Michael Tse, Kathy Chow, and Kate Tsui Film “Sniper Attack 2013” Trailer

Michael Tse (謝天華) , Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Kathy Chow (周海媚), Eddie Cheung (張兆輝), and Alice Chan (陳煒) filmed a promotional sales clip for new TVB drama, Sniper Attack 2013 <神鎗狙擊2013>, at a war game playground in Kwun Tong yesterday. The promotional clip shows Kathy, Kate, and Alice being held hostage by violent gangsters. Michael and Eddie, both members of the Police Department’s Special Duties Unit (dubbed the Flying Tigers), arrive just in time and engage in a gun fight with the gangsters.

Michael Tse Will Train Hard to Build Muscles

Michael Tse and Eddie Cheung wore their Flying Tigers uniforms to film the promotional sales clip, in which the two strong and dashing men rescue the three frightened hostages. Michael, dressed like a hero in black, said he is in good shape now , weighing only 150 pounds. In order to make his portrayal of a sniper more realistic, he will train harder to build more muscles and allow him to endure the physical demands of the role. Michael plans to hire a personal trainer to train him.

Michael said, “Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) and Him Law (羅仲謙) [in Tiger Cubs 飛虎] are both are so muscular, I have to look my part as a professional sniper. I certainly don’t want Kate Tsui to appear more muscular than me, or else the audience will not accept my portrayal as a sniper.” In addition, Michael also mentioned that this role requires him to look cool and professional when holding the rifles.

Eddie Cheung Afraid of Guns

Eddie Cheung finds it dangerous to hold a rifle. In fact, he is frightened just by looking at one. In order to look dashing and cool, Eddie went on a strict diet eating only fruits and crackers, successfully losing ten pounds. He weighs only 160 pounds and is more fit than ever.

Kathy Chow Returns to TVB

Sniper Attack 2013 also stars Kathy Chow, who has shifted her career to mainland China in recent years. Kathy was asked if Nnadia Chan (陳松齡) needed her husband’s permission to work in Hong Kong and whether she had to ask her boyfriend’s permission to TVB to film the new series.  Kathy said Nnadia and her husband are newlyweds, and are still in the honeymoon stage, but Kathy and her long time mainland Chinese boyfriend have been together for 10 years and the passionate stage is over now. Therefore, there is really no need to get permission from him.

Kathy also admitted that having a baby is not in her future plans. A marriage certificate is not important to her, and she only wants her relationship with her boyfriend to be long lasting. When asked whether Kathy will miss her boyfriend in Beijing during the holidays, she smiled and said, “I am used to it. He won’t miss me much and we don’t celebrate the holidays even if we are both in Beijing.”

When questioned about her former boyfriend, Leon Lai’s (黎明) divorce, Kathy said divorce nowadays is quite common. She said, “When someone feels the relationship is not working out, breaking up is not a bad idea for both parties.”

Kathy Chow Was Hurt in Bathroom Accident 

Kathy Chow has been away from Hong Kong for a period of time, and she felt very comfortable during her first day of work.  As for her health condition, Kathy said that it is no problem, but she had an accident earlier this year in the bathroom at  her Beijing apartment. Kathy accidentally slipped and hit her forehead, causing her to faint for a short time. Her boyfriend was anxiously scared. Luckily, after a doctor’s exam, Kathy was fine and did not sustain any severe injuries. However, her eyes were swollen for more than a month.

Kate Tsui Lost Appetite

Kate Tsui ‘s portrayal of a “Drug Queen” and a rape victim in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒> has given her a great chance to win the TV Queen award this year.  Kate is happy because she has a strong chance of winning, but feels pressure to win. Although the award ceremony still is a few months away, her mood is becoming unstable due to her inability to cope with the sudden stress. Kate even lost her appetite to eat, and many of her close friends told her to relax and not to feel too much pressure over the awards.

Kate revealed that the drugs and gang rape scenes in Highs and Lows will air after episode 22. In order to make her character stand out, Kate will have a drug addiction scene in which her tears and snot drip out. Kate’s characters has dark eye circles causing her face to appear unappealing, so she hopes the scene will not affect the viewer’s mood and not mind her unattractive image.

Alice Chan Regards Acting as More Important than Husband

Alice Chan plays a hostage in the promotional clip for Sniper Attack 2013. She revealed to the media that her husband was on a business trip in Russia, and a few days ago at 2 AM, his Weibo revealed a photo of his head injury cause by an earlier boating accident. Alice said, “Because of an early morning filming schedule, I just told him to apply some medicinal cream and go back to sleep.” Alice regarded her work as more important than her own husband, and admitted that felt guilty.

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. Kate, TVB might give you a pork award for causing all the pressure.

    Hope Alice films the actual series.

    1. Maybe they will give her the biggest one and all of us are surprised. But her acting and chac in HAL both good.

    2. I hope Kate would at least get a award.. Fala didn’t get any pork awards last year

  2. Whenever I see Flying tigers, I think of Joe Ma. The best one for these things.

    1. True.. Can’t get Joe Ma out from my mind each time there’s a series on Flying Tigers. He’s already an icon & trademark for this role. Eddie cheung & Michael , errmmm… SDU?? I doubt it. Still in my mind pictured on those muscular guys from prev TC. To me if better they can remain & maintain the same casts from TC to film this series ( SDU element ). Not a bias comment, everyone. Just my personal view & opinion

  3. Diet by eating fruits and crackers just to lose 10 lbs? It should be strength conditioning and cardio exercise with adequate rest, plenty of fruits, veggies, fish and small amounts of meats to lose weight and gain muscle definition, be healthy and look strack at the same time. I should be their dietitian and conditioning coach.

    1. Well it’s much more comfortable eating crackers and fruits than doing cardio. He must have been a little overweight since he managed to lose 10 pounds by just doing that.

      Kate doesn’t look the part she looks like a stick and I wonder how she can move wearing all the fake gears.

      Miscast, Linda and Ruco would be so much better.

      1. kate looks like a stick but i don’t think linda would be any better. besides, linda is stuck with the cute image so she wouldn’t be able to look on par as a cop anyways.

    2. That’s what I thought as well when I read Eddie’s diet plan. That’s not a sustainable solution at all in the long run with just fruits and crackers. He needs to eat from all 4 food groups and plenty of strength conditioning and cardio like you mentioned.

    3. Yes. I doubt he will be able to last through the filming if he continues with the diet. How will he have enough energy.

  4. I think Kate look pretty good in the photo above w/Michael. Everyone says she’s a stick…who in China/HK entertainment industry is not a stick. Sharon Chan I think is the worse…most actress have no curves no definition fust bones…awful to look at!

  5. WOW i’m gonna try Eddie’s diet plan.
    Looking forward to see Kathy back on TVB

    1. Haha..tat’s wat i am tinking too..

      Don’t intend to do it for long term though.

  6. the picture looks very mr and mrs smith. tvb should so something like that. with all the love for sexy bed scenes, it would be a hit.

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