Michael Tse, Raymond Lam, and Wayne Lai In Fierce Best Actor Race

TVB’s Anniversary Awards were often regarded as the year-end report card for the company’s leading artists. The fight for TV King and TV Queen often grabbed the entire city’s attention. Unfortunately, the first half of 2011 did not yield any wildly popular series. Currently, Michael Tse’s (謝天華) Lives of Omission <潛行狙擊>was considered to be the front-runner.  To make the battle for TV King more intense, TVB will be airing Men With No Shadows <不速之約> and Forensic Heroes 3<法證先鋒III>in September and October respectively, adding Wayne Lai (黎耀祥)and Raymond Lam (林峯) to the Best Actor race!

Over the past eight months, no particular TVB series garnered extremely popular ratings or word-of-mouth. Earlier regarded as one of 2011’s heavy-hitters, Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) My Sister of Eternal Flower <花花世界花家姐>generated only mediocre ratings and response.  Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir>also failed to boost Moses Chan’s (陳豪) popularity higher. Branded as “ungrateful in love,” Moses’ character in Yes Sir, No Sir dragged down his image. The remaining series Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>and The Other Truth <真相>resulted in the audience’s favorable response towards Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), Raymond Wong (黃浩然), and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬).

With the current broadcast of Lives of Omission in Hong Kong, Michael Tse was considered to be in the brightest spot. Allegedly, TVB did not want the TV King race to be one-sided. To increase the exciting atmosphere of the upcoming Anniversary Awards, TVB changed their strategy by adding Raymond Lam and Wayne Lai to the Best Actor battle. Due to the disappointing results of My Sister of Eternal Flower, this lowered Raymond Lam’s chances to win the TV King title. As a result, TVB decided to broadcast Men With No Shadows, which stars Raymond, Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華), and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) on September 12, 2011.

In addition, two-time Best Actor, Wayne Lai’s Forensic Heroes 3 was currently in non-stop post-production work, hoping to catch the broadcast timeslot in October. This  allows Wayne the opportunity to join the battle for TV King and enhance the competitive atmosphere. Forensic Heroes 3 Producer, Miu Siu Ching (梅小青), uploaded two promotional clips of the series on her blog, attracted lively discussion among netizens. Barring unforeseen circumstances, this year’s TV King race should be between Michael Tse, Raymond Lam, and Wayne Lai!

Regarding plans to film a new “Laughing Gor” movie, Michael Tse said, “Whether the plans for this movie are definite or not, we have to wait for the official announcement.” Michael revealed that the new Laughing Gor movie should start shooting in late September 2011. New roles and actors will be added to the movie, which may be a departure from Lives of Omission. Regarding outside speculations that TVB was interested to crown Michael as the new TV King, he stated, “By the time the movie is done, it will be released at year-end. As you know, the TVB Anniversary Awards will also occur at year-end, which turns out to be a timing coincidence!”

With Lives of Omission achieving average ratings of 29 points in its first week of broadcast and peaking at 33 points (approximately 2.09 million viewers), Michael admitted that the ratings were a good start. To his knowledge, in Lives of Omission’s first week of broadcast, the series’ website received 2.2 million hits. Michael hoped that the ratings would continue to improve.

Asked whether this will increase his confidence in becoming TV King, Michael said, “It is only August now. There is still a period of time before the year-end Anniversary Awards. Of course, the more people supporting Lives of Omission, my confidence will become greater.”

Asked whether he wanted to receive the TVB Best Actor Award, Michael replied, “Every parent wants their child to earn the top score, rather than the bottom score.” (Do you have confidence?) “I have confidence in everything I do.”

Source: Appledaily.com.hk

Jayne: Year-to-date, Michael Tse’s chance in winning the TVB Best Actor Award this year is the highest. I do think that his closest competitor will be Raymond Lam, so we will have to see how the ratings for Men With No Shadows fare.

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  1. Michael is full of confidence to win. I also think he has the highest popularity with existing fanbase of the Laughing character and has the highest chance although the series only aired 9 episodes. TVB might also want to boost Michael to help his next Laughing movie.

    I only strongly hope Fala won’t get nominated as Best Actress just because she’s paired with Laughing. Fala and Kate are the weak links and are riding on Michael and Bosco’s solid performances and partnership in LOO.

    I also agree that Raymond has the second highest chance. His red eyed demon character has been anticipated before the series even get filmed. It’s an open door of opportunity for him.

    Kevin’s Law Ba will get the obvious nomination prize as Most Favourite Character. It’s a given.

    I don’t think Wayne will win again. Why don’t the reporters ask Wayne about his opinion? I want to hear if he’s also confident lol

      1. exoidus have an idea that Wayne isn’t expressing the truth and just pick random competitors to make himself look good. Tsk Wayne I prefer if Wayne said his sincere feeling

      2. Thank you for the appreciation Wayne. It’s more valuable than getting trapped inside TBB messy politics haha..:)

  2. Ray with his performance in sister fa haha

    why really cares about the award anyway. it’s just a bargaining price for tvb to hold to their milking cows

    1. its tvbs way and time to promote their artist/shows/awards, and everything else!

      i think some pple care

  3. what’s going to happen if Bobby overshadows Raymond then? lol

    Of the series that aired, I’m rooting for Michael Tse, Kevin for Ghetto Justice, and Roger for Wax and Wane for a top 5 slot.

    1. W&W? Roger didn’t get talked about and the series has miserable ratings and popularity. The most memorable spot is Kate’s wavering and miscast performance as the good girl.

      Michael Tse is mostly banking on his existing popularity but I have a feeling he will win. He fits the bill.

      1. roger was actually quite good in W&W, however because of the failure of series overall he won’t stand a chance.

        acting wise he is way above the others save ruco

      2. I can see Roger’s fans bashing whoever the winner is because Roger don’t stand any chance. WAW sucks and Kate sucks too agree with @lol

      3. @exoidus – If Kate and Fala get to the five finalist that’s sickening already

      4. “wonder if tvb will let kate win haha”

        Anyone BUT Kate 😛

      5. “best tvb actress 2011 goes to kate tsui for her role in W&W” LOL

      6. I agree that Roger probably won’t get top 5 based on ratings, but acting wise, I think Roger did a great job in an otherwise weak series.

    2. tvb will cut bobby’s scenes in order to let their beloved son win the award.

      1. They don’t need to. When MWNS is airing Raymond naturally Raymond will get the coverage by the media. He’s the star.

    3. You are sure fascinated by Kate Tsui.
      I hate Sharmaine sheh and I think this is one of ugliest and uncharming actress in the world but I don’t go anywhere to talk about her ! I can ignore her wherever I go but you, you can’t go anywhere without talking about kate. No matter what you think about her you can’t ignore her.

      1. I think I reply to every members of the I-Hate-Kate sect and can’t go anywhere without talking about her.

      2. @Zaza wtf are you even talking about? I didn’t even mention Kate in my comment. Also, I don’t hate Kate so stop being an over-sensitive fan.

      3. If you don’t feel concerned by the “sect” get over my post. And you should learn that “You” may apply for several persons if you don’t know…

      4. And does this new concern Kate ? Why don’t you give your advice to over-blinded kate hater ?

      5. It’s Charmaine Sheh, by the way. And get lost, please. She’s not ugly nor whatsoever. She’s pretty and charming, and she has many fans who support her. So please… Just get lost.

  4. Does Tavia and Raymond have a romantic relationship in Men with no Shadows? If so, hope they have better chemistry than they did in Mysteries of Love! lol

    And yay we get to see Bobby again soon! Love him! =D

    1. I’m sure a series with Bobby, Raymond, and Tavia will have good ratings! 😀 Can’t wait to see Bobby back!

    2. I think Ray likes Tavia and wants her, she kinda falls for him and Bobby thinks her child is Rays(dunno how a demon is gonna have kids tho…)…thats what I got from the TVBI trailer. Oh and Sire Ma(Bobbys Sis) likes Ray. There you have it a typical TVB Love square!!

      1. But a love square is better than a love pentagon…36 hours on call…

  5. I LOVE it that the media can guess who will get the award when

    -some series only aired a few episodes! LOO!
    -some series not aired yet! FH3! MWNS!

    ROFL!! This shows TVB is rigged!

  6. Kevin did so well in Ghetto Justice, I’m rooting for him. Ruco was good in The Other Truth too … ahhh so hard to pick.

    Wayne Lai doesn’t have a chance this year. Raymond Lam didn’t garner much hype. I’m ok with Michael winning also!!

    1. I might get negativity from Kevin’s fans but Ruco’s acting is much better. Kevin is blessed with a great character and the whole GJ is dedicated to develop his character. Kevin improved tremendously , yes but I think he’s more deserving of Most Favourite Character than Best Actor. Besides Ruco is younger than Kevin and more marketable given his age

      1. yes, i agree. kevin characther was very likable, but i feel ruco’s characther has so much more substance.

        ruco is also a much better actor and he seems eager to continue to refine his acting skills unlike some others that solely base their whole career on their looks and are too busy dating rich business men/plastic dolls haha

      2. I can see that Ruco is really popular now. The comments here show it.

        Base of the comments here, you would think he’s the God of Acting. lol.

      3. @ Fox

        Yes, Ruco portrayed his role in TOT very well. He did shine in the series. His acting in the series is natural and has depth. So, he does deserve the praises he get.

        But, to say he’s the best of them all and better than other potential Best Actor candidates, and that Wayne will sure lost to him, that’s a bit over. That’s just my personal opinion.

        Fox, give the series a try. I know you don’t like Tavia, but, watch for the plot and other actors.

      4. @Kidd: Ok, maybe in the future when my gross feeling towards TY declined. To see the comments on Ruco, I think I’ll give him a chance, maybe in his next stuff ATF.

      5. I think Ruco don’t have a chance for the Best Actor this year, cos he’s not in Q yet. All this award had been plan ealier.

    2. Wayne is another overconfident man besides hyped Laughing. Agreed Kevin has likeable character but Ruco is the greatest and best of them all.

      Stupid that Wayne don’t pick Ruco as his competitor and pick Kevin and some random kid off the street?? as his competitor?? He might be joking

      1. wayne is a very smart man. he knows that if he picks ruco as his opponent then he will surely lose.

        roger is not in the race and the others are really not that great. my pick is laughing…

      2. @exoidus

        You might be right! Wayne is slicker than I thought he purposely pick competitors who are not up to his level so that he will purposely look better.

      3. although didn’t watch he mustve get about Ruco’s great acting from news and comments. Wayne purposely want to ignore Ruco. He lose a bit of my respect for his bias at Bosco and Kevin

      4. @ Vivien

        So, if he didn’t watch the series but still praise Ruco because other people say Ruco is good, he’s worthy of respect?

        Parroting other’s opinion is something worthy of respect?

        It’s not the first time Wayne gave an opinion that differ from general public. He praise Ron when everyone thinks Ron’s acting sux. People were bewildered at his choice back then. He’s just doing the same here. But, you want him to be ‘sincere about his feelings’ when his picks does not agree with your choices.

    3. Pandamao,
      I think Michael Tse will win Best Actor this year, provided LOO continues to pull in high ratings for its remaining episodes. TVB also put a lot of marketing behind LOO, rushing it into post-production and airing it 2 months after filming. The trailers are very well done, with great background music, adding to cinema feel. Since its broadcast,, the LOO cast has been busyily promoting the series at live events every few days.

      With filming of the movie to start in September, no doubt Michael will continue to be in the headlines, pushing Laughing Gor popularity higher. His articles have been non stop over last week.

      I also think Michael’s portrayal of Laughing Gor is more layered in LOO than E.U., in which he. Was more flamboyant and appeared to be more a performer than real person. In LOO, he is more subdued and his “chok” expressions more natural. Acting wise, I think he deserves the award.

      If Michael wins Best Actor, then either Kevin Cheng or Raymond Lam will win Favorite Male Actor Award.

      Kevin Cheng already won Best Actor, plus he’s been filming in mainland frequently, which decreases his time in HK to campaign for himself.

      Ruco is still new to leading male status. TVB will make him wait a few years before they give him this juicy award, otherwise what will be his motivation for the next few years?

      1. I hope TVB put Bosco is the Best Supporting Actor category instead of the Best Actor. TVB has been putting a bunch of supporting actors in the Best Actor/Actress category lately.

      2. Because Michael owns the character Laughing Gor, not the other way round. Like Wayne, he also worked hard in TVB for many years before given real lead role (consistently). I will support his win this year 🙂

        Ruco acting is good, but he is not TV King material – yet. He still have to portray a variety of lead roles and acquire higher of media exposure first.

      3. To kidd: Then tvb would have to put raymond in supporting and ron because they are second leads

      4. have people forgotten that Ruco is not new at all to this industry? to tvb maybe. He has acted in various roles before, including beautifully portraying an autistic character.

        Best acting award should be given to best actor not based on their years spent with a network alone.

        His motivation? He’s an actor. If he likes to act, he’ll continue to act despite winning an award.

      5. To ping: It’s TVB award we are talking about. Mentioning of these things dun change the fact that the chance for Ruco to win is kinda small.

        And if he really wins, he’ll gain a huge number of anti fans – who are fans of other siu sangs who stayed with TVB longer than Ruco. Then, it isn’t a bad thing for Ruco to lose. His career has just restarted in TVB. Long run awaiting.

      6. Ray will probably win the same awards he does every year. Except that one year (2009) where he didn’t have any series that aired. He will win the TVB.com one most likely…actually maybe not…I have seen his blog at number one is a while… But maybe he is ready or good enough for Best Actor(please don’t hate on me for saying that, I am a LF fan). Michael totally deserves it for his role as Laughing. It’s a great role! At first in 2009, when it first aired I didn’t see what was the big deal and that his acting was a bit much…but now it’s a lot better and you get to see more of Laughing’s personality! And the script is written quite well. I love the little comedic moments with Laughing :)!

      7. @ Jake

        “To kidd: Then tvb would have to put raymond in supporting and ron because they are second leads”

        Raymond can still be put into the Best Actor category because they can consider him co-lead in that Devil series.

        But, LOO is a Laughing Gor series. Bosco’s role is a supporting role. A big supporting role, but, still a supporting role.

  7. I’ll be delighted if Bosco wins Best Actor for his villian role in “Lives of Omission” and Myolie wins Best Actress for playing the lawyer in “Ghetto Justice”.

  8. havent watched LOO yet,

    but aside from no good series this year,

    do you really think Michael Tse – Laughing’ acting is deserving of best actor award?

    if so, i should watch it, if not.. i have no interest to watch it at all.

    1. reason why i asked, i think so far, i can only see Ruco’s acting as keith in the other truth is deserving to win best actor. (he did not win most improved -yet i know)

    2. Hello,
      I enjoy watching Michael Tse’s acting as Laughing Gor. He’s quite convincing as the unorthodox, street-wise cop. He’s more toned down and natural than in E.U. and holds good screen presence in Lives of Omission.

      I like Ruco as well. However, Laughing Gor and Law Ba’s characters were written in a more creative and compelling way in the script, which gives them a slightly added standpoint.

      1. this is unfair to Ruco! TVB wrote Laughing character to make him win

      2. no even though laughing role is so popular but one day the audience is going to get tired of it than his popularity will go down

      3. Jake, but it’s also factual that Laughing Gor character is already etched in everyone’s mind as a classic and memorable character since E.U. :).

        I’m not a fan of Laughing Gor or Michael Tse – but I acknowledge this.

      4. if raymond’s role get good reviews than pretty much the battle will be btw raymond n michael but i really think that tvb would rather give it to raymond instead

      5. In fairness I think people should accept it was Law Ba that made Kevin, and not really the other way around. The character could have been pulled off equally well by any other senior TVB actor, with their own nuances since the character is so naturally quirky. I think Kevin only turned in a mediocre performance for such a enjoyable character. Especially past half the series when Law Ba’s character became a bit more ‘mainstream’ and less ‘atypical’, it became quite acting-as-normal. Nothing impressive really.

      6. SDS,
        “In fairness I think people should accept it was Law Ba that made Kevin, and not really the other way around.”

        I agree with your assessment, that Law Ba’s character already shined in the script. Kevin gave a good performance, but the character design made him sparkle more than the other way around.

        The design of Laughing Gor character is equally compelling to Law Ba’s character. Michael Tse’s acting contributed to Laughing Gor’s attraction. Michael has a certain toughness about him (maybe inherited from his Young and Dangerous Days) that makes him very convincing as such a streetwise cop.

        There is also a humorous and laid-back side to Laughing Gor, which Michael was able to convey his person humor and charm to. I am enjoying his performance in Lives of Omission very much. Michael’s performance is “film quality” in the sense that he added much detail to the performance. Sometimes, I feel that TVB artists stand around much too awkwardly when they do not have any lines; the body language is very stiff.

        Michael looks very smooth and comfortable with himself as Laughing Gor. He was okay in Relic of an Emissary, but overboard in The Rippling Blossom. I wonder why he did not apply the same detail in performance to his other character roles.

        I agree with most comments made regarding Fala’s unsuitability in playing the Madam role in LOO. I think Yoyo Mung would have been a much better casting choice. Yoyo has a tomboy-like quality that makes her appear to be a much more convincing police officer. I can see Yoyo shouting at Laughing Gor much more than Fala!

      7. Michael *has* applied equal detail to most of his roles including early ones such as the effeminate character in Moments of Endearment and the buck-toothed lawyer in Legal Entanglement, and even as recently as his role in My Better Halves.

        I think the crux of the matter is that the character must make *sense* in the first place — there must be reasonable explanations for his actions in the script — before an actor can put everything together and deliver a believable performance. If the character doesn’t convince the actor himself, it will show in an uncomfortable performance.

        And that I think is the main problem with Blossom and Relic. Relic’s character was really very weakly-written — the writers obviously didn’t quite know what to do with an original character and mistakenly thought that throwing females at him would solve the problem! And Blossom was obviously worse… though IMHO Michael did manage to prove that he has rather strong screen presence with it.

      8. Hmmmm,
        “Michael *has* applied equal detail to most of his roles including early ones such as the effeminate character in Moments of Endearment ”

        I remember Michael Tse in “Moments of Endearment” as an aerobics teacher. His effeminate performance supplied much humor in the series. Since his character was straight, was there really a reason for such effeminate gestures in his performance? It was never explained in the show.

        “I think the crux of the matter is that the character must make *sense* in the first place — there must be reasonable explanations for his actions in the script — before an actor can put everything together and deliver a believable performance.”

        A well-developed character in the script certainly allows the actor to shine, but the actor must be able to grasp and understand the character well first. The foundation is in the script, but the director and actor’s abilities bring the role to life.

        I do find a wide ranging inconsistency in Michael Tse’s acting between “The Rippling Blossom” and “Laughing Gor.” Michael’s perpetrual frown and his tense scenes with Tavia in TRB just seemed to be a one-track mind. His character is not very likeable, however, Michael’s performance was quite linear in the series. On the other hand, Michael Tse is very much in his element in Lives of Omission. Aside from the appealing design of Laughing Gor as a character, Michael injected a lot of minor details into his performance that gave life to his character, from his rich expressions to body language, he came across as very natural.

        Michael Tse’s inconsistency in his 2011 series still baffles me. Perhaps he grasps certain character types better than others?

        A capable actor will not be limited by a weak script. For example, Damien Lau turns in a consistently good performance despite limited screen time. “In Lives of Omission,” he is police chief and thus his appearances so far have been reduced to case involvement and in meetings between Michael Tse and Fala Chen. His dialogue is pretty typical…not much side story written about his character either. However, his manner of speech is quite authoritative and his air of confidence are things that are not in the script. These are gestures Damien added in, along with his finely layered performances from past series. IMO, film directors such as Johnnie To provide much more direction to actors as to how the role should be interpreted. There are more extensive communication between the lead actors and producer, director, etc. to discuss the character’s personality, psychology pre-production, etc. so that the cast together can achieve a common vision.

        My impression is that TVB producers would meet with the director and script writing team for pre-production purposes only. Are the lead cast invited to pre-production meetings to thoroughly discuss their characters? Or are TVB artists just give the script and told to interpret the role on their own?

      9. I have often wondered if actors are given entirely free rein on the direction they’re taking their characters (within script constraints of course) — I’d think the director/producers would step in if it’s too far off their own vision, wouldn’t they?

        Regarding Moments of Endearment, there was no reason given for his straight character being effeminate — that was simply *the* “given” characteristic of that character, which the writers used as a basis for his story in the series. But then was a reason necessary? I didn’t think so.

        As for Blossom, the easy answer would be, the character was so poorly-written that the actor himself couldn’t grasp and understand him well :p

        But seriously, I rather think that character was meant to be quite “one-track”, being a stiff and “internalized” character with rather single-minded purpose. It’s very far from a flamboyant character that Michael can add those rich layers and gestures to, that he’s been known for. I think he was trying somthing new, and I also do think he did take some care in designing the character — the perpetual frown *was* a calculated move to stand out in an overall “cute” ensemble cast by giving the character a distinct feature, plus he incorporated his dancing stance into his acting posture — but whether the audience accepts these experiments is something he couldn’t have calculated.

        However negative some comments are, Michael did prove capable of a strong “leading-man level” stage presence with his role in Blossom — I have my suspicions that his first priority in choosing this performance style might have been to create this more “manly” image for himself, because prior to Laughing, he’d been stuck with the mostly not too “macho” roles — and it’s important to make this image change in order to ensure more A-list series and characters in the future.

      10. @ Jayne

        ” Since his character was straight, was there really a reason for such effeminate gestures in his performance? It was never explained in the show.”

        You will get blasted Brian for stereotyping. 😛

        Someone can have effeminate gesture and still not gay. I meet quite a number of such guys.

        Derek Kwok’s character in ‘War of the In-Laws 2’ was also very effeminate, but, he’s a divorcee with 2 kids and ended up with Joyce Tang.

      11. Kidd,
        “You will get blasted Brian for stereotyping. 😛

        Tell me you did not wonder the same exact thought while watching “Moments of Endearment”?

      12. @Jayne

        I personally think Laughing (in EU) was a bit of a hit or miss type character. Michael Tse, from his Young&Dangerous days, have learnt well how to play cocky, rough, righteous, endearing and humorous into one character. Its not as easy as everyone thinks but I do think the script was a good set up for Michael, esp when contrasted with the rest of the cast who had all their cards on the table. The worst was Ron Ng, whose attitude was the same when he was a cop and when he became a ‘triad’ member.

        Now Laughing (in LoO) is a little different. Since the character is given more screentime, there is a less mystery, and so far the character is not as compelling as his EU counterpart. That said, I find Laughing here more natural, more entertaining and each time the character is around, you hang on what he will do/say. I think Michael should be applauded for being able to maintain his character’s attraction. Its his style, the way he delivers his dialogue, and the corny hands on hips ‘gangster’ poses- it makes Laughing Sir even more compelling than Laughing Gor.

        I guess, it could go downhill since LoO is only 10 episodes in, and I can see the potential for Bosco’s character to overshadow Laughing in terms of ‘character’ but maybe not ‘acting’. Not saying Bosco is bad, I dare say his more convincing as the shifty gangster than any of TVB’s other male products, but you must admit what is compelling about Bosco’s character is what he ‘does’, but Laughing is compelling because of both what he ‘does’ and the way he does it, i.e. his attitude.

        I’m just waiting to see if Laughing Sir will become boring now. I actually think Michael Mui’s character in EU could have been quite compelling, but Mui just doesn’t have the acting chops to play a character whose soft yet ruthless. I also think Wayne Lai could play ‘Laughing’ albeit in a slightly different interpretation. Wayne’s film career shows he is also very capable of playing cocky, shifty, humorous and tough roles- but i guess his stature is less confronting than Michael Tse.

      13. @SDS – Michael Miu has always been lacklustre in his acting. Compare the two Michael obviously Michael Tse is much better. I’ve always felt that Michael Miu rides on his cool looks to make a living.

      14. @ Jayne

        “Tell me you did not wonder the same exact thought while watching “Moments of Endearment”?”

        I forgot about Moments of Endearment already. But, I remember WOL2. I admit I did wonder whether Derek’s character was gay and I did wonder why he’s so effeminate. But, there are straight guys who act like that. So, since he didn’t explain it, I’ll just assume he’s born that way.

        So, I disagree with your opinion that the character being straight and effeminate at the same time does not make sense.

        “Since his character was straight, was there really a reason for such effeminate gestures in his performance? It was never explained in the show.
        “I think the crux of the matter is that the character must make *sense* in the first place”

  9. in loo it’s not even halfway through the series so i have confidence that bosco will join the fight for tv king this year for his villain role

    1. you make no sense. dont dream and dont judge too early. LOO is entirely about Laughing from the one episode I saw.

      1. yea loo is about laughing but he doesnt even have that much screentime

      2. Are you currently watching Lives of Omission Jake? Laughing has decent screentime. He has more screentime and focus than Bosco and Kate. I’ve watched until episode 9.

        But yeah, a large sum of the story is also focusing on the CIB team and trainees; thus Fala Chen’s ample screentime.

      3. yea im watching loo but watch i bet u latr on bosco will have more screentime

      4. Jake, the drama is Michael’s. My advice is, take HK tabloidic articles as a grain of salt ;). Just last night, a behind the scene official of Lives of Omission posted in weibo that the HK magazines are circulating the wrong spoilers in their articles.

      5. it doesnt matter if the drama is michaels it matters who role is interesting because it doesnt mean if its his drama that he’ll win an award

      6. @ Jake

        “it doesnt matter if the drama is michaels it matters who role is interesting because it doesnt mean if its his drama that he’ll win an award”

        Yes, it does not mean Michael will win because the drama is his. But, whether Michael win or not, Bosco still should not be TV King. Give him Best Supporting Actor or Most Improved Actor again. But, not Best Actor for his role in LOO which is obviously a supporting role.

        I think MC Jin’s character is interesting and fun to watch. Should he join the TV King fight? No. Because his role too is supporting.

      7. Jake,

        it matters because of the nine episodes up till today Michael is held forward in the storyline and most of the storyline/screentime revolve around Laughing, Fala and CIB trainees. It’s still Laughing’s game.

        That’s why I’m grateful to Wayne, because out of the blue finally someone appreciates Bosco’s acting to be in that character when the media keep taunting him because he keep getting casted as a second lead yet at the same time published self-created fact of his boosting(Wth media?); when he is just an antagonist to the centre of the drama – Laughing.

        I’m pleased that Bosco can stand up to par against a competent Michael in this drama(my POV here), but as I said earlier, judging by many factors Michael is the more rightful choice for TBB Best Actor award as of now.

  10. Here is my prediction:

    If you look at how tvb politics work, I don’t think any of the younger siu sangs have a chance unless Raymond wins first. This is not a dig against any of the other siu sangs nor does it reflect my opinion, but I just see Raymond as TVB’s top priority and can’t imagine Ron, Bosco, Kenneth, etc.. getting it before him. They’re obviously going to give Ruco the Most Improved award like how they gave it Raymond Wong last year. I think Wayne will def. end up in the top 5 because everyone knows what a great actor he is, but I don’t see them giving him the award 3 years in a row. Kevin has the best shot at the favorite character award, although I do think he’s a strong contender. Michael Tse is pulling in good ratings as Laughing and he can obviously act so I do think that he has the biggest chance of winning, so unless the Bobby/Raymond series can pull in big ratings as well, I don’t think Raymond will have as big of a chance.

    Basically, my prediction so far for top 5 will be: Michael, Raymond, Wayne, Kevin, and Bosco.

    1. ” This is not a dig against any of the other siu sangs nor does it reflect my opinion, but I just see Raymond as TVB’s top priority and can’t imagine Ron, Bosco, Kenneth, etc.. getting it before him.”

      This is so true. I also cannot see TVB give the award to other Siu Sangs before Raymond.

      1. The wind might change :P. Now LF dun film much TVB series, so maybe a chance for on, Bosco, Kenneth, etc. to win before him.

    2. Dun forget E.U and RB incident in 2009 :). Laughing in E.U gained a lot of fans and fame for Micheal and many ppl blved that he’ll win favourite character and best supporting together, but RB after E.U made the E.U wave to silk. Then Michael ended up with best supporting only.

      So LOO might be same to E.U and there will be a second RB.

      Wait until Nov to see how the rating is.

  11. no love for kenneth? i think his acting have improved alot.

    1. ILY Kenneth. hehe. Hmm maybe support him in The Life and Times of a Sentinel. He is kind of getting evil in his role

      1. Kenneth still has the 3 Kingdoms. Maybe this year this one will be aired.

      2. @Mika,

        Kenneth’s eyes has intense killing motive, he has certainly improved in acting alot.

      3. Oh yeah. Also he was a celebrity guest in The Other Truth.
        @ Veejay
        Yes his eyes is a killer. I remembered watching VIP about him last week

      4. 3 kingdoms will definitely air next year in 2012. I actually think that might be Kenneths series, cause his character seems more interesting, than Rays. Cause Kenneth will probably be funny and clumsy where all Ray does it talk and stuff… Wait for next year

      5. Still find Kenneth is a bit old to act a gamer and funny “boy”.

    2. Lol… Ye I guess so but he doesn’t look like he’s that Old…plus he’s being promoted as one of the younger Siu sangs…like Ray, Bosco, Ron. Though he should be getting more mature roles so in age hE should be with the older Siu snags like Roger, Steven, or Kevin…

    3. His acting has improved, but his transition between facial expressions are too salient (like recently in LTS when he seemed injured from taking an arrow, then next minute his got this fierce eyebrow-look when interrogating the suspect), making his previous expression slightly contrived.

      1. It might be what Jayne called scene-to-scene acting instead of character acting

      2. Lol,
        “It might be what Jayne called scene-to-scene acting instead of character acting”

        Haha yes a capable actor will deliver the required emotional elements on a scene-to-scene basis. But if we’re going to watch a series for 20+ episodes, there should be consistency and conviction that the actor is the character for a truly convincing performance.

  12. Though I’m a huge Raymond Lam fan, I don’t think that he will win. Even if Men with No Shadows has a good hype and his acting is good. I think Micheal diserves it better. And plus his role as Laughing is serious and funny all at the same time. And Lives of Omissions is a good series so far, it’s dramatic and intense…but also it’s FUNNY!! It probably made me laugh more than other series…this year.

  13. This means Laughing is fixed as the winner this year. TVB purposely give him an excellent written character by giving him both funny and serious sides. End of story ROFL

    1. This is silly. Laughing was created 2 years ago by a scriptwriter who already left TVB. It’s not created this year. How can you say TVB purposely give him an excellently written character for him to win?

      Law Ba is not an excellently written character? Keith is not an excellently written character?

      If it’s not because of the Keith character, you wouldn’t even have notice Ruco even though he has acted in a number of TVB series already.

      1. Exactly, and given all the negativity and doubt towards Omission/Laughing before the series actually started airing, the fact that he managed to turn the tides around and revive his previous popularity plus build on his existing fanbase speaks volumes. Any character, however excellently-written, can never fire up an audience without equally excellent acting.

      2. @Kidd

        I agree with you on Law Ba, but less on Keith. I can imagine many actors turning in bland performances of Keith, but not as many actors turning in bland performances for Law Ba.

        Personally, Keith is a hard character to play well, and be captivating, because it required the actor to be subtle yet expressive (and not just by the face), with a subdued confidence that borders on darkness, a very human kind of character. This wasn’t really written into the character I’d say, more Ruco’s interpretation even if he was told what direction he should’ve taken it.

      3. It depends if the actor makes the character or the character makes the actor. Anyway Laughing may have been written 2 years ago, but he died, and got resurrected so many times it is obviously considered his most identifiable character. It has nothing to do with making sure Michael win awards, it is making sure TVB wins ratings.

      4. @ SDS

        Yes, Ruco give a great performance. But, credit should be given to the character too. Keith is written to shine most among all the characters in the series.

        I’ve been a fan of Ruco since his ATV days and have seen what he’s able to do. But, a good actor also need a good role to allow him to shine and Keith is the role. Keith is a well written character that enable Ruco to shine.

        If it’s all Ruco’s credit and Ruco’s great interpretation that make Keith’s successful, pray tell, why can’t he do so for other characters he has portrayed in other TVB series? Because those roles are either limited in screentime/development or not as likeable as Keith.

        How many of you think Ruco is a great actor before TOT?

        Let him play Wallace or James. See if there are still as many people raving about him or not.

        So, I think Ruco’s success is a combination of his acting + good role.

      5. If Raymond Wong or Kevin played Keith, I don’t think Keith will be as popular as Ruco made him to be.

      6. @ lol

        “If Raymond Wong or Kevin played Keith, I don’t think Keith will be as popular as Ruco made him to be.”

        What if Ruco play Wallace or James? Will he be as popular?

      7. Just like most people, I also agree that Michael may win the award. I’m just distressed that Fala wasted her role beside Laughing. In tonight’s episode as example, if she can’t produce tears go copy Tavia and get eyedrops so that it won’t be strange looking at her face distorted but nothing come out. Her role has a lot of time to do more than just looking pretty.

      8. It can’t be just good role because sucky actors turn sucky role suckier. It can’t be just good actor, because good actor saddled by bad role still may be good acting but none too memorable. I suppose people just like Ruco’s character. Maybe another actor won’t achieve the same likeability. I still feel he looks wooden and like a serial killer but some may like the fact he is not the standard hero type. and you don’t need to be a good actor to be popular, nor popular to be a good actor. It could be true to say how come he wasn’t so successful with other roles before this but some actors do require time to develop and the right role that fits. It may be a well written role, but the actor, in this case must also be well suited I suppose.

      9. Ruco’s role Keith is ordinary compared to well written Law Ba and Laughing but Ruco turn it into golden role with his acting. What’s wrong with this issue?

      10. At least Fala better than Kate since Fala is good to look at. Fala’s acting isn’t too bad just weak here and there but Kate is worse.

      11. @ Vivien

        “Ruco’s role Keith is ordinary compared to well written Law Ba and Laughing but Ruco turn it into golden role with his acting. What’s wrong with this issue?”

        The issue here is you said TVB fix the award by giving Michael an excellently written role which is unfounded since there are other equally excellently written roles like Law Ba and Keith.

        When TOT first aired, viewers compared Keith to Law Ba because Keith is a person who like to ‘walk the steal line’ and doing something bordering on breaking the rules. This is the kind of characters that usually catch audience interest. Secondly, Keith is also the most developed out of all the characters in TOT. In fact, I think the Keith role might be tailor-made for Ruco.

        A role does not have to always be loud and funny to be well written. A tailor-made role suitable for the actor to show his strength is also a well written role.

        So, should I say the Most Improved Award is fix because TVB purpose tailor-made a role for Ruco?

      12. I think Ruco is a great actor. To show his versatility and talent more I suggest TVB cast him in a comedy as a happy go lucky character or he can be a happy high spirited cop. He’s still young only 2-3 years older than the younger batch of Raymond etc. This way people won’t digress that Keith is tailor made to show his talent.

      13. @Kidd

        I agree with you to an extent, but you must admit Keith is written in a far more understated, subtle way than either Laughing and Law Ba. This means it requires less in the actor to play well. Also what Keith ‘does’ is not as sensational or as equally conspicuous as the other two.

        What I am trying to say is, yes all 3 are well written, but 2 are by far better set up to have good audience fate than the other either because their role contrasts greatly with the rest of the cast or because their personality is so flamboyant so as to affect the other characters. I think in this sense, Keith was a harder character to play well.

    2. @Kidd @Funn
      Would like to continue the discussion on whether the actor makes the role or vice versa. Provided that the script fleshes out a well-rounded character with distinctive elements, where development throughout the series allows the character emotional growth, a capable actor will turn in a well-received performance. However, to make a truly memorable performance, to the extent that you can’t see anyone else playing that character, the actor needs to inject much more individualism into the character through his personal interpretation, body language, and other details not written in the script.

      That ability to analyze the character well and his motivations are very critical in the display of emotions throughout the series. Otherwise, this will be a scene-to-scene approach, which while technically good, does not give true life to a role. The actor must live, breathe, walk, move, shout, cry, smile etc. suitable to the role.

      I will use Ruco Chan as an example because he has played extreme roles in TVB series and characters from different classes in society convincingly. In “The Other Truth,” Ruco added a lot of small gestures to his character in terms of body language, making the character move more naturally. When his character is quiet and listening to other characters talk, he does not stand stiffly onscreen and do nothing. He has these small gestures, such as lifting his glasses, adjusting his tie or cuffs, much like real people do in normal conversations. Everyone fidgets a bit when they are listening to other people talk, which makes his delivery more natural. However, in “The Other Truth’s” office scenes, I notice that Tavia Yeung and Natalie Tong do not have as many natural gestures. In the full-body camera angles, they are often standing stiffly in speech, with arms hanging limply or arms folded when listening to others talk. This is very unnatural way of how real people interact in conversation. I blame the artists and directors for this slack.

      Outside of the actual dialogue, I believe the “body language instructions” (such as actor fix his tie, frown, run hands through hair) etc. are likely very minimal in a TVB script, due to the intense focus of the dialogue. There would be obvious “stage directions” such as family sits down to eat, talk on phone etc.

      From his interviews, Ruco comes across as an analytical person thus he injected these gestures into his performance in “The Other Truth” and “Every Move You Make.” In “Every Move You Make,” Ruco played a split personality character, one was weak and depressed while the other was a strong killer. He is able to morph his eyes, stand differently, and walk differently as the two characters. You sense the aurora of power in his killer persona because of how he carries himself. An artist’s acting is not limited to his facial expressions; I wish more actors made better use of their bodies to complete their performances.

      Excellent actors such as Bowie Lam, Gordon Lam, Wayne Lai, Alex Man, make full use of their body gestures to give life to their characters in different roles. Bosco Wong did well in this sense in “Dicey Business” and “Lives of Omission.”

      Given this assessment, I think Ruco’s style of acting is leaning more towards classic acting methods and not anything groundbreaking yet. He analyzes his characters well, however, I do think he is somewhat too controlled in his facial expressions. He has a good cold stare and glossy eyes when sad. He has expressive body language (probably helps that he was a former athlete thus he is more aware of his body and consciously controlling his gestures). However, to improve further, I think Ruco needs to let loose his “control” more. In interviews, he comes across as a very alert person and very much “in control” of himself. That’s why he is very good in cold-blooded killer roles. I think he needs to further let down his guard in order to let his emotions show further and give more more fleshed-out performances with more human touch and warmth. I’ll like to see Ruco in more romantic scenes and see if he can establish this “warmth” in his acting before I will call him a “full-range” actor.

      IMO, I think Ruco was very suitable for Keith’s lawyer role in “The Other Truth.” He is a “controlled” type of actor who is more deliberate in his acting delivery. Thus was he able to deliver the courtroom scenes very well because it is about timing and speaking his lines strongly and with meaning. I think he also has an affinity to logical discussion and reasoning in his conversation. He doesn’t comes across as a guy to talk meaningless nonsense and fluffy jokes in interviews. He is able to deliver an aura of quiet intelligence, determination, and justice in his performance in “The Other Truth,” which is what people expect in a standard lawyer role. Thus Ruco’s real-life personality, combined with his acting strength to act such characters, made people praise his performance. However, I’ll like to see a little more warmth and vulnerability in his performances.

      Every artist has their strength in playing certain character roles because they may personally identify with those character traits more. Coming across a well-written and likeable role that allows each actor to showcase their personal strengths will make that performance more memorable.

      1. “From his interviews, Ruco comes across as an analytical person thus he injected these gestures into his performance in “The Other Truth” and “Every Move You Make.” In “Every Move You Make,” Ruco played a split personality character, one was weak and depressed while the other was a strong killer. He is able to morph his eyes, stand differently, and walk differently as the two characters. You sense the aurora of power in his killer persona because of how he carries himself. An artist’s acting is not limited to his facial expressions; I wish more actors made better use of their bodies to complete their performances.”

        Yes, this show Ruco’s great acting, but, at the same time, I also find his interpretation a bit off for this role. Ruco’s character was an undercover cop. Before he was sent to jail, you can see that he’s very tough. But, all the flashback of the jail since shows him really timid, really scared. This is contradictory to his earlier tough personal. Yes, he’s devastated, lost hope etc. But, it won’t change him immediately to a timid mouse. If he’s like that, how can he survive the in the triad life? At least, show him fight back at those bullies the first few times.

        “Every artist has their strength in playing certain character roles because they may personally identify with those character traits more. Coming across a well-written and likeable role that allows each actor to showcase their personal strengths will make that performance more memorable.”

        100% agree. This is what happen to Ruco.

      2. But a well written role is only on paper; they’re just words, scripts, lines, there’s not script written like a story book. It just have basic description, lines to utter, move left, walk right. A successful interpretation in the end depends on the actor and his ability to interprete the role as required by the director and the director’s ability to direct. No doubt a well written role is good foundation, but in the end the role is only well written if the actor portrays it well because frankly we never had access to the script, we just assume it was well written. A large credit must be given to the actor BUT a certain credit must be given to the director for giving clear instructions in bringing to live the script.

        Frankly I find Ruco rather stiff. But again this role may have suited him or rather audiences like the role so much they just associate the role with him. I feel it is the latter.

      3. Kidd, sometimes editing can change the course of a performance.

      4. @ Funn

        “Frankly I find Ruco rather stiff. But again this role may have suited him or rather audiences like the role so much they just associate the role with him. I feel it is the latter.”

        Maybe you will change your mind when you watch the entire series. 😀

        But, don’t you think your last line contradicts with you earlier assessment that it’s the actor who make the role and not the script. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be Ruco who make the role likeable and not the likeable role who make Ruco?

      5. @ Funn

        “But a well written role is only on paper; they’re just words, scripts, lines, there’s not script written like a story book. It just have basic description, lines to utter, move left, walk right.”

        You can get a lot out of those.

      6. @Funn – I can assure you that you will fell in love with Ruco just like many females do after watching TOT

      7. Just watch scenes with leads where they aren’t the centre of attention or delivering any dialogue and you can separate the Actors and the ‘actors’. The Actors will appear involved, whereas the ‘actors’, like Jayne said, just stand there eyes opened like when you have your pressure points blocked in wuxia series 🙂

      8. @SDS – That reminds me of Tavia in her recent few series. Her body language are getting more unnatural lately just like what Jayne said. Is it after-effect of the Pinnochio nose? 😛

      9. Kidd, a script is lines. When the write writes it he probably envision a certain act and a certain way of delivery whilst an actor may interprete another way but in the end it depends on the director, what he wants and so the actor accomodates the director. In a film if an actor is bigger than the director then you will know when the movie is a mess. I am not undermining the importance of a script but a script is not the be all end all sort of thing. It can be changed, last minute rewrites, etc. The most important in the end is knowing the basic direction and the discussion between actor and director. I don’t know how TVB works but some do have table talks, rehearsal over the script. A line can be delivered many ways, in the end it is the director;s vision which way it is to be delivered.Script is dead, delivery is the key.

      10. “But, don’t you think your last line contradicts with you earlier assessment that it’s the actor who make the role and not the script. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be Ruco who make the role likeable and not the likeable role who make Ruco?”

        There is no set rule. It really depends, but the key to a successful performance is when the viewers identify you with the character and both becomes indistinguishable, like Laughing Gor.

      11. @SDS – and don’t even get me started on Fala Chen, Kate Tsui or Natalie Tong. Their body language sometimes still appear stiff and unnatural.

      12. @SDS – Mandy Wong is doing better than Kate Tsui and Fala Chen in LOO, and this is sad since TVB is holding Kate and Fala as the next high-profile fadans.

      13. @lol

        I generally think Fala isn’t the best choice for the role of Jodie, but its only 10 episodes… then again I’m not sure in TVB’s current roster of female leads I would want to fill her shoes; none are that outstanding. Maybe Yoyo Mung, but she isn’t particularly good when required to deliver emotional scenes.

        I see Kate’s potential because she’s less awkward in front of the camera, but I dislike her sense of acting so far. She’s very one-dimensional in her portrayals and comes off unnatural in serious characters.

        Mandy Wong is good in support, but only in terms of being capable. Just like Tavia when she started out as supporting. I have a bad feeling Mandy will follow Tavia footsteps should opportunities arise.

      14. @ Funn

        Ok, then, I’ll rephrase.

        A well developed character that is a combine effort of the director and the scriptwriter.

        No wonder scriptwriters feel unappreciated. They can’t even get credit for the character they created.

      15. “I am not undermining the importance of a script but a script is not the be all end all sort of thing. “

        I never said the script is everything and the be all end all. But, credit should still be given to the scriptwriter, and the credit should be more than the 5% you are giving them.

      16. @SDS – agree with you that Yoyo Mung might make the role comes alive more but she can be wooden sometimes. Fala’s role is good and has a lot of screentime but Fala’s acting is not yet able to carry the depth of her role.

        Kate exaggerated her coolness in LOO just like how she exaggerated her loveliness in W&W. This is why her acting always comes across as one dimensional.

        I think Mandy has great potential. She stole the show in Home Troopers a series where Liza Wang, Kevin and Bernice all failed to deliver.

      17. @SDS – Tavia is a strange case where her acting and body language becomes more unnatural when she got to front line. I hope Mandy won’t follow her footsteps.

      18. @LOL @SDS
        “and don’t even get me started on Fala Chen, Kate Tsui or Natalie Tong. Their body language sometimes still appear stiff and unnatural.”
        “Tavia is a strange case where her acting and body language becomes more unnatural when she got to front line.”

        Acting via body language is a must in films. For actors who have made films and then crossed over to television dramas, such as Raymond Wong, Ruco Chan, even Bosco Wong recently, they seem to understand that their bodies can be used as an extension of their performance.

        I guess TVB directors do not require their artists to be so fully immersed in their acting. As long as the facial expressions are sufficient, it is deemed adequate acting. It’s a quality versus production timing issue. Since the general project deadline to complete a 20 episode series is around 3 months and directors are often working with newbie actors who have never received acting lessons in their lives, there is a certain realistic expectation as to the level of acting quality to be delivered. The directors can fuss over the details of how the actors are standing in a scene and risk running behind in the filming schedule.

        Many lead actors never took acting classes either and thus they may not have classic acting methods. Even if they realize this approach, they may not bother with it because the director did not request and it takes a lot of effort to keep replicating those small gestures in case of outtakes. When TVB artists are frequently filming through 4 AM, any means of conserving energy counts.

        Just for fun, below is a link of some outtakes during the filming of “The Other Truth.” It’s a repetitious process to keep churning out the same lines and display the same expressions and gestures in the event of multiple outtakes:

      19. @lol

        Actually, point on Fala- there’s a car chase scene in LoO in ep.9 (i think) where she drives into the railings and the camera then shows her face inside the car, her anxious/shocked/scared expression is actually quite convincing and fitting. But I’m not sure if that’s just a one off.

      20. @SDS – It’s a one off because her emotional scenes in episode 10 later on are badly acted by her, especially her cringeworthy crying.

      21. @SDS – Linda isn’t a great actress yet, but she delivered her emotional scenes better than what I saw Fala delivered in episode 10. Getting emotional isn’t just distorting your facial expression without depth which is what Fala was doing.

        To make it fair, Fala still did better overall than an overcool Kate Tsui.

      22. @lol

        I personally think they should’ve let Linda play Tavia’s role in Mysteries of Love. Its not out of her league and its something a little more than her usual roles to see if she can play a more stronger and outgoing character. But I have no idea who could play Raymond Lam’s character since only he gets the ‘dreamy’ male roles in TVB nowadays.

      23. @ SDS

        “Mandy Wong is good in support, but only in terms of being capable. Just like Tavia when she started out as supporting. I have a bad feeling Mandy will follow Tavia footsteps should opportunities arise.”

        I hope not. I like Mandy for now. Her acting has been natural so far and able to stand out in her roles.

      24. @Jayne

        In the NG scenes in the link you posted, the part with Yoyo Chen is funny… how hard can that one line be… she’s confusing herself 😛

      25. @ Jayne

        Just for fun, below is a link of some outtakes during the filming of “The Other Truth.” It’s a repetitious process to keep churning out the same lines and display the same expressions and gestures in the event of multiple outtakes:

        Hi, Jayne. Have you watch all the NG clips. Do they have Emily scenes in it. I want to watch how they act out these scenes, whether the actors laugh a lot or not.

      26. Kidd,
        “Hi, Jayne. Have you watch all the NG clips. Do they have Emily scenes in it. I want to watch how they act out these scenes, whether the actors laugh a lot or not.”

        When I last checked, Youtube had 2 different NG clips for TOT, but I did not really pay attention to see if there were any Emily scenes. You can watch the clips, as it will not take more than 20 minutes to see them in entirety.

      27. Hi Jayne,

        I know im a bit late to answer at this thread :p but i really enjoy reading your analysis. I agree 100%, your writing is with depth and encouragement. Im your fan now 😀 and other friends here are just amazing. it feels like a warm debate and its so much fun reading your posts! looking forward to tbb’s birthday party! yay!

      28. Norika,
        “I know im a bit late to answer at this thread :p but i really enjoy reading your analysis. I agree 100%, your writing is with depth and encouragement. Im your fan now and other friends here are just amazing. it feels like a warm debate and its so much fun reading your posts! looking forward to tbb’s birthday party! yay!”

        Fortunately, the site has a lot of good thinkers and commentators. You will be impressed by some of the sound debate and good analysis that occurs here. Plus, I like to dispense relationship advice too. 🙂 I tend to be long-winded sometimes, but we are all here to share our passion and views on Hong Kong entertainment shows and celebrity news.

        Do chat with the other commentators and get to know each other more! Welcome to the site! I know you are new here hehe.

      29. @jayne
        “I like to dispense relationship advice too. ”
        thats awesome! more.. more.. please 🙂

  14. Another year for another typical TBB fight 😛 Weighing all factors; my bet lies on Michael Tse Tin Wah as of now. I can’t guarantee that my prediction will not change by TBB award show time.

  15. We will just need to wait for the awards to see who gets TVB King and TVB Queen this year. Good luck to all the actors and actresses (:

  16. I don’t get why they need to rush FH3 to add in Wayne. Wayne already won 2 times. Will they give him a 3rd time? I also think so new line up should be better.

    1. Mui Siu Ching wanted to slot FH3 as anniversary series. She just mentioned in her weibo that it will be aired during Oct-Nov period. Also she’s banking on the leading cast popularity, that’s why she added Wayne + Charmaine.

      Maybe the series will rock/rating skyhigh, but still glad that Charmaine manage to escape from MSC clutches.

  17. i think top 5 would be kevin laughing bosco raymond n wayne

  18. TVB has a default list every year. Someone will be automatically in top 5 no matter their series is good or bad. The fanbase gave them the position.

  19. I don’t think I would put Bosco in the best actor category. Yeah, he’s popular, but I think he should be in the best supporting category first. I think Steven and Roger deserve a spot more than Bosco. I think Kevin has a huge chance of winning my favorite male character. If Steven doesn’t get even a nomination, he will definitely leave tvb next year. It looks like the male actor category will be more interesting than the actress category this year. No Sheren series, and I find the female leads rather weak this year. There’s not much competition this year and we have overexposure of Tavia and Kate and Fala this year. Charmaine’s performance in sister fa was disappointing!

    1. Charmaine still has Heaven Burns :D. Maybe she’ll be a part of the race with it.

      And why you put Myolie out? She gained fame again with TRB and GJ. Dun forget that her Queen of All will be the anniversary series :).

      Maggie Cheung will stand for a chance and of course, Liza Wang might be one in top. She is still Ah Che.

      1. I guess we’ll have to wait till later in the year to see maggie and charmaine again. I don’t mind myolie I guess but I don’t think her performance is at best actress level yet, but definitely very likable characters. Linda’s performance in YSSS was memorable, but I don’t consider her the lead in that one. And I can’t remember what good roles Liza was in this year. Was it only home troopers? That one was horrible. Mandy saved the entire series. Liza doesnt deserve a spot this year. I’d rather see Charmaine, myolie, Maggie, Jessica and maybe Tavia because she’s so highly promoted now.

      2. Best Actress is harder to predict. My bet after all calculations is Myolie Wu Hang Yee. It couldn’t be Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, she’s past the promotional stage.

      3. Liza has the FLS show which is going to air (?). Rumour so. So her best bet is the FLS show.

        In my opinion, Myolie is deserved a spot just like others. I find her performance in GJ is very well done.

      4. @Masaharu: I also put my bet on Myolie. Look like she’ll have the biggest chance. The ladies this year is kinda “blur”.

      5. Fox, I have another personal favorite(whom I placed higher than Myolie) but in terms of TVB criterias, Myolie fits in the most so far compared to all the other ladies in the pool 😛

      6. @Masaharu: I also have other fave :P. But I put my bet on Myolie just like you. Among the fishes, she is the bigger fish :P.

      7. Maybe Tavia will win the best actress since there are alot of her series showing lately… we nver know unless tvb decided to push Myolie one stage above Tavia, Linda and Fala.

      8. Agreed. I think as of right now, Myolie has the biggest chance so far. Her 2 series were really strong and #1 and 2 ranked for the first half of the year.

      9. Queen of All is TVB’s anni series. That’s why Myolie’s chance is sightly higher than the rest.

      10. Heaven burns has to come out THIS YEAR!!! I MEAN LIKE, OMG, IT WAS FILMED LIKE TWO YEARS AGO!!!! JUST RELEASE IT ALREADY, TVB!!!!!!! I know what yall gonna say, they are probably going to air it in November right before. I’ve been waiting soooo long to see that series, I wanna see Charmaine as a revengeful women, that should be different!!!

      11. Maybe they will just Pick the pair to go with the Best Actor. For example:
        Michael wins…Fala, or Tavia wins (they were pAired up with him in series that aired this year, I doubt they would give it to Elaine…she’s ain’t with TVB)

        Kevin wins…Myolie or Yoyo (more likely Myolie…)

        Wayne wins…Maggie wins, she was in the top five last year too!!

        Raymond wins…Linda? ( Maybe they still wanna milk their rumors though it’s obvious they aren’t true…or they use her to “fix” his image…kekeke 🙂 or I guess it could be Tavia too, since they are kinda paired up in Men. (none of her roles were really breakthrough!! Kinda boring this year)

        I think that was Only four but I can’t choose, no matter What it’s just TVB POLITICS that matter more thAn acting.

        Wonder if they’ll make any new awards like scene stealer(yes I got that from teen choice) which could go to people that guess stared or r the second line.
        EXAMPLES: Linda Chung(YSSS), Kenneth Ma(TOT)
        They should just have more awards then every body gets something!! Except for Moses he sucked this year!!

      12. The only contracted TVB artiste in When Heaven Burns is Moses. TVB might air it in Oct/Nov if they feel it’s necessary to backup Mo’s run in the TV King Award.

        Before this, rumor is rampant that TVB is withholding the airing because the issue of Bowie and Charmaine’s contract renewal. Bowie didn’t renew contract, not even per series contract if I’m not mistaken. The other leading actress is Maggie Shiu, who is also not contracted to TVB.

      13. Arrrrggggggg I just wanna see it. Then to TVB, release the darn series overseas!!!!!! Then I could watch it!!!!!!!!!!

  20. *Gulp* I actually hope that Michael Tse or Kevin Cheng will win this year so that they will get a chance to increase their appearance fees income to earn TV King money.

    Cause looking at the other contenders, Wayne Lai, Steven Ma and Raymond,
    Wayne -> Already received TV King for two consecutive years, managed to increase his appearance fee and earn TV King money for two years. Think he should give others a chance to earn TV King income cause his acting is (seriously) the best in TVB so he can easily take it again next year. Plus if he’s gonna win it again this year, I think his colleagues and the audience will go, “You again!!!” *facepalms* and it’s not always good for an actor to keep receiving awards every year cause then he will be complacent sooner or later and think he can easily win these awards even if he only gave 50% of his acting power and won’t improve. However, there’s a high chance that TVB may arrange to give him the TV King award in exchange for his renewal of contract with them.

    Raymond -> Acting has been lackluster of late, neither there nor here, passable but not exceptional and being TVB’s “biological” son, he will always get good leading roles and occasional good scripts from them so he has nothing to worry even if he doesn’t win TV King. He’s still young, lots of time to improve on his acting and still has a side career as a singer so even if he don’t win TV King, he can still earn extra income as a performer. Plus he has ALOT of fans worldwide so I guess even if he doesn’t win the award, he still has the fanbase who will support him in endorsements and stuff which still makes him an advertiser’s darling.

    Steven Ma -> Repeated way of acting in recent years although TVB can rely on him to draw stable ratings for the TVB dramas he acted in, carries off any series rather well (expect for 7 Days in Life), a reliable main lead. However, there are rumors of him going over to the Mainland because of his disappointment in TVB for broadcasting his series in non-peak timeslots and there is even a Mainland management company which is willing to poach him over with a high fee so even if he doesn’t win TVB award, he still has a market in the Mainlane and can still go there to “dig for gold”. Although it would be nice if Steven can win the TV King award and leave TVB in honor but will TVB let him win the award and be willing to let a now outsider (and not their own contracted artistes) profit from this award? Unlikely!

    1. Plus I think they have to give Michael Tse the award cause they are capitalising on and milking the Laughing Gor “franchise” for what it’s worth now and the milk cow will eventually be milked dry one day such that Laughing Gor wouldn’t be popular anymore so I guess they will award him and heavily promote him to a main leading man when they still can and there’s a legitimate reason to (Lives of Omission high ratings) and possibly arrange another new character (like Laughing Gor) for them to milk dry again. -_-“

      1. Haha Ah K, there are so many “milk” in your sentences 😀

      2. @Masaharu:

        LOL, yes indeed! Haha maybe I had a milk craving last night, I don’t know! 😀

      3. Ah K,
        “LOL, yes indeed! Haha maybe I had a milk craving last night, I don’t know”

        Haha…you find humor in every situation! 🙂

      4. Laughing is too established now but is anyone wondering will Michael make another shot with another character? After Laughing overshadows everyone in EU and stole the show Michael is best associated with Laughing and his other characters are met with criticisms.

      5. @lol

        Might be because everyone else in EU was either boring or annoying. Michael got lucky his character is so different to everyone else, and he should thank Michael Mui for not really flexing the potential of his character and thank Ron Ng for acting like he’d rather be somewhere else.

      6. Maybe it’s the name? Laughing Gor is a very memorable name. Only in HK you can call yourself Laughing. Frankly I find the character and acting nothing great. Like you said maybe everybody else was just boring, so the only semi interesting one with a memorable name got noticed.

      7. If Michael can land more well-written characters, why not? Laughing is actually not his first or even second role to create waves (ie trigger audience reaction and newspaper/magazine interviews). Actually I’ve always thought he did a really excellent job in My Better Halves which was after Laughing — it’s just unfortunate that the series itself was mediocre and his almost flawless performance ended up being overlooked.

      8. @Jayne:

        Lol, I try to keep a balance between lightheartedness and seriousness in my comment, life is already so tough why the need to view every comment so seriously heehee! 😀

        Ahaha maybe I sound bimbo in my comments, I don’t know! 😀

      9. Ah K,
        “Lol, I try to keep a balance between lightheartedness and seriousness in my comment, life is already so tough why the need to view every comment so seriously heehee”

        It’s a great habit to see things in a light-hearted manner. We should all take “chill pills” as you suggested! 🙂

    2. @ Ah K: You might forget that Kevin had the TV King award :P. After that, Kevin’s fee is increased.

      I want LF to win this year, not because of fan mode or something else or his acting or popularity, just for a simple reason: He is used to boost the awards too many years. From 2005, to 2007, 2008 and specially in 2010, he is said to win this and that award, being overpromoted, being loved by TVB, biological son, put down other artists etc., but he always ended up with a consolated award. In 2009, he is the first leading actor in the new generation that has no series aired in a year, but he was said as overpromoted. Well, if you can name any another leading actor of the new generation tat had no series in a year like him. It’s quite of unfair for him, I think. So if this year he wins it, then can say: Finally win.

      I consider him and his fans’ feel for years to see him – put so high like win, then in a second, no, not win. No matter his series and role is welcomed or not, still the same stuffs years after years. High rating? No, not his contribution, someone else’s and good series. Bad rating? Hey, that’s LF’s fault and solely him. I dun exaggerated. If read the articles in tabloids from this moment to Dec every year, you will see stuffs like this. Just an example recently: Fa sister’s rating isn’t the worst from the beginning of the year to now, but see, it’s like the lowest. No mention of the lower.

      You can say he still can wait, he is still young, etc. But you also can see that he is already 33 and be in the industry 12 years. He is in top 5 for this Best actor award 5 times, from 2002 to 2010. But never win. All the year LF vs A, B, C, D and A, B, C, D won :P. Yes, he has consolation but consolation all the times. Like give candies to the kid but never feed him.

      I myself dun put high expectation or value on the TVB award for years. It became more of politics and promotions. Can predict the whole picture even before the nite. Just have some surprises but not really a surprise. Then the awards dun have much meaning to me. I like to see the argument before and after it more in fact. Then, one more reason for me to want LF win. Will have a lot of fun with the arguments!

      1. Fox, this award is just a “variety” show and TBB “employee rewarding” session :P..haha

      2. Fox,

        Not only LF didnt win the best actor for so many consequence years, Steven Ma has the faith as LF too.. but I’ve a feeling that LF too will win this year best actor since

        1) he’s the biological son of tvb
        2) many years passed and he’s still empty handed
        3) michael tse’s appearance is just too short period example, in michael only appeared in LOO but LF appeared in alot of series for year 2011. However, Michael, Wayne and Steven Ma are all black horses that may appeared as winner unexpectedly due to majority’s request.

      3. I meant Steven Ma too has the same fate as LF “didnt win the best actor” too

      4. @ Masaharu: What you said make me think of StarHub award this year. Lol, TVB award last year won the variety show award. An award for variety show. LMAO~.

      5. @veejay

        Michael Tse was also in Rippling Blossom and Relic this year so he will have 3 series vs Raymond’s 2. The # of series don’t matter though. It only takes 1 role to win best actor though.

      6. @Veejay: You forgot that Michael has just had Relic? So Michael has 2 series as well, not only LOO :P. LF also has 2 including the upcoming MWNS. How can he be “appeared in alot of series for year 2011”?

        As for Steven, I dun mention of him because the tabloids said some stuffs like LF to him. I recalled of only 1 time his name is mentioned as “high possibility to win” but LF in many times, being joked, etc.

      7. @ AC: Thank you for remind me of TRB. Maybe I only watched Myolie and Chilam so I forgot that Michael is also in this one.

      8. @AC,

        thanks for correcting, LOL I must be in dreamland until i forgot about that 2 series (RElic and Rippling) haha.

        as for tvb best actor, I hope Steven Ma will win.. or maybe Michael but I think tvb will give it to LF since he’s the son?

      9. The ceremony is in December, and his birthday is in the eighth of that month, wouldn’t that the perfect birthday present. He’s actually only 31, most of the actors win the Best Actor awards in their late 30s and into their 40s. They just have more experience under their belt. Ray is always casted into the same roles, probably he got bored and since he couldn’t change much of the acting career, his music took that sudden turn to the other side…


      10. @Veejay: Steven Ma is also a son if you count contractual artist = son.

        And coincident tat Steven and LF’s contracts both ended in 2012 (so will be dealed in 2011). However, LF agreed to extend, not sure about Steven.

        @Yee: 33 is counted in Chinese way, the time in mummy’s tummy will be counted.

      11. @fox
        Shouldn’t it be 32 then? I thought LF contract ends in 2017? The same time as Bosco, Moses and Ron. He should stay with TVB though, he’s not strong enough to be there out on his own.

      12. @Fox,

        I think Tvb will give the award to LF because

        1) like you someone said earlier, can’t see other siu sangs not getting the award before Ray since Ray is more famous than them and longer in showbiz. If given to Ron or kenneth or maybe steven..RAy will be left empty handed again this year and RAy’s fans will file tons of complaints lol. as for steven, even if he’s the son a contractual way, tvb doesn’t really pay high importance on him compare to Ray. Steven’s acting and series rating has always been mediocre.

        2) and LF really can’t be left empty handed again after so many years LOL he certainly need to hold on the award.

      13. @Yee: 2011-1979=32 already. + 1 year (they always consider this 10 months on tummy = 1 year) then he is 33. It’s his Chinese age.

        Now his contract is really 2017 because he has just renewed 5 more years. From his start, he has never signed more than 5 years contract with TVB (tat’s why some tabloids stated that he can’t win the award because he isn’t obedient enough to sign long term contract).

        Last one was in 2007 so will be end next year (2012 – the contract will be discussed for the extend at least 6 months before its end). Now he signed a new one then his new contract will be 2012 to 2017.

        In the new contract, the term now is 1 series with TVB per year and he can choose the role/series he participates in. It’s a high treatment to a contractual artist.

        At the same time, he also renewed a contract with EEG (Music Plus) but not sure for the length. Now he’ll involve in EEG more as Mani Hok will also be his manager (along with his TVB manager Candy).

        To say he can go out by his own or not, Hua Yi media sent him an offer but he denied. Also a lot of China media companies gave him invitation and his fee there isn’t low at all (highest among TVB artist, HK$200,000 per eps). Moreover, if he leaves TVB, maybe he still has EEG as a backup plan.

        After all, I dun think he has plan to leave TVB. Why need to leave :P?

        I dunno how is Moses but Ron and Bosco signed 9 and 11 years contract with TVB then their contracts will be ended after LF.

      14. @ Veejay: Ron and LF are same year. One joined TVB through dancing class, one through acting class but both in 1998. They received the medal of 10 years service with TVB together.

        Maybe TVB put the importance on LF more because he can earn them more money than the others in his generation. After Charmaine leaves, he will be the number one earner of them.

        However, he is more focusing on his singing and movie career now so maybe TVB will give awards to others not him (as he dun film much TVB series now):P.

        I still hope he’ll win this year because after that, it would be fun!

      15. Ooo I see I guess you put a lot of your time into this. But LF current fee per episode is actually lower than Steven’s I believe. LF will definitely stay with TVB they give him all these oppourtunities, he will leave one day but that’s not now. Double Manager? He has like a whole team of managers, does one person need so many?? Seriously? Whatever, EEG is rigged too, they just follow TVB.

        P.S LF is currently 31 cause his bday is in December, lol I know this cause his birthday is a few days before mine!

      16. @Yee: LF’s each eps fee is 50-60,000 per eps now. The fee listed by Face isn’t correct. See, Face is even listed wrongly the period of the contract.

        In China, LF’s fee is 200,000 per eps, highest among TVB artists and only lower than Nic Tse in HK artist list. I know the number is quite correct because he had 16 millions for 84 eps of Ad Mania.

        The team is the crew for his stuffs. His managers are Candy and Mani only. Others are in charge of something else.

        Yes, he won’t leave but not because he can’t leave. Just because he has no reason to leave.

      17. @Fox:

        Ah yes, thank you for reminding me that Kevin had a TV King award once for “Under The Canopy of Love” but I still think he should get TV King award cause I remembered reading an article on TVB male artistes’ pay on my local magazine, 8 Days, once and Kevin’s pay was lower than Raymond Lam and only slightly higher than Ron, which I thought was rather unfair.

        Haha yes, you do seem like quite a huge Raymond fan yourself! But yes I do agree with you that the press has been very mean to Raymond to make him shoulder the blame whenever his drama doesn’t do well.

        Haha yeah I kind of sympathize with Raymond for not winning the TV King award despite huge expectations on him everytime (re: Moonlight Resonance when he lost to Ha Yu and Mysteries of Love when he lost to Wayne’s “Liu Sing”) but seriously his acting hasn’t been up to par recently so if TVB awards him the TV King award based on his performance so far, I’m sorry but I don’t think he deserves it (if he should win, I think he should get this award honourably, based on a work that is hugely praised by everyone -including his colleagues who feels that they lost deservingly to him- if not then I don’t think he has the legitimate reasons to win) so I guess his only shot at the TV King award would depend on his performance in “Men Without Shadows”?

        But I think it’s okay if he doesn’t win this year actually, he’s still young at 32 years old, youngest of the lot. Michael Tse -> 46 years old, Wayne Lai -> 47 years old, Steven Ma -> 40 years old, Kevin Cheng -> 42 years old and didn’t Wayne win an award and got recognized at a grand age of 45 years old? I think Raymond shouldn’t think too much about the award and work hard on improving his acting skills first and ask veteran actors like Felix Wong or Michael Miu to teach him.

      18. @Fox: And ah yes, I forgot that Raymond’s only shot at the TV King award depends on not just “Men With No Shadows” but also “Back To The Three Kingdoms”

      19. Sorry but I dun find Michael Miu or Felix Wong’s acting is anything great :P. Especially Michael Miu. I like him because of his look, but his acting, I dun find it’s natural. Among 5 tigers, the only acting that impressed me until now is Tony’s. Other than him, the 4 tigers, I like them because of their look, not their acting.

        I said, I dun mind his acting or he’ll be bashed or else, because I want him to win for my own purpose: entertain the war after that :P.

        He is still young, but there are younger ppl who won. It’s Louis Koo in 2000 when he is 30. So it isn’t a record for LF to win in the age of 30++.

        And I also dun think that age is a factor of winning. You might disagree but I think he should win in 2007 than Moses with the role Alfred and even Wah Chun Pong. I dun find the role “Siu Bao” of Moses anything special. But he can’t win this year, then the next years, I dun mind of acting anymore because I know it isn’t a factor for choosing winner. Even the fans are not a factor. The main factor is: Politics.

        Well, I dun underestimate Ha Yu or Wayne or saying that they are not deserved, but I find it’s so fixed when Ha Yu signed a 10 year contract with TVB after winning and Wayne’s son signed with Stephen Chan. So I can see it’s all politics.

        It isn’t really unfair because KC has smaller fanbase than the rest :P. His fee, even if he wins again, won’t be increased much because can’t change a fact that he can’t bring back to TVB much money. TVB is a company, they do thingy for business purposes.

        And I dun think the artists themselves think much because they all know that the awards are fixed before the awards nite. You can see it’s why some of them dun go to the award nite.

      20. And I dun care wat show he’ll be nominated. Like last year, I enjoy his performance in GTL more than MOL a lot, but I know MOL will be nominated.

        Hehe, I read in a lot of his forums that his fans are looking forward to the White Snake movie than MWNS.

      21. “Sorry but I dun find Michael Miu or Felix Wong’s acting is anything great ”

        Michael has height and looks, rare amongst the actors these days. Felix has something even rarer; viewer’s face, that is an instant likeability. To my memory he has never had to be secondary actor and that is a testament to his popularity or likeability. No stars have what he has these days. He is a competent actor.

      22. @Fox:

        “Sorry but I dun find Michael Miu or Felix Wong’s acting is anything great.”

        As per what @Funn had commented ” No stars have what he has these days. He is a competent actor.” above, Felix Wong is a really good actor! Hmm…maybe because you didn’t watch “Gun Metal Grey” but Felix display some hell of a great acting skills in there, especially the last few parts of the episode when his “Stone Sir” and Michael Miu’s “Mad Sir” were at a confrontation, his expression looked so scary and realistic (like he has actually gone mad) when he asked Mad Sir to shoot him and kill him since he’s like a serial killer now. To be honest, I was blown away as I haven’t seen such great acting from TVB actors in a long time, not even from Wayne (who is already one of TVB’s best contracted artiste in terms of acting skills). If possible, I think it would be nice if you could watch that last part, awesome acting! But it’s up to your discretion, of course! And in case you didn’t know, many TVB newcomers have asked their senior, Felix, to stay behind and watch them act, give them some pointers on how to improve so if this isn’t proof that he is a good actor, I don’t know what else is lol! 😀 (http://asianuniverse.net/forums/Felix_Wong_shooting_series_is_too_body_trapping_t203880.html)

        Ah yes, I agree that regarding Moses’ acting as “Siu Bao” in “Heart of Greed”, I felt that it was nothing worthy to rave about too cause I felt like Moses was just being Moses in his portrayal. However, if talking about good acting from Moses, I think his best acting was in “The Ultimate Crime Fighter” and “The Gem of Life” which both happened to be serious drama genre, I think because when acting in a light-heartened drama or comedy, people think it’s a piece of cake for Moses since his personality is as comical in real life?

        Wayne’s son signed with Stephen Chan?! Isn’t his son still a kid, what to act in?! I must be missing something here lol! Haha but I agree with you that I felt that Ha Yu’s acting was only alright in “Moonlight Resonance” so I didn’t expect him to win the award then, between those two, I had expected Raymond Lam to win it. In fact, I felt Ha Yu’s acting in the recent “Home Troopers” was good and much better, maybe because he wasn’t overshadowed by anybody in this series except probably Mandy Wong?

        Ah yes, I do agree with you that it’s no secret that the TVB awards are usually allegedly rigged and the terms of the awarding of an award comes with conditions as exposed by Sheren Tang here, like lower pay and etc -> http://asianfanatics.net/forum/topic/750228-tvb-versus-mainland-interview-with-sheren-tang-on-location-in-hengdian-part-2/

        And one of the conditions are usually to sign up with them as their artiste or renew your contract with them. Haha as you mentioned, the ultimate winner is still TVB cause whoever benefits from the award and receives many job appearances, they still win as they will get a cut from the increased appearance fees, this is the way they work and to put it amply, “Money makes the world go round”

      23. *Oops I meant Felix displayed some hell of a great acting skills in there, not “display”.

      24. @Ah K

        Not many people remember Moses for his roles in the Ultimate Crime Fighter and Gem of Life, but I agree they were some of his most convincing roles to date.

        I think Felix Wong is a good actor but his not very good conveying the softer emotions. His very good at intense, masculine, fiery type roles whether as good or bad, his also convincing when doing in roles requiring brooding or be ambiguous as to his motives. But his just not very good at the more feminine type of emotions. Not really a con, but it makes him less diverse. But still by TVB standards are great actor.

      25. @SDS:

        “I think Felix Wong is a good actor but his not very good conveying the softer emotions.”

        Ah yes, this one I agree with you! I felt that he was kind of awkward when acting as a husband to Rebecca Chan’s “Chuk-Kwan” but maybe it’s required by the script since he’s acting as a wrongly accused policeman who just stepped back onto life? I don’t know haha!

        “His very good at intense, masculine, fiery type roles whether as good or bad, his also convincing when doing in roles requiring brooding or be ambiguous as to his motives”

        Ah yes, especially in “Looking Back With Anger” as Ding Yau Kin! My mom’s generation actually lol!

      26. @AH K: I watched GMG. I still dun think Felix’s acting is too convincing to me.

        First, I can see the tiresome in his eyes in first half of the series. It kinda told me that “No I dun wanna act in this series, I feel tired”. Later he became more into the character, but not enough.

        I highly value the eyes acting in an actor. I know many ppl think the eyes expression isn’t important but I think it’s the most important. I can say that I like LF because of this reason.

        Second, if wanna judge the acting of Felix, maybe we should judge his acting in the past, maybe in his peak time. I’m re-watching a series with Felix, Anne Heung that I dun rmb name. Haizz, his expression isn’t up to the level yet except the angry ones. Felix did the angry scenes very well. But I always feel he isn’t into the character enough. He put himself aside.

        In my childhood time, I watched a lot of Felix for a time as I really like his look. Yeah, he has star look and I think he is very handsome when he was young. It’s the Semi God, Demi something I dun rmb that made me =.- whenever I see Felix. In my humble opinion, Benny Chan totally overshadowed him in this series.

        So, I still give good comments to Felix in angry/scary scenes. His mood seems true. But for another scenes, I dun think of him that high.

        As for Wayne, I’m preparing for receiving tomatoes but it’s really =.= to me to watch his “love scenes”. He dun look convincing as a man in love. I still think Wayne’s peak of acting was the Pig in Journey to the West.

      27. @Fox:

        Ah I see, well as I always say, to each her own I guess, you have your own opinions, I have mine but I respect yours! 😀

        “As for Wayne, I’m preparing for receiving tomatoes but it’s really =.= to me to watch his “love scenes”. He dun look convincing as a man in love. I still think Wayne’s peak of acting was the Pig in Journey to the West.”

        Ahem, allow me to throw you some then lol, just kidding! 😀 Haha coincidentally I remember Wayne as Pigsty in “Journey to the West” too! He was rather popular back then, wonder what thrusted him out of the spotlight for quite some time after that.

      28. “Second, if wanna judge the acting of Felix, maybe we should judge his acting in the past, maybe in his peak time. I”

        Was he out of peak so to speak?

      29. Michael Miu can’t act. He’s just cool type. but Felix is great and he proved it in GMG! He overshadowed Michael Miu and Jessica.

      30. ROFL but I also agree that Felix is best at angry characters! He’s more natural being angry than being soft and in love.

    3. i just don’t agree with this sentences of yours “Raymond –> he will always get good leading roles”. LOL that’s from what I have seen in the recent years.

      But I agree with this sentence “and occasional good scripts”. It’s really occasional, but I myself may use “rare” for the recent years.

      But let’s see for Men With No Shadow and Return to 3 Kingdoms.

      1. @Vidi:

        Ah yes, haha, I agree with you that I shouldn’t have typed that Raymond will always get good leading roles (“Colorful World of Sister Fa” -> LOL) and instead it should be Raymond will always be guaranteed to have leading roles.

  21. From the series so far, i think Best Actor would be between Michael Tse and Kevin Cheng. But if Kevin wins twice, that would put him in the stage level as Wayne Lai but Kevin’s acting ain’t particularly awesome and it fluctuates.

    Ruco – Most improved most likely just like Raymond Wong last year. He did a good job as Keith in TOT, but obviously he can’t win Best Actor before Michael, Raymond etc due to politics. Maybe a few years time when his done a bit more lead roles.

    Bosco – can’t lead a series by himself yet. And plus in LOO, he is second lead. That would mean his better than Laughing Gor and that just can’t happen!

    Raymond Lam – TVB can’t just automatically give him Best Actor for MWNS if it doesn’t do that well compared to other series in the year. It has to be well-hyped. He’s had his fair share of bad roles lately, so being the devil is his last chance. 3 Kingdoms will not be broadcast this year.

    Wayne Lai – he will get nominated but he won’t win because he already won 2 years in a row.

    Roger – performance was good in W&W but ratings were really low.

    Joe Ma – performance was also good in Relic of an Emissary but ratings were poor and Joe’s more focused in Mainland now.

    Moses – nation’s hated character, haha, don’t think sooooo….

    1. Not sure for the 3 Kingdoms, lara. Some tabloids still say that they’ll air this series this year. Look at LOO and FH3, now can’t say that a series which has just finished filming can’t be aired in the same year.

      TVB can’t just automatically give him Best Actor for MWNS if it doesn’t do that well compared to other series in the year.
      Kevin won with UTCOL! You know what does it mean? An artist can win with watever series, if TVB wants!

      1. Ranked 6th in top 10 rating. It means there are 6 higher rating series this year.

      2. I meant 5 :).

        This year if Joe Ma dun have the scandal right at the award time, he won :(.

    2. Anyone on the list is fine, but please no Moses. His acting in YSSS was horrible and in a word, retarded, so no him for any awards for that cringe worthy role this time please…

      1. Moses in FWM, ITEOTB, CBML and YSSS are the same. Consistently silly and trainwreck

    3. @Fox: Lau Ka Ho the producer of 3 Kingdoms said it will air in 2012.

      1. Have link to his words? I dun think I read it.

        BTW, TVB can change mind in the last minutes. Dun forget Heaven burn.

      2. Do you have any other link not baidu pic? Or give me link to the baidu bar to see, better.

  22. As for females competition: it looks like it’ll be between Myolie and Tavia.

    Myolie – more likely because both TRB and GJ garnered high ratings. She should win for her role in The Queen of the Queens because its an anniversary series and role looks challenging.

    Tavia – All her 3 series aired so far TRB, YSNS, TOT garnered high ratings too. But her roles were a bit boring except for barrister role in TOT. Unfortunately she was sick during that time so her performance was affected. MWNS should be oriented around Bobby and Raymond, so I don’t think her role will be that big.

    Linda – only has one role talked about and that is Miss Koo. It wasn’t really a lead role though and I doubt TVB will let her win Best Actress based on a small role. It was just one scene that blew everyone away. There wasn’t much screentime for her to develop the character.

    Fala – everyone’s saying her performance as Madam Jo in LOO isn’t that convincing and plus her Cantonese pronunciation is not up to scratch. She’s pretty but audience these days don’t choose based on appearance but also acting. LOO is overshadowed by Michael and Bosco so really Fala is a supporting actress in there.

    Kate – I’d be surprised if she was nominated at all for Best Actress. She’s just there for show. If she wins, people will riot and throw eggs at her. Her colleagues know that she won’t be a deserving winner.

    The last spot: possible nomination for Maggie Cheung for her role in FH3….but she won’t win because she’s just a contractual artist (politics) and she’s been there done that, not important for her to be in the race. Same thing goes with Jessica Hsuan for The Queen of the Queens – been there done that and not too important for her to win. But who knows, Sheren Tang won 2 years in a row, they can do it too if there’s a lot of talk about it!!!

    1. Myolie is still the biggest fish in the pool. She has enough attention for TRB and GJ. Even if she is kinda overshadowed by KC in GJ, TRB is enough for ppl to notice her again. Plus point of her is Queen of All which is the anniversary series.

      TY, she is overshadowed in TRB and YSSS. TOT is her best chance but Ruco took the spotlight :P. Then her chance runs to the upcoming MWNS and maybe the 3 Kingdoms which is rumoured to air this year.

      Linda has the upcoming Wine series. And she still has the Dwelling on hand. The FLS series will be aired soon in 2011. Then Linda has more chances than Miss Koo alone.

      Fala and Kate will stand there to clap hands. I can sure for such thing.

      1. In my POV, Kate might “sit-and-clap”…(give her some movie deals, please..)..but Fala will be up there somewhere because of her pairing with Michael.

      2. Haha..did anyone click on one the news link Vivian posted above? There was a hilarious photo of Miss Koo, Myolie, Fala and Tavia “fighting” for the award 😀

      3. @Masaharu: But she’ll end up with “clap clap”. She won’t win for sure.

      4. I agree with Masaharu.

        Kate won’t be nominated for Best Actress, but, Fala might for her lead role in LOO.

      5. I meant they won’t win but will be nominated. So they’ll go there to clap hands.

      6. Linda will be nominated for YSSS. She a second lead but she overshadowed Tavia and make many news headlines and discussions

      7. Agreed about Tavia. She’s overshadowed in every series. I don’t want her to win

      8. Myolie improved but still not up to Best Actress. She’s not great yet and can’t carry her own series yet but among the lacklustre females she’s leading have to agree

      9. Fala is faraway from Best Actress although she can win Best Looking Actress ROFL

      10. KATE??? Shouln’t be nominated at all. Fake good girl in WAW and robotic lawyer in LOO!

      11. No doubt the best is Myo. She’s wonderful in GJ.

        Fully agree, Tavia this year is boring and outshined by her costar.

        Linda is at a difficult position. She’s a supporting actress but she stole Tavia’s spotlight.

        Fala still need to improve her acting and crying skills too. Her crying in LOO are somewhat cringey to watch

        Kate need to work a lot more on her acting.

    2. Maybe Linda will get best supporting actress? She’s been filming series non-stop fir the past year, they gotta reward her somehow. I mean Fala entered the industry after her and already has TWO best supporting actress. Since Miss Koo was so popular and had minimal screen time that’s perfect for best supporting actress!! She always default in the top 5 for best actress since 2008!!

      1. TVB will surely put Linda in best actress. It’s a difficult nomination because she has minimal screentime than the lead actress but steals her limelight

      2. Both of Fala’s best supporting actress win are questionable

      3. I think her first one was well deserved, but the second one…ehhh not so much…her role was not that great, it’s just they wanted to give as many awards to No Regrets, cause it didn’t win Best Drama.

      4. Her first win was in Steps? I think her acting was only so so.

      5. Considering that Steps was like her thrid series she ever acting in, she improved better and faster than most of the new actresses! But maybe that was TVB’s way of giving her a “Most Improved” since they gave that one to Kate that year.

      6. Maybe she’ll be nominated with Best Actress, be in top 5 with another series. Then Miss Koo will win best supporting.

        Wait until Nov and you will see the list.

  23. @fox,

    You certainly know alot about LF and Ron lol..even the medal thing lol.

    Well, I am eager to see Steven Ma or Michael pops up and win the award just for fun. Doubt LF will get upset but i’m sure his fans would be mad about it XD

    1. The medal thing even has a party for it, lol. How can dunno? This clip has some sweet moment of 2R, keke.

      His fans kinda got used after years he “will have the awards!” by the tabloids and ended up with nothing. So it isn’t a big deal for them if he loses. The comments will be: “Same year again.”

      Hope nobody will pop up and say “Fox is who to speak for his fans”. LMAO~. Fox is Fox.

  24. what does it mean if they say a character is a black horse

    1. @ Jake

      My understanding of a black horse is a Chinese phrase that they are the underdogs in a competition but at the end, managed to win it and defeat those that were viewed favorable to win in the beginning.

      1. Black horse is also the literal translation from Chinese 黑马 to English black horse because the actual English term for it is dark horse.

    2. “black horse” or “dark horse” is a competitor who has little chance of winning or wins unexpectedly; or has hidden ability and potential to win.

      I learned from Google sometime ago 😛

      1. @ Jake

        No, I don’t think so. It just that the person was not thought to be able to win and unexpectedly did. So not really bad, just underestimated.

      2. Kevin was a black horse and wasnt that a bad thing in the anniversary award history?

      3. @ Vivien

        Errr.. I don’t know about that because I actually don’t know what Kevin news you are referring to. I don’t follow his news (Kevin Cheng?) so I have no idea what happened… So sorry.. The only news source I get of the TVB actors and actresses are from here and recently, whatever people post on Weibo. I guess I am also very selective with whose news I care about 😛

      4. @CY

        Kevin won Best Actor in 2006 for his mediocre acting in UTCOL. The pairing with Niki is good but Kevin’s acting is mediocre at that time. Nobody expect him to win. It was shocking in a bad way.

      5. @Vivien

        Oh okok, now I get what you are trying to say.. Thanks for the info!
        Yes, that would have been bad, reminds me of posts about a similar thing happening for Best Actress for the War and Beauty (?) where Gigi won against Sheren…

        Maybe my explanation was out
        This has a better description of the phrase. If the person who win was undeserving, then yes, I believe that it is a bad thing.

      6. Nobody says black horse. Dark horse, yes. It just means someone you never expected to win, actually has a chance of winning.

      7. LOL @Funn Lim is right, there’s no such thing as a black horse contender maybe horse racing then yes haha maybe everyone was thinking more of Golden Horse award than TVB Anniversary award lahs! 😀

        But it’s okay to make mistakes, no one is perfect, everyday is a new learning experience, no? Better for someone to point out your mistake now than never! :*D

  25. In another article, Wayne listed (in clever way) for us top 5 of this year: Michael Tse, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong and Wayne Lai. He said “It is a hit topic now to discuss about Laughing, Law Ba and Raymond’s upcoming interesting character in “Men with No Shadows”. This year’s award ceremony is better than last two years’ as it is full of varieties with great rivals. However, we are forgetting about Bosco Wong. He had done a good job in “Lives of Omission.” (translated by jerebtvb @ http://asianfanatics.net/forum/topic/756455-tvb-44th-anniversary-awards-2011-red-carpet/)

    Wayne said: ” “I treat it as going it naturally. I am not a fanatics. But I admit I can’t deny the fact that I am not hoping to win an award again. If I really win it for ten times, I am sure to receive it greatly.” and LF said: “I blv I’ll be in top 5”. Their mind must be translated to: “Top 5 is determined and I’m in top 5”.

    Then, welcome to top 5, Michael Tse, Raymond Lam, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong and Wayne Lai

    1. P/S: And if Michael has Best actor award, LF will have the Asia-pacific singer again, LMAO~. TVB oh TVB.

    2. oh that sucks… asia-pacific singer… the music industry in Hong Kong is going downhill isn’t it?

      1. If downhill downhill for years. Not the first time he won this.

      2. S-peaking about this, i was surprised when Asia pacific singer award goes to LF XD

        I’m not saying LF’s singing is not great but he’s still pretty raw for someone to hold this title, I mean there are better options. xD

      3. and also lara,

        You’re talking to the wrong person about LF winning the Asia pacific singer sucks plus the downhill comment as Fox is one of LF’s NO. 1 FAN here. lol

      4. TVB has nobody else to give and yet, need to consolate him.

        And with the number of discs he sold, has reason to give him.

        Oh, at least he can sing, lol.

        BTW, say stuffs on him for free! I glad Lara and Veejay baby do that because I’m so bored. Hey, come to debate!

      5. @Fox,

        I’m too sick to debate today, since LF’s hasn’t been into any naughty incident lately, i have no reason to criticise him lol. And about Lf getting all these awards i could understand and it make sense too that TvB will consolate him looking at the money he made in return for tvb.

        As a matter infact, I have nothing against LF, I still like wathcing LF in tvb series and listen to some of his songs but dislike his personal life though

      6. Aiyoh :(. Debate with me =.=. It’s a boring Friday. Haizz.

        Lol, you seem to be an innocent who is hurt by his personal life. I dun rmb you or who in here said that dun put too much emotion on artists because will be hurt.

        Haha, I’m different. Like him more after knowing his horny player life. Lol. He isn’t my bf, I dun need to care for he is horny or player.

      7. @fox,

        haha on the part I seem innnocent 😉 when I’m a devil inside 😛 and nope, I never put any personal hope or feeling to any artist/singer. Probably the way i carry myself that day looks like I hold high expectations on LF and heart broken after to learned his horny affairs lol.

        Believe it or not, I hardly watch any tvb or follow any artist’s news for a long time…and even if I’m here, I’m here just to chat and read some juicy gossip news :). I really dont care even if LF and whoever had tons of sex with random girls. One thing bad about me is I’ve this sadistic mode in me which I love watching how fans of their idol reacted after their idol got criticised XD

        I was laughing so hard when u called me a heart broken woman who wants LF to loves me cuz ppl who know me in real knows the only thing i care is MONEY hehe

      8. Because you sound like that. I don’t say you are that, but you sound like that.

        You dun understand me as well :P. You said I cried in silent but in fact, I laughed so hard and enjoy a funny debate with you.

        So it’s a draw.

        Oops, I also love to do this sadistic mode :P. And Money money money money. Yay. Although we dun understand each other, we have the same habbits.

      9. Sadistic and Money, WIN!! YAYA

        ok, it’s cool talking to u and i gtg now~ working time over

      10. People actually made fun of Raymond’s win of the Best Asia HK Male singer award online! It’s TVB’s award so they can do anything plus the year he won was when the Bi4 now Big5 music companies started boycotting them!

    3. Stop trash about big four or five wotever. Big four and five have no new talent. Jealous with raymond sucess.

  26. I would be very surprised if Wayne wins a third time. Surely not. I mean I like him and thinks he’s a great actor as well as a nice person but I think the award should go to someone else this year. I definitely support Michael Tse and hopes he wins as Lives of Omission is probably the best TVB series I have seen this year. All the others are pretty awful.

  27. Raymond Lam at least will be winning for the theme song of GTL,if there is such award like in Astro Award and Starhub

  28. i agree with Jayne that Yoyo Mung should have been cast as Madam Jodie! 🙂 Yoyo is much more convincing as a policewoman (i really liked her in Forensic Heroes), and it would be nice to see her paired with Michael. (I dont recall they’ve worked together before?) But because Fala was Laughing Sow in the movie, they made her his love interest again in the drama. :/ Michael to win TV King this year! :p

    1. and also because Yoyo isn’t a promoted actress. I mean she had to be a second lead to Aimee in ATF. That’s puzzling.

      1. @LOL: I don’t think Yoyo will be a second lead, but TVB make it look like that as they are trying to promote Aimee right now. It’s like they make Ron and Bosco in all the head like look like they are leading men, but then they are just playing second lead… That’s what Ron’s fans are very upset on Weibo. If Yoyo’s second lead, I think the drama is still worth watching Yoyo& Rocu’s steamy kissing scene

      2. if aimee is lead, no one would watch. her acting is still pretty crappy to me.

      3. Her canto and acting is crapppy, no one in Hong Kong will watch her, cause no one understands her. I remeber back in the day when she was hosting stuff for the Chinese channel in Canada, her accent was still bad, and it hasn’t IMPROVED!!!

      4. Those who does not understand what Aimee is saying must not be very fluent in cantonese. Aimee might have accent, but, it’s not so bad until unintelligible. I can understand every word she said, even when she’s crying in that court scene.

  29. I want to see men with no shadows then make my predictions.. but i dont think wayne lai should win this year. after all he already won twice. i think TVB would give chances to other people. i support Michael Tse , Ruco chan and Raymond lam to be TV king this year.~

  30. It’s kinda funny how the reporters and the actors themselves talk like Wayne and Raymond will sure be in top 5 even though FH3 and MWNS have not been aired yet.

    Nobody even bother to pretend that top 5 is not fixed. 😛

    1. “Insider” (HK media love this word. All the tabloids have an insider) revealed them that they are in top 5 :P.

      Refer to my post above.

  31. Whoa, came back one round after translating some articles and 100 more comments were added to this article within a night! Lol, this thread is so alive manx!

    Which proves that @Jayne, thank you, you made the right choice in translating this article lol! 😛

  32. Isn’t it too early to include LF in the TV King battle? MWNS hasn’t even air yet- the media jst link LF to any topic, I think. If MWNS has good ratings, LF may stand high chance for TV King

    I like Laughing character, as I can see, TVB is paving the path for Michael too

    As for wayne, he’s a good actor but I still prefer chai Kau more than Lau Sing. Chai kau is a breakthrough role for him. Not looking forward to FH3 because the original main cast is replaced.
    I prefer Bobby, he did a good job. Looking forward to see his collaboration wth LF in MWNS

  33. never realized Raymond Lam acting was that good so long ago already, when will he ever win the best male actor awards.

  34. Michael Tse leave me a bad impression in ” the drama about sushi thing” he’s trying to look cool but then he make himself look even uglier -.-

  35. I really think that Michael Tse might win this time, I have to admit that the Laughing Gor character is still fascinating even in this 3rd instalment (counting the movie), I was never a fan of Michael Tse and almost found him annoying in most of his roles so Laughing is really his breakthrough role..starting to think Michael Tse is sexy haha

  36. Oh not sure if anyone knew this, but the cases in Ghetto Justice are like COPIED from the Korean drama ‘Partner’ which aired in 2007/ 2008? Can’t believe how they copied almost directly, even the ORDER of the cases were copied..OMG that really puts me off GJ a little and to think I was so impressed that TVB scriptwriters made up those cases themselves..why the EXACT copy? sigh!

  37. Is Bosco getting a nomination? Err.. I don’t think his performance in LOO is as great as it is hyped up to be or is there no hype? anyway, he was really funny in an Astro promo clip when he ended his promo with ‘find out whether I am Bosco or BaiCo in LOO’? hahah that was TOO FUNNY OMG

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