Miss Chinese International 2018: Contestants Appear in Bikinis

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Miss Chinese International 2018: Contestants Appear in Bikinis

Above: Hawaii’s Crystal Yang, Hong Kong’s Juliette Louie, and Vancouver’s Cheryl Ng are favorites to win in Miss Chinese International 2018.

The Miss Chinese International 2018 pageant will take place on Saturday, February 3. The sixteen contestants appeared in red bikinis and posed for press photos today. Hawaii’s #2 Crystal Yang (楊筑晶) was awarded Miss Friendship after factoring in all the contestants’ votes.

Towering over the other candidates due to her 5-feet-11-inch height and curvaceous figure, Crystal said, “My body was given by my mom and dad; I love it!” Asked how she maintains her figure, Crystal said, “I don’t think it’s necessary to intentionally lose weight. When I entered Miss Chinatown  Hawaii, I didn’t want young girls to see me and [think of] dieting. I hope the girls would see me and think of eating and sleeping well, and exercise to obtain a healthy body.” Asked if she has eaten papaya to enhance her bust, Crystal said, “I never heard of that. If it works, I can try. I think the best way is to do chest-pectoral exercises. In Hawaii, I often go swimming and snorkeling.”

Since there are no candidates that truly stand out for their remarkable beauty, Hong Kong’s #3 Juliette Louie is also considered to be a strong contender for this year’s title due to her good figure.

New York’s #10 Rose Li (李思佳), Singapore’s #12 Christine Cai (蔡美琪), Sydney’s #13 Summer Meng (孟鈺) also had nice figures.

Meet the Candidates!

#1 Kitty Lai, #2 Crystal Yang, #3 Juliette Louie

#4 Tiffany Teh, #5 Vaniphone Phoumixay, #6 Annie Liu

#7 Joy Wu, #8 Sabrina Shi, #9 Jessie Chau

#10 Rose Li, #11 Elisa Santos, #12 Christine Cai

#13 Summer Meng, #14 Linda Chung, #15 Tiffany Choi

#16 Cheryl Ng

Sources: HK01.com, On.cc

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