Michelle Reis Actively Disciplines Her Son

Appearing at an event recently, Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) did not shy away from speaking about her son, Jayden Max Hui, at the glitzy event. Michelle mentioned that Jayden has started K2, his final year in kindergarten and laughed, “We were both looking forward to him going back to school!”

Michelle added, “We are reusing his school uniform from last year and also making him use up his pencils, as we want to teach him to be environmentally conscious.”

On whether Michelle had found a primary school for Jayden, she said, “Not sure yet, as there is still one more year and I have several different options.” As to whether her son would attend an international school, she said, “I’m fine with either…what’s most important is that he gets a good character education.”

Michelle then revealed that she would normally discipline Jayden and had also hit him for being naughty. She recounted an incident, “He had this habit of shaking his leg and I really hate that. I started by first gently telling him not to do it. But he continued to shake it, so I gave him a smack on the leg.”

On whether her husband, Julian Hui (許晉亨) minded, Michelle said, “He usually keeps his views to himself, unless it involves our son’s daily schedule. He usually urges me to give Jayden more television time.” Michelle then admitted, “Sometimes I nag and nag until even Julian will tell me to stop nagging!”

Finally, Michelle confirmed once again that she is not interested in having more children. She insisted, “If I really wanted more children, I would have had done so years ago. Since I didn’t, it shows that I have really let go [of the possibility of having more children].”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @anon
      Not in my eyes. Boy is she super skinny,especially her neck area. Her neck area really scares me. Your neck area can rally show your true age.

      1. @anon
        No,I am not a guy. If you have been around this site long enough,you should know I am a girl. But anyways,if I were a guy, I do not think I would. I personally never found Michelle Reis that great looking. Her skin and bones body does not help either. In the past when she was young,I think she did have a pretty face but I do not think she aged well and looks like an old rack of bones now. No offense to anyone,but just my opinion. Also, if you are referring to a good character,she truly lacks that as well.

  1. Look at those guys checking her out! Lol. To be honest she’s beautiful and definitely look great at her age, but she really should gain some healthy weight as it’ll eventually make her look older like Dodo Cheng for example.

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