Michelle Ye’s Dog Mauls Actress, Li Yixiao

Mainland Chinese actress Li Yixiao (李依曉) was reportedly attacked by a large Alaskan dog belonging to Hong Kong actress Michelle Ye (葉璇). Li Yixiao’s injuries were so severe that she required more than 20 stitches on the back of her head.

The evening of September 22, Li Yixiao and Michelle were both attendees at mainland Chinese actor Yin Xiaotian’s (印小天) birthday celebration, which was held at Hengdian World Studios. That evening, Michelle brought along her two pet dogs, a large Alaskan and a Chinese rural dog. Both were unleashed.

Li Yixiao 4To everyone’s surprise, the Alaskan canine suddenly pounced on Li Yixiao and knocked her to the ground. Because it was not on a leash, Michelle was unable to get it under control in time, and Yixiao suffered bites on the back of her head and on her left ear. She was rushed to the hospital and received more than 20 stitches on her head, as well as additional stitches on her ear.

Though the attack occurred in late September, it was not until mid-October that the public was alerted to Yixiao’s injury. On October 14, Yixiao posted a long entry on her Sina Weibo discussing the 22 days that had passed since the attack. “Ever since I was injured, I have not blamed anyone or complained, because no one could have thought that something like this would happen,” she wrote. “I will just treat this accident as an unavoidable tribulation in my life.”

As Yixiao is currently filming the new television adaptation of Xiao Shiyi Lang <新蕭十一郎>, which also stars Yan Yikuan (嚴屹寬), the drama’s crew had originally planned to adjust the filming schedule in order to give her time to recover. However, Yixiao did not want to cause delays in filming, so she rested for only four days before returning to work.

In a Sina Weibo post published in the early hours of October 21, Beijing entertainment business Ju Chunlei (巨春雷) revealed that Yixiao’s stitches have already been removed. Moreover, neither she nor her management company wants to pursue the matter further.

Li Yixiao 7  Li Yixiao 2  Li Yixao 1

Li Yixiao 5  Li Yixiao 3

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I hope Michelle Ye a least come out and apologize and pay for Yin Xiaotian medical expenses. Michelle is lucky Yin Xiaotian did not sue her…actually the way Yin Xiaotian handle the situation is very mature.

    1. Instead of lashing out on michelle ye and suing her, yiao xiaotian is “forgiving” michelle. This is a verrrry smart move that can kill 2 birds with 1 stone: now public admires and likes yiao xiaotian and hates michelle ye. wow daebak. a killer’s silent move

      1. Good points and maybe that is why she forgave Michelle??? Only she would know that, but I feel so bad for her… I wonder why Michelle bought her dogs and did not put them on a leash?? Strange… Maybe she was so confident that the dog would not hurt anyone.

  2. I’m like the only weirdo that walks up to people at the park to ask them to please leash up their dog. They always tell me that their dog is a friendly dog and give me bad looks….but you never know. I don’t want the so called “friendly” dog to come and maul my kid while he’s playing at the park. It’s scary.

    Good thing the dog didn’t attack her face…..face in the entertainment industry is everything. It could have been worse…good thing she is good now.

      1. Uh, no, Smile is not a weirdo at all. Where I live (Sydney, Australia) it’s illegal to have your dog unleashed in public. Most people still do it because they don’t realise it’s against the law.

        I absolutely love dogs, but having your dog on a leash is a matter of precaution and respect for other people.

      2. I agree with Shaz. Dogs no matter how tame and friendly must be leashed if out in public. The owner must take reponsibility and show respect for other’s safety.

        The Alaskan or most dogs do not attack without a reason. If it wasn’t provoked (which I don’t think it is in this case) it could be something about Yin that seems ‘threatening’ to the dog…perhaps a fragrance she’s wearing, an action, clothing, etc…..

      3. But in a nutshell, Michelle was silly, to say the least, to bring her dogs to a birthday party (plenty of cast and crew) bearing in mind the dogs will be facing plenty of strangers. She should have leashed and muzzled the dogs…….better still, should have left them at home. That was not a ‘bring your dogs’ party **

    1. No you’re not a weirdo, it’s only taking into precautions that dogs will have the chance of attack people under no control. You wouldn’t want to feel sorry afterwards and be like, oh if only that dog was put on a leash,than that child wouldn’t have been mauled to death …. It’s a serious thing for dogs be be put on leashes when necessary out in public.

    2. Psh, wish you’d say that to some people. Went to the park last week and there was this crazy creepy guy there spouting nonsense and waving his arms fanatically at everyone at the park. Thought he was going to attack someone:/

    3. You are definitely not a weirdo I always get chase. By dogs and even if they don’t bite you they are harming u which means u can sue them. And in the us it’s illegal

    4. You are definitely not a weirdo. People in my area always let their gigantic dogs roam free.
      I love dogs and all but safety does come first!

  3. Get well soon, Yin Xiaotian. A lesson for Michelle Ye: dont bring unleashed dog to public, we can never expect what happen.

  4. Aw man, her injuries’ pretty bad. But luckily her face was fine but still. Hope she have a quick recovery. I like how she’s professional about the whole situation

  5. Who brings their big unleashed dog to someone’s birthday party?

    1. Michelle lol. I seriously don’t know why she did.. 1. It’s someone’s birthday party, unless the dogs were also invited (what lol) 2. Why I did she have to unleash them ? I could imagine the amount of people at a birthday party, unleashing a big dog would be a big mistake.

  6. Why did she bring her dogs to a party? Was it a dog party thing??? Strange.

  7. Whoa…an unfortunate incident, but I hope Michelle owns up to the responsibility.

    I don’t get people and their unleashed dogs. You never know, so put a leash on to assure everyone.

  8. That’s horrible! But on the brighter side she wasn’t disfigured by the attack. Speedy recovery and yeah, michelle should pay for all the expenses.

  9. F-ed up….MAny of u and Li Yixiao might think that it’s no one’s fault because these stuff cannot be predicted. But in my eyes, when Michelle unleashes them, the risk went from 30% to 85%. 30% because she brought the bigass dogs to a party. So yes, i blame michelle for it.

    1. Yes, I think Michelle is just dumb, you don’t bring 2 of the most wild dogs (since they are quite big and still very close to their wild ancestor) to a big party unleashed. 1 – not only she shows how she has no idea about dogs and want to show off, 2 – she shows how much of an idiot owner she is who is not fit to raise big dogs >_> and I agree with the comments above, doesn’t matter how well trained your dog is, you should leash it up while in public. Your laziness is not worth the chance of someone being traumatized from dog and hospitalize for weeks

      1. Totally agree. Why did she have to bring two dogs to a birthday party, and unleashed?!

    2. In the US, the dog would’ve been put down and Michelle sued in court. She’s lucky she’s in China.

      1. Yes, Michelle’s lucky that the party was in China. I still don’t get it why she brought her dogs to a PARTY –UNLEASHED! Stupid or what???

      2. In recent hype of wolf raised girl, Michelle ye wanted to join the club… Too bad tong hua’s novel/drama wasn’t that detail on how to train your dogs :p you know wild dogs just magically behave lol :p

      3. You are so right. One of my friends used to own a Japanese Akida and she broght the dog along to a party. One of her friends asked my friend if it’s okay to pet the dog. My friend said yes and said that the dog is friendly. Unbeknownst, when her friend went to pet the dog, the dog bite her on the hand. Luckily, the victim was her friend and did not put charges, but ultimately, the dog had to be put down.

        Lesson to me…I don’t trust any dog, big or small.

      4. Very true! The dog would be put to sleep. Then legal action starts.

  10. I really hated those who unleashed their dog in public. Especially when they said my dog is very nice they dont bite. I hope she get sued.i

    1. I agree that she should get sued as it will teach the general public to leash their dogs in public. I haven’t seen a well trained live in Asian puppies. It might has to do with we think they are animals, and we deal with them when we feel like it. Whereas most western family would train the dogs to be somewhat disciplines (even the retard one lol, my sister’s dog is a rescued so he’s slightly emotionally damage :p but he listened to me who barely see him for no more than 1 every 1-2months). They put a much higher emphasizes on dog training than the Asian counter part. This is the perception of the majority, not saying 100% dogs in Asian are untrained. I know that a lot oversea studies – professors, students saw how discipline the dogs in western countries are, so they are trying to be the same, but the movement is slow. While getting there, you really need to raise public awareness to be responsible for your dogs. Especially the high class people think they are above the rest :/ because they have the money for wild rare dogs, and not smart enough to train it, and love to show off :/ which all equal to disaster :/

    1. No, it’s not the dogs fault. It’s the owners fault, if anyone had to be put to sleep the owner should be. Dogs are animals afterall, it’s up to the owner to control it, it’s their responsibility. There should be no reason for her to bring dogs unleashed.

  11. that is irresponsible of michelle to bring two dogs in without leashes. now it caused an injury to another person, if anything Michelle should compensate her monetarily for the loss in time, medical expense, and trauma incurred.

  12. Scary! Even as a dog/animal lover myself I think certain animals should still be leashed for the safety of individuals around and for the dog itself.

  13. This is solely Michelle’s fault and NOT the dog. 1st, who brings dog to a party? 2nd, even if it’s a bring-your-pet party, she should’ve leashed them. It doesn’t matter how friendly they are, they’re still wild animals. Something as little as someone speaks loudly could potentially provoke them. 3rd, the dog might have attacked because it’s trying to protect Michelle or feel threatened by something/somone unintentional behavior. It’s wrong to say put the dog down in this case. 4th, even assume the dog attacked out of the blue, it’s still the owner’s fault because she should know better. She should’ve been able to control/command/train her dog well enough. The owner, Michelle, acted stupidly and irresponsibly. Don’t make the dog pays for her mistake. It’s just my two cents.

    I’m surprised Michelle and her people haven’t come out to say something…

  14. What kind of an irresponsible idiot take a dog, let alone two, in public unleashed? Yixiao said it’s ‘unvoidable’ and ‘an accident’, but really, it’s not. It can be avoided had Michelle Ye left her dogs at home, where they belong or leashed them. But really, who bring dogs to a party/function, unless it’s a BBQ at a dog park. Geeze, use your head Michelle. I hope she get sued, if not else for being stupid. Too bad the incident took place in China, in the US, she can and will be sued for being dumb!!!

  15. Wow!! This incident happened in Sept obviously there has been some serious coverup of this story prior to now. Perhaps Michelle and her team did compensate her and the compensation wasn’t enough so Yixiao only told the media now. In the US that dog would be put down and the owner charged. The law would’ve stepped in the minute she was in hospital. I’m surprised this is not the case so obviously something fishy going on. Says a lot about the rich and famous in regards to the Chinese law

    1. “In the US that dog would be put down and the owner charged.”

      One person’s stupidity the poor dog pays for it. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. Do you want Michelle Ye to go to jail. She is too beautiful and popular to be in a jail.

      1. Just because a person is ‘too beautiful and popular’ doesn’t mean she should be above the law if guilty of a crime. Are you implying that jail is OK for less attractive and unknown people?

  16. here the law would killed the dog without any question in most case if it attacks a human being for no reason! she lucky in China doesn’t have such rules.

  17. What an idiot! She obvious did no research before bringing these dogs home

  18. Michelle has no respect for people. There might be people who is scared or allergy to dogs or pets. She is selfish & look what damage she caused she is all to be blame for. I think Yin should sue her!! What the hell is her dogs going to do at a party dance with her!!!!

    1. It really depends on how you look at it. What if Michelle just did not know that her dog would react like that. I am sure she did not mean for her dogs to hurt anyone. I remember once when I was in university and one of my classmates bought her dog for a presentation and I thought that dog was so cute so started to play with it. But that dog bit me, however it was very minor. Basically that dog was attached to the owner and was afraid that I was going to take her away for her owner. Geez… You really cannot read a dog’s or anyone’s mind, so we all need to be careful around anyone or any animal. But I still love dogs…

      1. Your friend has a reason to bring the dog, Michele does not… You got bitten because you attempted to play with the dog while the dog is in no moot for it, the actress got attacked out of the blue, it was not like she was trying to pat it then got maul. Even if Michele did not know how the dog react, there was no reason in the first place to bring two dogs (big dogs no less, couple with no leash) to other people’s birthday party unless to cause a stir… In which she’s more than success.

  19. A different version of the story has been revealed today. A friend of Michelle said that the dog is not really Michelle’s but an abandoned dog. Michelle adapted it for a short period. On that day, a man overdrank and it made the dog annoyed. Therefore it attack Li Yi Xiao.

    That friend of Michelle implied that the blogger is seeking for attention by using the case of Li Yi Xiao. Michelle requested the manager of Bonapoly to come and comfort Li Yi Xiao.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing and another reminder to us all, there are always different sides to any story.

    2. Uhm, did that story say why Michele has to bring the dog to the party? And why it has to be unleash? A man overdrank that annoys dog yet dog attacked a girl out of the blue and not the drunken man…? Last i checked dogs are pretty smart… if someone annoys them, they go for that person, not a random other like stupid squirrel -.- She’s adopted it for a short period… Damn right after that incident she wouldn’t dare adopt them longer lol. How shallow she is. Also, this whole “adopting” abandoned dogs… Very godly of her… Or good marketing/damage control
      I’m sorry but even though you guys are fans of Michele, please wake up to see the real story here. The actress’s story is the simply version, but it sound most true, in most case, the truth is very simple. Michele’s friend’s version just don’t make sense, and seems to try to dodge responsibility and say the actress try to find frame

  20. This still doesn’t erase the fact that Michelle bought the dog to a party UNleashed. It’s great that she taking care of stary dog, but that’s the more reason to 1) not bring pet to a party and 2) leash him in public, well trained or not. Even if she just rescued him the day lf the party, she should’ve do the above two things…

    1. I agree. Whatever the back story is, the point is she still having the dog unleashed in public.

      1. Yup, but the fans club is trying to reason for her stupidity while forgetting the main point: you don’t have 2 unleashed wild dogs at a big party. There was no reason for her to bring the in the first place… She brought them for: “check it out, I just rescue 2 dogs, I’m a very warm hearted person” *sweet fake smile* dogs bite people, abandoned… At least now we know why they are abandoned dogs lol -.-

  21. Michelle Ye is one of the divas in China. Have anyone actually thought she meant to get her dog to attack her because there’s a possible feud between the actresses? You got to remember dogs can be taught to attack. Sometimes it is not as innocent as it seems. This is not the west.

    1. Indeed this is not the west, where one can raise and train specific breeds of dogs(pitbulls, Dobermans) for attack purposes.

      1. You are quite right Terminator. There are certain pedigrees banned in the UK but it still doesn’t stop people having them as pets and mauling other people.

        Maybe I have a negative view of Michelle Ye. But I do not believe she’s all that innocent regarding this attack.

    2. I don’t like her (don’t hate her, her face is average to me, her acting not attractive) but I wouldn’t go as far as having dogs maul someone just because of some grudges, and the training involved… I believe we are a lot better than that… Stop watching too much palace scheming hahaha :p

      1. Actually it’s not too much about watching too much drama. You can see it in plenty of news. If we look at mainstream news we won’t see it, but if you look elsewhere you will find a lot of sinister people doing these kind of things.

  22. As usual, the media did not report the whole incident; as usual, there is always another side to a story.

    First off, Michelle did not bring her dogs to the actual party venue. After the party, a group of them moved their partying to a hotel room. Upon request, Michelle brought in her dogs to the room for them to play with, as the dogs were well like on her filming set.

    Apparently, some partiers having too much to drink were overly boisterous in their jostling to take pictures with the dog, overwhelming the latter with their ‘affection’. Furthermore the dog was apparently sensitive to the alcoholic smell from their breath. But the dog’s agitation went unnoticed despite its constant sneezing and whimpering. And so the tragic incident happened.

    Secondly, Michelle was by Li Yixiao’s side from the start of the incident to being with her in the hospital seeking medical help.

    Thirdly, Michelle took full responsibility for the unfortunate incident and took care of the whole medical bills.

    Fourth, Michelle and her manager have formally apologized to Li Yixiao in person. Michelle’s manager has visited Li on the Hengdian set twice to check up on her. The most recent being this month Oct 16.

    Of course, as the dog’s owner Michelle is totally responsible for her dog’s action, and is indeed negligent for not noticing her dog’s agitation in time to prevent the unfortunate incident.

    But the press by omitting relevant info unfairly slanted the report against Michelle, deliberately blackening her name and reputation. Moreover, regardless leashed or unleashed, a dog when agitated or feel threatened may bite.



    1. Since my comment is awaiting moderation, those who understand Chinese may be interested to read the other side to this story.

      Michelle did not bring her dogs to the actual party venue. After the party, a group of them moved their partying to a hotel room. Upon request, Michelle brought in her dogs to the room for them to play with, as the dogs were well like on the filming set.



    2. Uhm, is Michele’s home that close to the hotel to bring the dogs up the room upon request? Like the dog must be close by to be able to do that upon request. I do say this story sound much more reliable than the friend’s story. However, a swift change in venue where the friend convenient left out that could help the actress greatly. This friend also was highlight how good Michele is, adopting those abandoned dogs. Plus the ‘so quick to be able to bring the dogs in upon request’. So my guest is both version are true, Michele brought 2 dogs to party unleash, after showing off, they got brought back to the car, while the rest carry on. Then went to hotel for after party, request said dogs, incident happen.

      You are trying to put it lightly there, true that agitate dog will bite leash or unleash, however with leash the damage can be controlled, you yank that dogs off from the person, reducing the damage, unless you lose that leash. Without leash, there is not much you can do, especially when you are a girl, because you have to grab them by the collar, while try not getting bitten. So point still valid, it should still be on leash, especially when it’s big dogs, and close to wild dogs breed.
      Interesting fact… Dogs might have miss the target if Michele was next to the actress lol ;p

      1. Little fishy: You do know that this incident happened in Hengdian where Michelle and Li were filming their respective series on location, so they stayed in a hotel during that period. Michelle, Li and their partying friends probably stayed in the same hotel. Michelle probably hired a dog sitter to watch over her dogs when she was the set filming. Apparently, the dogs were well-behaved and welcome at the set. Michelle’s manager made it clear on her article that Michelle did not bring the dog to the birthday party.

        Conjecture: After the birthday party, upon friends’ request Michelle dropped by her hotel room (either the same hotel or a nearby hotel – just how big is Hengdian, anyway?)to get her dogs (from the dog sitter) to go to the after party gathering.

        Without a leash does not mean without a dog collar, no? So the dog can still be yanked off its victim. I’m not making light of the horrible incident at all, I’m just presenting another side of the story to what has been reported by the press.

      2. No, I do not know where the incident happen, hence my question. If I know, I wouldn’t question lol. And idk how big hengdian is, so let just say ok the dogs stay in the same hotel, no biggy.
        Not saying you make light of the incident, but they way you said it make the use of leash not important. And I did say without leash, yank off using collar is harder because you have to be brave to get your hand in there, when the dog is angry, constantly moving. For a girl (Michele who was supposed to be the owner and stand right next to it), that’s hard. That’s why on leash is always better.

        Put it this way, your comment on dog will attack with leash or without leash is like this comment you will get into a car accident with or without seatbelt. Difference is you might die without. This is what I mean by that comment is trying to play the issue (have leash on) light

  23. Why was the news only out now when the incident happened in September.. Also who owns thes photos.. .while I am sorry that Yixiao got mauled.. But I feel that the this article is trying too hard to put her in good light. A person that truly wants to forgive and not pursue the matter probably wouldn’t even mentioned about it. Also who takes photo of an injured person in hospital…..mmmm…

  24. Not sure who she is, but hope she gets well soon. Definitely have my sympathy as these accidents are so unpredictable. And like others said, she seemed to have handled the matter maturely. Whether or not, she put herself at a good light at Michelle’s expense or not, I don’t think anyone, especially an artist where looks matter more, will want to have so many stitches to get publicity.

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