael?

  3. Sonija will play a housewife in this series. So, she won’t be using a lot of make up.

  4. I have been a long time fan of Micheal ever since the 80s and he is a gentleman and a great actor. He seems to have a lot of chemistry with all of his co stars to the point that the audience will think that he really likes them in real life. Just like with Barbara yung, he co starred with her in a lot of series back then that fans would dream of them being together. But he only loves Jamie and they met back in 1982 and dated until they got married in 1990. Miu and Jamie are lucky to have each other and are one the few onscreen and real life couples that have such a strong relationship.

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